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I was randy as hell one day and made up my mind I was going to get laid that afternoon, one way or another. If I had to drive into to town and pick up someone at a bar, I would. But first, I had decided I would see if I could attract someone locally. My beach house is rather isolated. It's the only one for about half a mile in either direction.

I know this will change over time. This undiscovered barrier island on the Gulf Coast will eventually be over developed and become like all the rest -- an over crowded tourist venue. But for now, it was secluded and peaceful and I loved it. Sure, fishermen would drive by along the beach, or sometimes even set up to surf fish right in front of my place; but not often.

Mostly, the beach was deserted, with just a few people walking along the surf every so often. I had determined I would put my beach blanket just at the foot of the dunes where the wooden walk from my cottage ends. That put me about fifty yards from the water, and I decided I would sunbath and see if I attracted any attention that way. I was willing to take anything that came along that half resembled a good looking man from eighteen to eighty, as long as he could get it up and satisfy me.

It was late afternoon when the sun wasn't Woman sunbathing nude in public so hot and the chances of burning were lessened, but I still applied sunscreen, just the same. Woman sunbathing nude in public had been on the beach sunbathing for a little Woman sunbathing nude in public an hour and had yet to lure any unsuspecting gentlemen into Woman sunbathing nude in public lair and I was getting somewhat discouraged; hence, the thought of going to a bar later if I had to.

Several guys had walked past, but none had ventured over to even say hello. It's not because my body isn't attractive to men. I am trim and have a good figure for a woman getting too close to looking back on her forties. I've got great legs, and I was blessed with nice boobs -- not overly large, but quite respectable.

I'm blond, naturally -- if you don't believe me, I'll show you my pubs -- just kidding. And, I am not your stereotype dummy, either I was just incredibly horny that day and had decided to do something about it.

Just about the time I was getting ready to give up and have a shower, then, head into town, this cute dog came running up to where I was lying on my blanket on my tummy and she started licking my face exuberantly. I love animals and for many years had a dog, but I travel so much these days -- I'm often gone for weeks or months at a time -- so that it's just not practical to keep a dog anymore. I rose up on my elbows and petted the adorable dog that was obviously very friendly.

She appeared to be a mixed breed -- perhaps some border collie, but her coloring was wrong for a pure bread animal. I scratched behind her ears, which I knew from experience that all dogs, and most cats, love.

She was wagging her tail so enthusiastically that her whole body seemed to be wagging. Then, I heard a voice calling her. Come here, right now! Lucy was Woman sunbathing nude in public not well trained, if trained at all, for she ignored his commands in favor of more ear scratching. Like I said, he came running up at full tilt but then he came to an abrupt halt about ten or fifteen away from me.

Supported on my elbows as I was, I was sure he could see my breasts, and that titillated me. I take it, Lucy Woman sunbathing nude in public your dog? Well ah I don't mind I was beginning to suspect he hadn't at his age, which I guessed to be earlier twenties, at most. I've seen girls on the Internet And what's you name? And I made up my mind that as long as he was Woman sunbathing nude in public least eighteen, I was going to fuck that young man silly.

Ah, I'm nineteen I'm, ah, going to college next month. Oh and my name is Jason. I'd been petting Lucy during our conversation, but when a seagull caught her attention, she went tearing off to catch it. Are you down here on vacation with your parents? But, I like driving over here to let Lucy run on the beach. She's really loves it. And I like it too, it's very peaceful here. Listen Jason, I am going to be completely and utterly honest with you -- no games, no subtleties.

The reason I am Amateur and photograph and nude nude this afternoon is because I am randy as all hell and I want to get laid in the worst way. So, if you wouldn't mind fucking a woman my age I would just adore having you up to my cottage for a visit. I saw his jaw drop. Birds could have nested there and might have if I hadn't said something to get him going again.

I rolled over on my side and supported myself on an elbow -- Hannah graf nude photo wanted to give him a good look at my breasts.

Am I good looking enough for you to fuck, even if I am older? I don't know, I ah Tell you what Then if you're not comfortable with the idea, we'll just part company as friends. How does that sound? OK, I guess. The boy came over and sat on the edge of my blanket.

He couldn't take his eyes off my naked breasts. Woman sunbathing nude in public I take it, you haven't touched a woman's breasts, either?

But Woman sunbathing nude in public always had their cloths on. I was beginning to suspect that the young man was a virgin too, in fact, I was certain of it. And that gave me quite a thrill knowing that I was going to initiate that sweet boy into one of the nicer aspects of adulthood.

He cupped it but made no move to do anything else. I could sense a little trembling Allannonser eskort tjejer helsingborg his hand -- he was very nervous. Do you like the way my breast feels in your hand? Squeeze it a little I never felt anything so Try gently pinching my nipple and see what happens.

He ever so softly held my nipple between his thumb and index finger; it was so gentle I scarcely felt it. I never I'm very happy I ran into you today and can show you these things. A young man going off to college should have some experience with women, I think. And I am very happy to teach you these things So, instead of just holding my breast, how would you like to kiss and suck on my nipples.

Do you think you would like that? I knew I wanted him and soon, but I also knew I had to go slow, given his inexperience. While Jason continued to suckle me, I reached over and wrapped my fingers around the hard lump in his shorts. When I did, he gasped in spite of the fact that my nipple was sucked well inside his mouth, in fact, he bit down on it and gave me a little extra thrill at the same time.

Is it OK for me to do this? He lifted his head slightly and answered. I, ah You'll cum in your pants and we can't have that, can we? So, I unzipped him and pulled his throbbing cock out where I could get my mouth on it. It was so very large I really lucked out that day. As Jason resumed supplying me with sweet sensations as he nibbled on my nipples; I took his sweet young dick into my mouth and sucked gently on it, while running my tongue over the swollen head.

He jerked and moaned in response and I knew it Woman sunbathing nude in public only take seconds for such a young man to cum. I had moved my head up and down just a few times when his warm seed filled my mouth My hot mom julia ann some dribbled down the length of his very long hard shaft.

I swallowed all his cum and licked the rest from his dick Woman sunbathing nude in public from around the base of his shaft. Jason was still moaning with utter delight. I wanted him to stay hard, after all. After a while, I lifted my head, but I still stroked Jason slowly. Here, give me your hand.

I was pretty sure Jason liked me. Have you ever touched a girl's pussy before?

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