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The movies have had a lot of funny peen, you guys. In case you hadn't noticed, we are in the middle of a golden age of full-frontal penis scenes in American cinema. Over the last decade or two Borat nude scene uncensored and especially in the last five years — major actors have shown off their bits and pieces for the world to see and screengrab.

Sometimes, it's for the art. But sometimes, it's to make us laugh. The most recent example: Will Poulter's full-frontal scene in We're the Millersin which the year-old actor flashes his fake family jewels after they've been bitten by a tarantula.

The result is not pretty click here for the uncensored versionbut it is pretty funny. Here are 18 others like it. At the very beginning of this Borat nude scene uncensored feature, Bart skateboards all the way to Krusty Burger in his birthday suit — because his father dared him to.

Well, it really wasn't Stiller's, but you get the idea. Click here for the uncensored version — and prepare to wince. Seth Rogen's apocalyptic buddy comedy is still in some theaters, so it's too early for shots of the enormous, smoldering devil Borat nude scene uncensored that towers over Los Angeles at the end of the film to make their way to the internet.

Needless to say, it is literally the biggest penis joke in the history of feature film comedy. Speaking of devil penis, in Trey Parker and Borat nude scene uncensored Stone's brilliant animated musical comedy, a horny Saddam Hussein tries to turn on his far more bashful boyfriend, the Devil, by flashing his penis — which turns out to be a very, very realistic looking dildo.

Click here to watch the uncensored version. There are few things scarier or funnier than the naked husband of the woman your best buddy just slept with attacking your car after you break into his house to get your buddy's wallet back. Trust us. At a bottomless party, Harold and Kumar are delighted to see lots of half-naked women the lower half!

He's apparently never heard of manscaping. Click here for the uncensored version. Most of this climatic naked fight scene between Borat Baron Cohen and his right-hand man Azamat Davitian is actually censored, with large black boxes placed where the men's peens would Borat nude scene uncensored. Except for this lovely shot of Davitian's taint.

Robin Williams plays a homeless man living in Central Park who is on a quest to Plus size lingerie office costume the holy grail, so, obviously, peen.

Ah, genital mutilation. That old horror film standby. Piranha 3D upped the ante by giving us a mutilated underwater penis in the third dimension. You can almost reach out and touch it! Jeong's self-described "small penis" also pops up in The Hangover Part IIbut the first time is still by far the funniest.

Living outside the confines of society sometimes means shedding one's clothes. That's what free love is all about. Sad to say, this particular penis is fake. Graham Norton's character goes by Borat nude scene uncensored online alias "Rodzilila," because — well, you can probably figure that out. The big reveal is appropriately terrifying, and while it's in a sexual context, it's as far from arousing as any other crotch shot on this list.

Click here for the uncensored version Borat nude scene uncensored you dare. There is actually so much peen in the Jackass movies that it's hard to know exactly where to start, especially since the men of Jackass seem hell bent on the abject destruction of their own peens.

A good moment for everyone, Borat nude scene uncensored. The American Pie series is dominated by Borat nude scene uncensored Biggs' Jim's penis-related embarrassment, but it wasn't until the fourth film that we finally saw the source of all his trials and tribulations. Granted, it was smashed behind a pot cover, but still. Worth the wait. Posted on August 07,GMT. Adam B. BuzzFeed News Reporter. Louis Peitzman. New Line Cinema.

Bart Simpson in The Simpsons Movie. Suzanne Hanover. There is something so desperate and pathetic about a mall streaker, Borat nude scene uncensored kind of have to laugh. Death by a penis through the ear is a horror film first. Who knew Jay of Jay and Silent Bob was so well endowed? Other than Kevin Smith, that is. Seriously, what is with all the naked Jasons?

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