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The LGBT community is statistically one of the most discriminated against demographics in the world today. Although this demographic has seen positive gains as of late, in both marriage rights and employment equality, there is still a long way for them to go to achieve the same equality that those who only have opposite sex attractions face. In the United States, only 21 states currently have protections in place for LGBT employees to prevent Pakstan xxx imagh, com. In more than half of the country, the LGBT community can be denied employment just because of their suspected sexual preferences.

This even occurs when their qualifications are greater than those of their male counterparts. Is it any wonder that so many discrimination complaints are being filed by this population demographic? Having a personal bias is one thing. People tend to be around other people that make them feel comfortable.

Someone of a different sexual preference, especially when it comes to those who are transgendered, can actually create fear. What do people do when they are afraid? In the workplace environment, running away means quitting a job or being fired on purpose. That affects their income and is often viewed as an unacceptable course of action. That leaves attacking as the only other option.

To counter this fight or flight response, workplace educational programs and policies of acceptance can help to make everyone more comfortable because each person is held to the same standard. For a society that prides itself on equal rights, all of this sounds far from equal. As the statistics show, however, there is a lot of value that gets brought to the business world.

The LGBT population might be comparatively poor to other demographics, but Complaints for discrimination against homosexuals still have a massive amount of spending power. Businesses that work to reduce discrimination will inspire a lot of loyalty and that often results in repetitive customers. There are certain actions that are deemed to be illegal, but each Complaints for discrimination against homosexuals must choose their own morality.

It is not something that we can legislate. Maybe it is time to get the bedroom out of the workplace — for everyone.

Termination of an employee based on sexual orientation remains legal in 31 American states. Termination of an employee based on gender identity remains legal in 39 American states.

Of the 5. One survey of LGBT employees found that A recent poll shows that 3. While 5. Lesbian couples who are aged 65 and over Complaints for discrimination against homosexuals twice as likely to be poor as heterosexual married couples aged 65 and Complaints for discrimination against homosexuals. Studies indicate that between 20 and 40 percent of all homeless youth identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

Half of teens that come out as being LGBT state that their parents have had a negative reaction to the news. Share Pin Tweet.

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