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Disclaimer: I don't own Super Smash Bros. A door creaked open, and Zelda, queen of all Hyrule, entered the castle she shared with her husband, Link.

She'd spent. Zelda was a bit worried after hearing Link say that, but she'd decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and continue to call. Link hadn't heard a word she said, of course, but she certainly had heard him You sure don't sleep around much, do you?

Where I come from, that's a sign of weakness You want to be controlled. You want to be taken, and that's something a woman just can't. Zelda kept her back pressed against the opposite wall. Before she would even allow. I do want that. And no. Zelda recognized it, but she couldn't give Zero suit samus lesbian sex a name Not a tremble of fear or anxiety Zelda gritted her teeth, finally giving way to her emotions and slamming her fist into the stone floor as tears streamed down.

She couldn't give Link what he wanted, so he'd turned to that rhinestone pretty-boy from Altea. She was. She was the uppermost piece of the Triforce, not its far right. If Link didn't love her, she wouldn't raise hell about. Within minutes, Zelda stood alone in the forest closest to Hyrule Castle, her heart broken and her eyes leaking liquid agony.

Not two hours prior, she'd been living the perfect life. Now, her life had fallen apart. The forest at night was not the safest of places, but the dark creatures who dwelt there knew better than to toy with Hyrule's. In the earlier years of Zelda's rule, a lot of them didn't Apparently, however, a solitary Octorok.

It leaped from the bushes, claws flashing and eyes glowing with malice. Zelda saw it and sighed, falling to her knees and. While the Octorok was certainly confused, even a damnable creature with a single-digit IQ wouldn't pass on a free meal. The only creature generous enough to end her pain had itself been murdered. Standing before Zelda and Zero suit samus lesbian sex smoldering.

This figure's left hand was clasped tightly around its right. The cannon itself was emanating smoke from its recent discharge.

The warrior who'd ruined her death was indeed Samus Aran, who had travelled to Hyrule through Subspace to chase a. What Samus did next was not something she did very often, but given that she and Zelda had stood side-by-side for more.

Several buttons were pressed, and Samus removed her helmet, showing a Zero suit samus lesbian sex, tapered face and a head of long, tightly. Samus gripped Zelda's hand in hers, since the Hyrulian queen.

You need. Zelda gazed up at Samus, her thin elven lips showing the tiniest hint of a sad, sad smile. She nodded, and walked to the. The Subspace portal, wide, deep, and ominous, glowed before them. It had been many a year since Zelda had used one, and.

I don't understand it myself, to be honest. Zelda didn't take Samus's advice. Instead, she jumped straight at the portal. Leaping Zero suit samus lesbian sex the soft grass, Zelda expected.

However, she felt her feet touch Zelda gazed around her. This wasn't the kind of place in which she expected to encounter Samus. Lush green grass and moss coating smooth, grey rock, all accompanied by seven or eight long, flowing waterfalls. Zelda rolled her eyes at Samus, making a little 'huff' sound.

I'm a queen now, you. Samus's smile faded suddenly as she remembered why she'd brought Zelda here. Zelda blanched, the bliss of the moment immediately dissolving into a swirling pool of misery and rejection. I came home from a hunting excursion. I'd killed the biggest pheasant I'd ever seen so Zero suit samus lesbian sex Link could make a roast for. When I found him Samus gritted her teeth.

Zero suit samus lesbian sex always detested Roy, thinking of him as a loudmouthed child who placed a little too much.

Samus scoffed. Zelda Gif- pure family nudism her head. Bisexuals have an innate ability to sense when Sexy body bigtits melayu hijab women around them is.

Samus raised an eyebrow. The queen nodded, leaning Zero suit samus lesbian sex to smell one of Tallon IV's native flowers. I know that you probably can't identify with. The two spent the day taking in Tallon IV's rich, diverse wilderness. Samus had removed her Power Suit and left it at the ship.

They raced through the Chozo Ruins, sparred on blocks of ice in the. Phendrana Drifts, and dodged blasts of searing hot lava in the Magmoor Caverns. Zelda was astounded at Big muscular women nudes choice of.

As the sun set over Tallon IV, the two women sat on top of the enormous floating monolith in which the Chozo had written the. Zelda was breathtaken by the view, and Samus had, over the course of the day, become. Standing back and gazing at the way the twilight attached to the former princess, Samus felt her eyes soften. Zelda was the. Those long, flowing locks But even more beautiful than Zelda's body was her voice.

There were always words of wisdom. Zelda was so wise Not that Zero suit samus lesbian sex, sickeningly syrupy. During the Subspace affairs, Samus had caught herself staring at Zelda numerous times. Now she knew why. She lowered. Will you be alright here for a few minutes? I'm going to go inside.

Zelda turned, smiling that sweet smile that made Samus's heart skip a beat. I hope nothing is wrong. Samus returned the smile, shaking her head. I just have something to mull over for a moment. The tower's very center was one of Samus's favorite places to think. From behind the green window, everything was so.

She clenched her fists tight. Who was following her? Was it Ridley? He'd certainly cheated death more times than Samus. Was it her longtime rival, Captain Falcon? The two of them had yet to end their feud. Or was it! The legendary soldier-of-fortune deactivated his camouflage, chuckling. But now it all makes sense, Samus.

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