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Tomb Raider. A title that came onto the video game scene back in on the Sega Saturn, DOS and Playstation and took the world by storm. Despite the smart level designs and mix of free-roaming and rewarding environmental puzzles, what changed the gaming industry was Lara Croft.

She was a woman who explored ruins, shot enemies, scaled walls and was an overall badass. Lara presented a completely different interpretation to what women could do without a male counterpart. While changing what it meant to be a woman in gaming, she heavily influenced other things. She became an internationally known sex symbol, one of the earliest in the industry. Pornography Lara croft game character nude on her surfaced due to her popularity and sex appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike.

She also inspired many 3DX artists because she was the first lead to have a sexual element to her. She changed a multitude of things and opened a gateway for other leading women.

Lara Croft throughout the years. Nude Raider. Anyone who is a fan of Tomb Raider or Lara Croft in general knows about this. The mod that became arguably the first attempt at 3DX at any level. While not being the first nude mod in gaming as a whole there were attempts at nude Samus in Metroid rom hacks before this Beautiful hawaiian girls nude mod in Lara croft game character nude probably birthed 3DX and ultimately 3DX porn.

A female lead who was not only adventurous, independent and kick-ass but also well-endowed? People have continued to keep the idea behind Nude Raider alive with multiple nude mods for different Tomb Raider games. Here is a site of nude patches Andie mature hairy pussy Tomb Raiders There is also a nude mod for the Tomb Raider reboot. But then, others like to keep a rather colorful imagination while playing the game.

There is just something that is rather appealing about seeing a naked Lara Lara croft game character nude going about her adventures. Watching her scale walls or climbing mountains bring forth ideas of just how flexible she really is.

Seeing her wield guns with a no-nonsense attitude could make for a steamy sexual encounter in real life. Lara Croft was created to fight off the predominantly negative female video game roles. She can speak several languages and is knowledgeable with an array Lara croft game character nude weapons. Lara was born with a silver spoon in her mouth but walked away from it all to travel and explore the unknown.

Creator Toby Gard avoided hyper sexualizing Lara as well as avoided dumbed down character traits. The goal? Keep her realistic in build and levelheaded in nature. The creative team insisted that the change stayed.

Thus, a well-endowed Lara Croft was born. Whether the success was due to being an independent badass or having unnatural proportions, she Sharabonti photos xxx com someone that Lara croft game character nude had at least heard of if not seen.

She landed a multitude of sponsorship opportunities for swimsuits, credit cards, music videos and much more. Robert Ashley of Official U. Playstation Magazine described Lara Croft by saying that for the first time ever, a video game character was openly thought Lara croft game character nude as sexy.

Jesse Schedeen from ign. In she was number one and two on two UGO networks list of hottest video game characters. You cannot overlook the recognition received from her sexiness. If Lara Croft had not fit the standards of gaming now she would be a thing of the past and a franchise that used to be something to admire.

I feel Tomb Raider as a whole is a staple in the video game industry and should continue to be as such. Lara Croft in Tomb Raider With all successful games there is a porn counterpart. In terms of 3DX there are a Lara croft game character nude of videos featuring Lara Croft baring all. Within Lara Croft porn there are some common themes. The biggest theme is her attire.

Her hot pants and low cut midriff tank top that shows off her figure leaves little to the imagination. Another theme is the location. Lara is always on an extravagant adventure awaiting new ruins when she encounters someone and gives into her sexual desires. The elements are the same in game as they are out. There is also a plethora of live-action porn of women dressing in the infamous hot pants and midriff revealing tank top encountering muscular men and ultimately becoming submissive to their lustful desires.

Aside from the 3DX and live action porn of this heroine there was also film adaptations. Nothing can get much better than seeing a mainstream sex symbol on the silver screen. And what better person to portray her than Angelina Jolie. Lara Croft was officially on the silver Lara croft game character nude for all to behold and her popularity continued to grow.

Lara inspired many 3DX artists due to being the first lead woman to have a sexual element to her. From nudes, to non-nudes and commissions, DeTomasso shows Lara in a number of different poses. Epochan artist known for many outstanding pieces of voluptuous women has a title called Clara Ravens that pays homage to Lara. Clara Ravens is a no-nonsense woman who goes on adventures to retrieve priceless items. She is encountered by someone or something and eventually subdued. Clara caves into her lustful desires and has her holes filled.

Speaking Lara croft game character nude DeTomasso and Epoch, we will highlight them here at Affect3D next week, so keep your eyes peeled for them! Whether to create characters by way of influence or using Lara in various works, she is someone who will remain a permanent model of sorts for 3DX artists now and for those to come.

Lara Croft is one of the most iconic women in video game history. A well-endowed and kickass woman introduced a new type of female lead in gaming. She became not only a sex symbol but also a major influence in the 3DX world. As a character she inspired 3DX artists due to having a sexual element to her.

She was the first of her kind to birth a new art form. Lara has continued to remain sexy while adapting to the new standards of gaming. She still appeals Lara croft game character nude gamers and non-gamers alike and her influence will remain a permanent part in both the gaming and 3DX world.

Search anything and hit enter. Affect 3D. Clara Ravens, from her eponymous series by Epoch. I also read and play video games a lot more than I probably should.

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