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My friend Mike has always been a good buddy. We were hippies in high school, and now we are suits in office jobs. He came by one Saturday night to my apartment and insisted Sucked by drunk from an old friend call up an escort service and get blow jobs. He was drunk, but he knew what he was Jessica chastain nude sex. His wife Sucked by drunk from an old friend a bitch and he knew I would go for it. We'd had threesomes where we shared a girl before so I knew his cock was huge.

I started thinking Sucked by drunk from an old friend his cock. He Sucked by drunk from an old friend to call a couple of places put it was too late at night.

I ain't giving up fifty bucks. I lay down with my crotch at his face and put my lips near his bulge. As I undid the zipper of his suit pants he said, "I don't believe it. It was soft but still huge. I undid my fly and pulled out my cock. Mike laughed, "What is that for?

It took Black bonnie blaze bbw a long while to get hard. Nerves I guess. But when Average middle aged wives naked did, he did.

His dick was a big handful. He pushed it nearer my face and I opened my mouth. When I covered the head and felt it in my mouth, I closed my eyes. I was sucking cock. The skin felt softer than I'd expected. My cock was twitching with excitement. My good friend, groaned with sexual pleasure.

I smiled. He pushed more of his hard-on into my face. I jerked my prick faster. I thought I'd choke with too much in my mouth. He put his hand gently on the top of my head. I fucked him with my mouth. He groaned again and moved his hips.

I sucked faster. He let out a long breath and relaxed. I reached into his pants and caressed his testicle sack. I sucked his cock slowly, out and in deeply. Suddenly I felt a warm wet sensation over the end of my twitching prick. He was sucking me. I smiled and closed my eyes. He was clamping his lips tightly on my shaft. Much harder than I was. I paused and enjoyed the feeling, and the bazaar idea that this guy was blowing me. I put my hand on his cheek and felt his 5 o'clock shadow.

I pushed my prick deeper in his mouth and smiled. Then I went to work on his cock. Fast and deep, also pressing my lips tightly the way he was.

He mumbled a groan and kept going on my prick. His breathing changed to short gasps. He was shaking his hips, pushing really deep into my Girls bending over showing their pussy. I got as much into my throat as I could and he came.

Fucking guy. Just like he wouldn't do to his wife, he came in my mouth. My cheeks quickly filled with his jism. He was thrashing around cuming all he could. I swallowed a huge mouthful and he filled me up again. I got his cock mostly out of my mouth in time to take another shot. I swallowed again. His cum tasted greasy and salty. It was gross at first but when he shot another load I smiled. This time I could keep it in my mouth. I tasted it carefully.

Another blob came out. It was jelly like and warm. I swallowed only half of what I had and jerked his shaft to get some more. He was laying on his back breathing hard. I got a bit more and he sighed. I sucked his cock again. More cum streamed from the end of his huge tool. I swallowed it as soon as it came out near the back of my throat. I sucked fast holding on to his thrashing cock. His gigantic rod was a fountain of jism spewing into my mouth. I gulped down cum every few seconds trying to keep up.

He shot again, another stream of goo filled me up. I drank and it kept exploding from his cock. His back arched and he locked in a paralyzed contraction. His dick became a fire hose of jism and the force flooded my throat.

I gulped and swallowed and drank as his balls emptied into my mouth. I was sucking hard when he collapsed and his huge cock slipped out of my mouth with a pop. I still had a mouthful of his fresh, hot, greasy sperm and I swallowed slowly savoring it. My good buddy, my drinking pal, my pool playing, married friend, just shot his load in my mouth.

He groaned happily. His cock was still Sucked by drunk from an old friend but starting to droop. When I was finished drinking what I had, I picked up his tool and sucked it again.

I got the last of his cum when suddenly I felt his mouth on my throbbing prick again. In three strokes, I blasted him with cum. A great big violent orgasm shivered through my body. I squeezed out Sucked by drunk from an old friend the jism I could in a tremendous spray. He got most of it in his mouth but it was flying every where, on his shirt and on my bed. I tried to aim for his face as I kept squirting. His mouth would cover the head for one gush but he'd be spitting it out when the next would slash his face.

I smiled wildly as he struggled with my spraying hose. Cum was Sucked by drunk from an old friend to his cheeks and hanging from his chin. His tongue was darting out, licking jism from his lips. His shirt was stained with wet spots of sperm. There was drips of Sucked by drunk from an old friend cream on the bed Hitomi tanaka gravure idol. A long string of my goo was hanging from his face.

He was lapping up what he could from around his mouth. His cum tasted good on my tongue. I was holding his thick cock and watching it soften. I shot a smaller glob onto his lips.

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