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Casting finalizations are in for the Kim Ki-duk Film production Made In Chinawith Han Chae-ah now confirmed having been previously considering Han chae ah nude Park Ki-woong joining her as leading man.

Aw, Shunji and Rie, together again. I wish we had more information to go on, other than that this is a thoughtful film about introspection, because these are two actors I really enjoy, both separately and together, and Kim Ki-duk Film is a production house that has put out some interesting Han chae ah nude some of which I might not like but find, at least, interesting : Poongsan, Rough Cut, Rough Play, Red Familyand Pieta.

Made Han chae ah nude China will be directed by Kim Dong-hoo in his feature debut, and is currently in the Han chae ah nude of casting the rest of its characters, after which it will begin filming.

Tags: Han Chae-ahPark Ki-woong. Your email address will not be published. Although the story is still blur, these two are talented actors that should get more works! Han Chae-ah can order me around coldy and officiously any time of any day in any country.

Except Saudi Arabia, where she'd have to cover her legs. Actually non-muslims don't have to cover their hair over there,but thank you for your ignorant assumption. I'm glad they've softened up a bit. That's a little racist don't you think? Not even a little? Why would you bring up something like that?

Not in a bad way, but Muslims go on this site too I know a quite a few and the way people have a go at Saudis is really upsetting and it upsets other Muslims as Han chae ah nude. I honestly don't mean this in a bad way but I Han chae ah nude how affected my Muslim friends and most of them aren't even Arabs get, and it really isn't nice to say this sort of random thing on a k-drama website of all things.

Please don't take this as trolling, I just wanted to say that you should refrain from saying things like this. I agree that this might be something of an over-reach for an international forum Han chae ah nude this, but it has nothing to to do with "race. Not a big deal, and all the women in the last group I traveled with in that region abided by it. Europe loves all the mentioned productions. I'm with you Park Ki Woong.

And Han Chae Ah, Rie!!! Another Gaksital reunion again!!! Hope this becomes a sleeper hit. Aaaah this movie would be perfect for next year for the film festival in my city that ended a week ago! Pieta was shown last year. This is perfect! It's about time Han Chae Ah stars in something where she's the main lead. And love Park Ki Woong with her! Kinda wish this was Han chae ah nude drama cz Han Chae-ah is so awesome, I wanna see her longer than 2 hours.

Hope this turns out good so she can be a leading lady just like she deserves to Daddy fat men underwear nude. I liked Rough Han chae ah nude but just reading about Pieta made me very uncomfortable so not sure how I feel about this Kim Ki-duk guy.

Still, I've watched some boring stuff in the name of my favorite actors so I might try this out. Awwww man. I really wanted both of them to star in Joeson Gunman together. But still pretty happy they got to reunite for movie. Oh man, I was totally shipping the sexual tension between Shunji and Rie. They were hot. If Bridal Mask were some cable or American drama, they would've been frakking each other just for the fun of it.

Kim Ki Duk rarely does projects not rated R except only Arirang which only has him. Interesting project for these 2. YES for this project. I'll be watching no matter what happen as I love Park Ki Woong so much. Thank God he's still working I dont know when he will Han chae ah nude enlisting, maybe not later this year or next year?

Thanks for the happy news, Javabeans! My park ki woongie finally get lead role!!! I don't care what the plot of this movie is I will watch this for both of them. I wanted them to have lots of hate sex in bridal mask but my wish never came true lol. I'm hoping this will be shown at a film festival near me and I would definitely watch it. I have to admit that my favorite characters on Gaksital were them two sorry Joo Won!

Kim So-hyun currently starring in Tale of Nokdu Han chae ah nude about acting, her hobbies, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video. The sometimes tough, sometimes soft, sometimes funny and a lot more! Jang Hyuk sits down to answer questions sent by our community.

Psychopath Diary: Episode 2 Open Thread. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Nov. Tale of Nokdu: Episodes When the Camellia Blooms: Episodes Psychopath Diary: Episode 1. Team Dramabeans: What we're watching. Extraordinary You: Han chae ah nude Please enter your username or email address.

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Quiet Thought February 6, at PM. Jamie February 6, at PM. Quiet Thought February 7, at AM. I HAVE the right to Park Ki Wooooong! Park Woong Ki!!! It's two of my favorite people from Gaksital! Bridal Mask reunion! Joo Won should cameo. A big yes to Shunji and Rie reunion!

Add Kang-to to the mix and I'll be one happy camper. They had great chemistry. I like. I thought PKW was going to enlist late last year, no? I missed the "not directed by Kim Ki-Duk" part. Am Han chae ah nude. I College dorm ass fuck way ahead of things right.

Was PKW in Full house 2?????? I feel like I've seen him before "???? Great news!! And finally When will it be out. Gahhh I can't just obsessively rewatch Han chae ah nude trailer like this. Featured Videos Interview with Kim So-hyun Kim So-hyun currently starring in Tale of Nokdu talks about acting, her Sophia winters nude panties, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video Interview with Jang Hyuk The sometimes tough, sometimes soft, sometimes funny and a lot more!

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