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Customer reviews. A Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek. Format: Paperback Change. Write a review. Add to Cart.

Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Top positive review. It's pretty funny.

I got it for my gf and she liked it. Top critical review. My boyfriend bought this for me from ThinkGeek after many dropped hints. I honestly could have lived without reading it. For one, Ms. Inouye claims that she is "geekier" than other girls, but for some reason this book is FULL Amazon girls guide dating geek grammatical errors and typos. That drives me insane. I know not everyone can spell, but for goodness sake, everyone can proofread, or get someone else to do it for them!

Secondly, the bulk of this book is Not funny mean. Just plain mean. She completely debases people she considers "nerds," only slightly exulting geeks above their low station in life. She talks about how if you Amazon girls guide dating geek a geek, and go to a geek convention, you should Amazon girls guide dating geek a hot "booth babe" and commence mocking all the geeks.

And she is constantly referring to geeky guys as "ugly. There's no picture of her in her bio I wonder what SHE looks like. Amazon girls guide dating geek are also a few chapters on how to "normalize" a geek. That seemed kind of pointless In short, this book could have been WAY better. As someone who has been dating a geek for the last five years, I have often read how-to articles and so forth online that are similar to the idea of this book -- good-naturedly teasing geeky guys and giving women tips for living with them.

Those are far more Amazon girls guide dating geek than a book that is basically one long insult. Looking at ratings on Amazon, they are extremely polarized -- half and half 1 star and 5 star ratings.

I guess you either love this book, or you hate it. I am giving it two stars, because it's a great concept, just horrible execution. Sort by. Top rated Most recent Top rated. Filter by. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars All formats Format: Paperback All formats Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

Showing of 14 Amazon girls guide dating geek. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase.

There was a problem loading comments right now. Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. This book might be racist. Technically a book. I bought it for a girlfriend of mine for her birthday. It's a witty worthwhile read for sure! If you are a geeky guy or a girl wanting to understand her game obsessed boyfriend or guy friends this is a book to read.

I am not to sure on any valuable lessons from this book but it did have clever moments. The Pie Scale is something girls can learn from for any situation with guys.

Get it. Read it. Enjoy it. Laugh About it. One person found this helpful. I bought this book Amazon girls guide dating geek a gift for my girlfriend with the prior knowledge that I would fit into several of the pigeon holes this book defined as geek. It was soon discovered, however, that this book is a hilariously comprehensive look at what it Amazon girls guide dating geek to be a geek, and why that's a good thing.

Beginning with a Geek Test, this guide helps an inquisitive woman determine if she is dating a geek. Make no mistake though, I'm not a nerd. Author Omi M. Inouye makes it very clear; geeks are cooler than nerds since nerds are "socially unacceptable in all circumstances. It's the classic woman goal of a fixer-upper. Why women want to do this is anyone's guess, but for the most part they end up attempting to emasculate rather than groom.

Then, she has a point, but it only goes so far. Written in a language that requires very little geekiness to understand, it's a perfect nightstand book for any woman wanting to keep daily tabs on her man's geek level.

It's geekiness for the laywoman. With flow charts, organizational charts, molecule diagrams, and even circuit diagrams - Amazon girls guide dating geek I appreciated immensely - it's quintessential geek.

As a hybrid Jock Geek and Know it all Geek, I feel comfortable in recommending this book for anyone who wants to really know the truth about geekdom. Format: Paperback. My friend recently started dating a girl who bought this book to understand why he and I do the things we do. After several extremely strange comments concerning our behavior by her I decided to investigate the book.

I wasn't offended, but it did make me a little sad to see a writer use their middle school preconceptions of social stereotypes passed off as research. The substance of this book, if taken seriously, can be extremely damaging to relationships and place a group of people who value intelligence over social norms on the level with a pet who needs to be properly trained. The review in short boils down into three main points.

People are not cut and paste into stereotypes as the author repeatedly tries to convince her audience. Treating a significant other like a pet that has to be trained before it can be taken in public is extremely unhealthy for both partners and this book encourages such behavior. There are books that offer more insightful, researched and healthy views on relationships out there and should be chosen over this one.

There are a few reviews hating on this book, but Nadine and benji girls out west it's all for a good laugh. I'm a geek and I bought this for my girlfriend who found it hilarious as well as being a little truthful. I've read parts of it myself and had a good chuckle.

Especially the geek test. If you're not confident in being a geek then this book may hurt your feelings a little. But if your a geek and proud of it then sure as hell get it! Your girlfriend will probably be the type that already accepts your geekiness as it is, and this will be perfect for her. Just don't go out and give it to that girl you've been facebook stalking for three years, because chances are she'll just not see it in the same light.

As a human being and educator who has observed the geek in his natural habitat the classroom I have to agree with Omi's assessment of Nude girls swimming with fish humanoid we refer to as "geek". While it is generally agreed that "nerds" are subpar members of the human species, most would agree that anyone resembling the geek has potential.

Geeks Y are often highly intelligent who pursue fabulous degrees medical, engineering, chemistry, ect. That's you girls. While it may cost you many trips to the store to ensure the freezer is stocked with an assortment of crappy frozen pizzas, it is well worth your time when you consider what you get in exchange: a nice home, a good neighborhood, and cello lessons for little Chester. The downside is that you will have to learn to bake pies, but hey, a pie in exchange for all the things you will receive in return is a cheap price to pay.

The question is, can a man be a geek and still hold on to his guy card? I think yes. Masculinity Amazon girls guide dating geek in many forms and that includes highly intelligent and inquisitive minds who just happen not to bathe on a regular basis; minor annoyance when you consider you will married to Dr. It is easy to read for the rest of us Amazon girls guide dating geek PhD's and anyone who has ever discussed CPU's, been involved in LARP's, or attended a LAN party which is one of the most bizarre gathering of smelly people I have ever seen will know that she has been in the company of a geek.

I did Foot fetish anal sex some trouble locating the author's website until I came up with Amazon girls guide dating geek notice the capital M Online which took me right there.

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