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  1. Deja la convenzo pero tú solo sin camarógrafo! de donde eres exactamente?

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Piccolo boy magazine denmark 4 years ago from powellflutes. Posted 6 years ago. Source: flootplayer. Reblogged 6 years ago from fyeahflutes. Our friends upstairs in the materials area have done a great job organizing and decorating their space recently. We happen to love this poster they have on their door!

How many of you have put up posters of flutes or flute players in your homes? Reblogged 6 years Piccolo boy magazine denmark from powellflutes.

Handcut Kingwood Profile headjoint, Kingwood body, 14K gold mechanism and tenons, 10K white gold spring. Source: fluteworld. Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra, Op. Presto - Lowell Liebermann. Woop, Sir James on the picc, and Liebermann conducting! As Liebermann points out, piccolos never get to play Piccolo boy magazine denmark pieces, which have no piccolo parts.

I posted a picture of my flute with a bowtie earlier. Well, my piccolo likes to play dress-up too. Source: bluespock-blog.

My friend is looking for a new piccolo, and his mom is kinda cheap. Could you suggest a brand or brands that are inexpensive, but hardy? He literally loves his instruments to death. He can search around for used or marked down instruments. I follow the piccolo tag and filter through the DBZ character so you don't have to.

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