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We sat around the table in the camp; there were eight of us -- five men and three girls. We had been running safari trips on border of Zimbabwe and Botswana.

We were close to Zimbabwe but officially in Botswana. We had heard that the local chief in Zimbabwe was agitating. There was a risk of him picking on our camp as 'white-run'. We decided that we would spend a couple of days packing up and would then move further into Botswana.

I was deeply disappointed as I had spent four years building up business -- building the camp, getting local relationship with the villagers and securing local sources of supply for the camp. I had a great team -- I, Andy, had been there right through as had Pete and Colin. Paul and Steve had joined later. All five men were aged 24 to 29 -- I was oldest at The girls tended to stay for less time but we recruited through word of mouth.

The three girls were Susan, Alison and Louise, all 23 or Susan had been with us least time -- for just four months. All three girls were attractive but we all knew that we could not to get involved in relationships -- it would have been African woman sex slave complicated.

It didn't stop the men African woman sex slave the girls and taking sly peeps when they were showering behind the woven grass screens African woman sex slave morning, the tribe came at dawn - there was no time to pack up. They collected all of us together in the middle of our own camp.

The tribe numbered about 60 -- probably 35 men and 25 women. The chief was an impressive man -- about 6' 2" and muscular. All wore native dress; the men had hunting loin cloths and the ladies wore skirts and beads but were topless. The men were all lean and fit -- they were used to running to catch food. The women were mainly lean too. The chief had roused his tribe to fever pitch; it could have turned nasty. We all had our elbows tied together behind our back with African woman sex slave of leather made into thin thongs.

Our feet were tied with similar thongs but allowed 18" of slack so could walk but not run. I was pulled to centre and the chief sat in my camp chair. The rest of my team were lined up to one side between us. The tribe was baying and wanting action. The chief held up arm to quieten them and he told us that he was in charge. The chief told me that my team would be let go if I agreed to his conditions -- did I agree?

I asked what the conditions were. He paused. He said in a loud and clear voice that I was to agree to be his slave for one week.

If I agreed then I would be let go at the end of the week and given a Landrover to drive away. The rest of my team would be able to leave later that night in another Landrover. The tribe started shouting loudly, enjoying the prospect of the white man being the slave of the Chief.

Chief held up his arm again. He said that I had to demonstrate that day my subservience to him. The tribe bayed and shouted. He said that, for my team to be let free, I had to do two things that day to demonstrate that he was my chief. I asked what they were - I had a bad feeling. The tribe was absolutely silent. He said that I had to suck his cock in front of the whole tribe and African woman sex slave front of my team. He said that he would then fuck my arse in front of everyone.

I looked him in the eye and said that I would never agree to African woman sex slave conditions. He walked over to me and walked around me. He was 6' 2" to my 5'7" so he towered over me. When he was in front of my I looked him in the eye. He walked back to his chair. He pointed at Susan and ordered his men to bring her to the front, in the shade of the tree that supported the dining hut roof. His tribesmen loosened her elbow binds but then attached long strips of thong to each wrist.

The other ends of the thongs were passed over the lowest branch of the tree and pulled tight. Susan's arms were pulled up and apart above her head. Further African woman sex slave were tied to her ankles and then to the tree trunk and the leg of the table. She was still hobbled by the original 18" thongs but her feet were now held that distance apart.

The Chief came over to me and asked me again if I would agree to his demands. The tribe was silent. I again refused. The Chief walked over to Susan and took out his hunting knife. He cut Susan's blouse from her. He asked me again and I refused He cut Susan's shorts from her. He asked me again. It was clear which direction events were heading. I looked at Susan; she was now dressed only in a white cotton bra and matching white cotton panties.

Her breathing was short and sharp and she was wide-eyed with fear. I again African woman sex slave his demand The Chief returned to my camp chair and sat down. He called to one of the young women from his tribe. She came forward and collected his knife. She went to Susan and cut through all the straps of her bra but held it so it did not fall away.

The tribeswoman then stood behind Susan, still with her hands over Susan's breasts, holding the shreds of the bra in place. The Chief nodded and the tribeswoman let the bra drop. The noise of the tribe increased -- they were seeing a white women humiliated by the Chief and they liked it. The tribeswoman started to massage Susan's breasts and to tease her nipples until they were erect. Susan closed her eyes and breathed through her nose, causing her nostrils to flare.

The tribeswoman let one hand pass downwards, caressing Susan's skin as it travelled towards her panties and massaged Susan's flat stomach. The tribeswoman was standing behind Susan, pressing her bare breasts into Susan's back and pushing her pubic mound against Susan's bum. The Chief ordered the tribeswoman away.

As the tribeswoman returned to the crowd, she was patted on the back and congratulated. The Chief called to one of the tribesmen -- he African woman sex slave about 18 years old and his black skin glistened as if it had been oiled. He picked up the knife and stood in front of Susan. He placed the sharp tip of the knife just under Susan's left nipple and African woman sex slave upwards, lifting Susan's breast on the tip. Susan looked directly into his eyes.

He smiled and moved the knife away. He stood behind Susan and placed his left hand over Susan's mound His fingers curled under her so he cupped her cunt completely. With the knife he cut her panties from the leg to the waist on both sides. He dropped the knife and moved his right hand up to caress Susan's breasts.

He then pulled the remnants of Susan's panties away and threw them to the Chief. The tribesman then stood behind Susan and lewdly masturbated her with his right hand and teased her nipples with his left hand. The tribe bayed its appreciation. The Chief picked up Susan's shredded panties and brought them to his nose. He called out that the panties were soaked with African woman sex slave cream.

Susan was hanging somewhat limp against her bonds as the tribesman continued to caress her cunt. Susan's blond pubic hair, which she had trimmed to quite a short length, was soon dark with the juices of her arousal. The Chief called out and the tribesman immediately walked away and returned African woman sex slave the crowd.

The tribesman let other members of the tribe smell and lick the white girl's arousal from his fingers. The tension African woman sex slave the tribe was almost palpable. I looked at the other members of my team. They were wide-eyed at what they had seen. No one had ever seen Susan naked and now we had seen her stripped publicly and seen how aroused it had made her. I looked at Susan -- she had recovered The naked women form art defiance and was standing with straight legs but her hips were still rocking slightly betraying her arousal and that she had been left unfulfilled.

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