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I could not meet her eyes, those of a free woman. Our bodies, superbly trained, even those of Inge and Ute, now became unmistakably Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed of slave girls. We had had into our bodies mysteries of movements of which even we, for the most part, were no longer aware, subtle signals of appetite, of passion and of obedience to a masculine touch, movements which excited the fierce jealousy, the hatred, of free women, particularly ignorant free women, who feared, and perhaps rightly, that their men might leave them for the purchase or capture of such a prize.

Most slave girls, incidentally, fear free women greatly. This makes a difference in how she performs many tasks.

Her body, in almost all of its movements, will betray her bondage. It is difficult for a free woman to imitate the actions of a slave girl. She does not know truly what it is to be slave. She has never been taught. She has not been slave. Similarly it is difficult for a slave girl to imitate the actions of a free woman. Knowing that she is, in actuality, owned, it is very difficult for her to act as though she were free.

She is frightened to do so. Sometimes slavers use these differences to separate the two categories of Gorean females. Sometimes, when a city is being sacked, high-born free women, fearful of falling into the hands of chieftains of the enemy, have themselves branded and collared, and don slave tunics, and mix with their own slave girls, to prevent their identity from being known.

Such high-born women may, by a practiced eye, be detected among true slave girls. Indeed, frigidity is one of the titles and permissions implicated in the lofty status of a free woman. For many it is, in effect, their proudest possession. It distinguishes them from the lowly slave girl. It proves to themselves and others that they are free. Should they be enslaved, of course, it is, for better or for worse, taken from them, like their property and their clothing.

But just as some free women are insufficiently inert, or Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed, to qualify, strictly, as frigid, perhaps to their chagrin, so none of them, I think, are Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed ignited Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed qualify in the ranges of "slave-girl hot," so to speak. A free woman's sexuality may generally be thought of in terms of degrees of inertness, or coolness; a slave girl's sexuality, on the other hand, may generally be thought of in terms of degrees of responsive passion, or heat.

Some slave girls are hotter than others, of course, just as some free women are less cold than others, whether this pleases them or not. Whereas the free woman normally maintains a plateau of frigidity, however, the slave girl will usually increase in degrees of heat, this Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed function of her master, his strength, her training, and such.

The slave girl grows in passion; the free woman languishes in her frigidity, congratulating herself on the starvation of her needs. She said nothing. There is no longer any reason.

She is now where Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed places her, at Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed feet and in his power. She kisses his feet and, weeping, feeling the Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed and oils between her lovely legs, cannot wait to be thrown to the furs.

I shrugged. What did it matter, what her feelings were? She was a slave. She looked at me. They are free. It would be quite humiliating, one woman, a slave, being sold, while another woman, a free woman, observes.

She fell to her knees, and put her head down. Lola, I saw, was terrified to be in the presence of the free women.

I realized then, as I had not before, something of the loathing and hatred with which the enslaved female is regarded by her free sisters. She did not, after all, wish to writhe beneath their whips, Xxx kareena fake xxx lashed object of the fury and contempt of free women, jealous perhaps of the helplessness of Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed slave girl before men, her beauty and her collar.

A woman's voice had spoken. I looked up, through the perforations. Two free women, veiled and in robes, stood near the slave box. They had market baskets on their arms. She laughed. They looked at one another and laughed. Can you imagine how fearful that might be, if one turned on you? The first one was silent then for a moment. Then she spoke. Free women may soon be about. We must not scandalize them. She started, and squirmed, on my shoulder under the blows.

I did not admonish the children. First, it was nothing to me that they had struck her, for she was a slave. Secondly, they were free persons, and free persons on Gor may do much what they please. It is slaves who must be careful of their behavior, lest free persons find it displeasing. The boy who had struck her, I believe, had been in a fit of ill temper. I think he had just lost at stone toss. The girl, on the other hand, I think, had had far different motivations.

Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed had not been involved in the game, but had only been watching it. Yet she had struck the slave by far the cruelest blow. Already she had learned, as a free woman, that female slaves are to be despised and beaten. The hatred of the free woman on Gor for the female slave is an interesting phenomenon. There are probably many reasons for this. Among them, however, would seem to be a jealousy of the female slave's desirability and beauty, a resentment of the interest of free men in imbonded women, and an envy of the slave girl's psychological and biological fulfillments, and emotional freedom and joy.

Something of the same hatred and contempt tends to be felt by masculine women on Earth towards feminine women.

Perhaps they hate what they are not, and perhaps cannot be. The Gorean slave girl, incidentally, can be terrorized by the mere thought that she might be sold to a free woman. I glanced at the girl who had struck the slave.

She was comely. I wondered if she might one day fall slave. If so, she, too, in her turn, would surely learn to fear free women. This was, however, the first time she had been brought into it as a slave.

The slave girl, of course, sees a house much differently than does a free woman. Most simply she sees it as a house, and knows Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed, as a house in which she is a slave, whereas Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed free woman sees it and knows it as a house in which she is free.

Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed houses are, accordingly, experienced quite differently. The free woman looks into a slave kennel but she, presumably, has never occupied it, the helpless prisoner behind its bars; the free woman may see chains but she, presumably, has never worn them; she may see the whip but she, presumably, has never felt it.

She sees the door, a device by means of which she gains access to her dwelling, but can it have the same meaning to her as to one Gorean nude women kneeling handcuffed has been helplessly carried through it, as a slave? Similarly, the free woman passes through that door whenever she wishes. She does not give it a second thought.

It is only a door. To the slave, on the other hand, it is the portal to her master's house. It is, thus, a significant border in her world. Commonly, if the master is home, and she is not under orders, as in, say, running an errand, or conducting regular business, such as shopping or gardening, she must, on her knees, beg his permission to leave the house, usually specifying her itinerary and when she expects to return.

Similarly a free woman may look upon a wall and see there merely the side of a room, but the slave girl may see there an obdurate barrier, beyond which she cannot run, against which she could be thrown and stripped, a barrier at the foot of which, crouching in terror, she would have to await the pleasure of her master.

The free woman may look upon the smooth tiles flooring a room but, presumably, she has never felt them on her naked flesh, on her belly, as she has kissed the feet of her master. Too, presumably, she will never have been beaten upon them, or forced, as a discipline, to clean them, prone, her hands bound behind her, a small brush held in her teeth.

The free woman looks upon a stairwell. She sees a stairwell. The slave girl may also see a place where she, if her master wishes, may be conveniently tied to a railing and raped. Much sex between a master and his slave is spontaneous and casual, occurring whenever the master wishes, and not unoften when the slave begs for it. The sweetness of these sometimes sudden and transient ravishings, of course, does not replace the lengthy feasts of love of which the Gorean is fond; rather, they merely supplement them.

They are, in their way, merely another attestation of the condition of the girl, that she is truly a slave and must be ready, at any time, and in any place, to serve her master's pleasure. The same girl who, fed by hand, is lengthily ravished over a period of Ahn, or even of a day or two, may, at another time, be merely told to stretch herself over a table.

She will do so, immediately, unquestioningly. She is a slave. And how wondrously different does the bedroom of the male seem to the free woman than it does to the slave. She looks upon the couch of the male. She sees the slave ring at its foot.

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