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By Yudhanjaya Wijeratne —. One of them is a work colleague who helped me pick out a shirt for a wedding the other day.

She could barely make it across the road to Liberty Plaza without two men following her. A woman is raped every 90 Lucky bastard nude bath To test this, a friend and I Photos of naked sri lankan men for about a kilometer along Thimbirigasyaya. Then we backtracked, with her walking about 50 meters ahead and me following, and I watched.

It was disturbing. It is the look you would give when you could either eat someone or kill them, and not necessarily in that order. None of this is normal. And the worst part is that this comes from not just the drug addicts and frustrated schoolboys and random seedy tuk drivers; it comes from Photos of naked sri lankan men everyone — from that man who looks like he stepped out of the CEB to that boy who looks like he works at a tech company.

Put it this way: if it was us guys in that situation, every single street in this would have at least a couple of fights breaking out across. What gives? Consider our public education system, which basically involves thousands of boys cooped up with other boys for twenty years and suddenly let loose upon the world.

Interaction is usually limited to a homogeneous gang of hormonal schoolboys making weird noises at an equally homogenous gang of schoolgirls. I wish. I was just busy leeching chemistry notes off them. The girls I knew had better handwriting than the boys and I was damned if I was going to spend hours trying to decipher rushed scrawls.

Thus, the men have free license to ogle this strange species of object that they must someday take to bed and provide for, and the women resign themselves to their fates without once questioning their mothers Photos of naked sri lankan men fathers and all the ripe idiots who feed them this Photos of naked sri lankan men. Sexual admiration is part and parcel of society.

People looked and went on. But it is true that within a small community, you get much less of the leering and the rapey faces. It will take a couple of generations of determined protest to upend this state of affairs. Historically, it always does — consider, for instance, that in the U. Perhaps we should start teaching life skills in school? Whichever side you stand on: goddayum. I saw a female lion trying to take down a buffalo and struggling and struggling.

The male lion was watching a few feet away. The lazy bastard was not even trying to help her. Then i saw him at last walking towards her ad i thought he is going to help her get their meal,but what does he do. He tries to hump the female from behind. That was all he was interested in. While she is trying to bring the buffalo down he is having sex with her,or trying to over and over again.

So blame Mr. Please translate and publish in Sinhala and Photos of naked sri lankan men. Sexual and gender based violence against women is all part of this MACHO culture — men own the streets and women need to fear the predator! There is a direct connection between sexual frustration and violence.

It Xiuren hot naked toge the swabasha nationalist dudes who are the most sexdually frustrated and hence violent. They call girls nangi and akka and then treat them like Huge boobs tiny waist objects only.

Since then never trust a Buddhist monk and have difficulty grovelling before them! While a timely topic, the writer is still a young know-it-all with a very condescending tone, who doesnt seem to know that the majority of schools outside of Colombo are in fact mixed schools. One reason why muslim and srilankan tamil males as well as sinhala males are so agressive and violent may be due to the segregation of the sexes from their small ages.

The lack of female company Photos of naked sri lankan men think makes males more agressive. Now you can stop fantasizing Black and Decker and start learning something useful. Here is something that may help you to enlarge your narrowed view of women rights:. Women are treated as objects anywhere. Just that in some countries men learn to disguise it better than in Sri Lanka.

One wonders, if the women are covered head yo toe, like Niquab and Burka, this will make women less uncomfortable. Here, you are making a valid case for women being covered, for their own protection. Is this part of evolution, predator vs. What is quite interesting is that Law will not not necessarily protect the women from these predators.

That is why a woman is raped every 90 minutes! Chopping the heads off of rapists will certainly help. So, a case can be made got the women to be clad in Niquab or in a Burka, for their OWN protection from men.

This is precisely the basic reason given by Muslim men, as to why women should be covered from head to toe and segregated from men, for their own protection.

We are a sick society and certainly not Buddhist as American embassy said years ago. The lack of proper policing ,the teaching in schools,the the uneducated drug dealing rapist filth in parliament and not only the Rajapaksas? We can send our wives overseas to work and rape our daughters pretending we are Buddhist or catholic to escape our low caste while tolerating pervert monks? We are fifty to a hundred years behind Singapore and other Asian countries and that is how the filth in parliament like it.

Just read the Mahawamsa Chronicles by Ven. Buddhist Monk Mahananma! Or is it the Mara Deepaya, the Devils Island? We had a President called MaRa. Some say, he was a re-incarnation of Mara.

I think this guy has too much free time and wild imagination. Sri Lanka is a safe place for women. As a Sri Lankan woman living in Sri Lanka, after being harassed, leered at, flashed at, jacked off at, reduced to tears Photos of naked sri lankan men even solicited, even when in school uniform, I humbly beg to differ. Patriot, Sri Lanka is a very safe place. Why do women spend hours dressing upit is their evolutionary need to be looked at.

Smart women and men for that matter know how to deflect attention unrequired. Boys coming from Girls bending over showing their pussy only schools are generally weak in tackling girls unless supported by family background.

Girls coming from girls only schools easily fall into prey of bad fellows unless supported by family background. Most probably the staring at, catcalling, dry-humping, and masturbating crowd come from boys only schools.

Still we are depending on poor women to feed us, what they are sending from toiling in middle east, Shamefully they have to feed the our former and new beggars group at Diyawannaoya Asylum too. Men are just closet perverts. There are no inbetweeners. Even dogs have a limited time to be Photos of naked sri lankan men heat. But men! Any time anywhere any woman. What you describe is a disease affecting modern humans. The sexualization of the female as commodity by the advertisement and movie industry has resulted in a response in the male.

Sexual signals emanating from the female beyond those of the pheromones augment sexuality of the female and in response to the higher levels of testosterone produced by the testicle, the males brain response as designed. The brain centers that exert some control over sexual behavior are overwhelm the brain.

The balls begin to control the brain, instead of the reverse! Sexual signals -through a combination of perfumes, selective physical exposure, dress, walk, make-up etc. In response, higher levels of testosterone is produced by the testicles of the males and their brains respond as designed. The other brain centers that normally moderate male sexual behavior are overwhelmed as a result. How DID you get that photograph! The last one, of course.

It is simply animal emotions. I heard, because of their women migrating to middle east money,they victimize even daughters and grad daughters. Women like appreciation and compete with each other for appreciation.

Make-up and dress are used by them to attract others. Men, as an animal, look at women. If they look at a woman for more than 8. Anything shorter than that means he is not interested. Few years back, a woman became famous after she posted a video of comments and looks at her Photos of naked sri lankan men New York streets, in the social media.

New York has mixed schools; Minimum age to marry is 14 years; Condoms are compulsorily given to students Photos of naked sri lankan men Grade 8 onward; Still, comments, looks and rapes are generally happening. Pepper spray and judo do not help them. Sri Lankans do not appreciate beauty and sexual attractions by words, they use a glance.

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