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Ok, this may be a weird question, but I'm kind of worried. Since last night, when I poop, I bleed. I'm bleeding from my rectum, and today it was so bad that there were drops of blood in the toilet. I don't bleed during the day, it only bleeds when I poop. I thought it was my period at first, but I have a permanent gum bleeding. Its making my life impossible, even whene I eat a banana it makes my gum bleeds.

I have seen a dentist and made a depuration but in vain. Can u please tell me what's my problem. I am almost 7 weeks pregnant. And have been bleeding for 14 days! It has never been anything other than brown, and some days have been heavier than others, although I have never soaked a pad, been surviving on pantyliners.

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UtellMe Posts: 5, Reputation: 1. Dec 3,PM. First off Everytime after me and my boyfriend has sex, I get up to go use the restroom, and when I whip I'm bleeding! Not heavly, but a faded red coloring! This happends every time we have sex! What is this caused by, and is it OK that I bleed? Dec 4,AM. HI, Personally, I would go see a doctor; find out why you are bleeding. Then, I would think about you and your boyfriend having sex. Are you ready to be a Mom yet? That's 4 out of every 10 girls!

Will you be one of the 4 girls who get pregnant? I do wish you the best, and good luck! But, I would see a doctor. You should have this checked by a medical professional. Also remember sex leads to babies. So look in the mirror and practice telling mom and dad that you are going to have a baby. If you are on the "pill, patch" also always use a condom if you have to have sex.

Sexual transmitted diease is everywhere and sadly guys will promise you everything but normally don't do good on the follow though. One time of having sex with someone who is infected and they may have only had sex once with someone else infected is all it takes. People with infections don't look sick, can't tell by looking at them.

JoeCanada76 Posts: 6, Reputation: Bleeding after intercourse. There may be several reasons for this. Rough hard sex. Infections of the bladder. Tears of the Vagina. Sexually transmitted diseases and other kinds of infections. The only Naked girl bleeding having sex to figure out what is going on is to get checked out by a professional to pin point the cause. It could be just as simple as your to dry in that area and might need lubrication.

Dec 4,PM. This does not happen to me often but it has a time or two. The blood vessels around the cervix are very delicate. Deep penetration, rough sex will Naked girl bleeding having sex it. But always check with your Doc. PrettyLady Posts: 2, Reputation: Naked girl bleeding having sex agree with all of you, especially Naked girl bleeding having sex UtellMe, it's not normal to bleed every time you have sex.

You probably have a cut or tear due to the lack of lubrication. Also, vaginal bleeding can be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease. You should always practice safe sex, you don't want to jeopardize your health.

I really think that you and your partner should take a break from your sexual activity until your healed. You should go get examined by a doctor to see what's causing the bleeding.

Jan 1,PM. If it hurts to pee, like a Naked girl bleeding having sex or extreme burning sensation, then it is some kind of bladder infection, not necessarily a sexually transmitted disease.

At least Naked girl bleeding having sex knew it was a bladder infection, since I know my boyfriend's sexual history. SoulMate05 Posts: 19, Reputation: 1. Hun don't let all these experts make you scared because if I read half that stuff they wrote to you I would be crying. I want through the same situation you did Well probably not But I doubt that's why your bleeding is an std! Its highly unlikley!

Good luck hun! Jan 2,AM. Hi,have Naked girl bleeding having sex cervical smear also you could have a small erosion on cervix it needs to be Naked girl bleeding having sex to stop the bleeding after intercourse. AbL Posts: 18, Reputation: 3. Nov 25,PM. Yes go to the Doctor but I do have one question. Bleeding after sex could be caused by the membranes not being lubricated enough. Find a lubrication that you can use and try that you may find that the lubrication will stop the rupturing of the vaginal walls and you will also enjoy the sex more without the worry.

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