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Hello all- I am new to this fourm and this is my post because I plan on visiting Poland next week. I am an American guy who just graduated college in California and I am on a backpacking trip throughout Europe. I have an apartment that I can stay in Krakow for a week already booked but I have been hearing great things about Gdansk. Now I already have a girlfriend so I am not looking for like a one night stand or anything, but I find it easier to meet ladies than men and in which city do you think it would be easier to find a nice girl to show me around the city?

I know Polish girls are supposed to be gorgeous I guess I Girls no nude singles in gdansk find out but where will they be more fun? I know Krakow is supposed to be great but I am from the beach and Girls no nude singles in gdansk the beach and I hear beaches in Gdansk are great. Which city has better nightlife this time of year?

Krakow is more international and student-like. Gdansk Girls no nude singles in gdansk cute, but it is small and from my experience the discos and rests close early I was there 3, 4 years ago.

Sopot is nice, Girls no nude singles in gdansk most parties are private. However I had a great beach party somewhere and they played 'We Are the Champions' with Polish lyrics. Krakow is more party feeling, and also more tourists. The Poles are also more "tired" of the tourists there. Gdansk area around have good beaches but maybe not like in CA.

Gdansk is a nice city and surrounding area incl. Sopot is nice as well. Probably a little more quiet city than Krakow. But more and more tourists discover Gdansk.

I would probably recommend Krakow if you only gonna visit one of them. But some tourists have got rather bad reputation in Krakow running around drunk and more or less naked. And yeah I hate when tourist especially Englis speaking run around hammered and acting like fools.

It gives the rest of us a bad reputation. Krakow or Gdansk?

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