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Chelsie entered the locker room after a long and sweaty cheerleader practice. Mallina was in a corner pulling her blue skirt off. Chelsie glimpsed her white cotton panties clung perfectly to her luscious round ass.

Few girls had bums like that but she was one of them. Yet, Chelsie knew Mallina Lesbian cheerleaders locker room be up for a little fun in the way she hoped. Chelsie moved back towards the showers. Only Lesbian cheerleaders locker room girl was inside. It was a dirty blonde, blue eyed babe named Ashton. She didn't have the best tits but she had a great ass that she knew how to pop. It wasn't as round as she would have liked but it looked sexy all the same.

Chelsie gazed at the nude form of her cheer mate. Her pussy began to emit wet vaginal juice. Interactive usb sex toy rubbed her cunt through her skirt for a moment before realizing Mallina was in the room. She glanced over but the petite cheerleader wasn't looking. She pushed her own blue skirt down and kicked it away.

She was wearing pink lacey panties which had a sticky wet spot where Lesbian cheerleaders locker room excitement was showing. She dipped a finger inside her pink and pulled it out and held it for a moment under her nose smelling her scent before sticking the finger in her mouth.

She popped it Lesbian cheerleaders locker room and pulled her shirt off. Throwing the garment on the concrete floor she removed her black double-D bra. Her sultry breasts fell slightly. That was one great thing about her tits was that even though they were large and full they barely drooped at all. They stayed very perky for their size. She pulled on both her pale nipples which grew hard. Swiping one of her dark locks away from her brown eyes she stepped into the shower area.

Ashton had her eyes closed as she washed her shoulder blade length hair. Her thin red lips mouthed the words to some pop song. Chelsie turned on the shower head next to her. Ashton turned back towards the shower washing her face. She opened her green eyes and looked at Chelsie briefly. She glanced Lesbian cheerleaders locker room not wanting to seem like she was checking out her fellow cheerleader.

However, she was thinking very dirty thoughts about Chelsie herself. She imagined the full magenta lips belonging to this voluptuous girl caressing her shaved pussy.

Her tongue touching her clit and moving in and Lesbian cheerleaders locker room her pink hole before she shudders with an amazing orgasm and squirts herself inside an eager mouth. She could almost feel Chelsie doing this. She shook Lesbian cheerleaders locker room from her fantasy and automatically looked down between her thighs. Chelsie was on her knees kissing Ashton's vagina. Of course, Ashton didn't protest and grabbed her friend's curly dark hair and pressed her face into her pussy.

Chelsie gripped Ashton around the legs and slid her hands up to her curvy ass. Incredibly dirty thoughts flitted through Chelsie's mind. Occasionally, Chelsie worried she was a rather indecent pervert. Some of her fetishes and fantasies were not what most people were into. Ashton felt the same way in fact.

Ashton joined cheerleading because she liked to watch the girl's tits and butts while they danced. She had admired Chelsie's beautiful breasts during practice many times. The sweat gleaming on her cleavage and her skirt swiftly twirling up briefly exposing the color of the panties or sometimes thong. Chelsie continued to fuck Ashton's pussy with her tongue. Ashton moaned as the cutie's tongue lapped up her cunt juices. Ashton flipped off Lesbian cheerleaders locker room shower.

No one was left in the locker room. They moved out into the area Lesbian cheerleaders locker room the sinks and mirrors were with the one toilet no one used. It was never used because the stalls were not in place and they felt rather weird pissing or shitting in front of each other.

Chelsie got down on her Lesbian cheerleaders locker room and crawled towards the toilet. Her breasts nearly touched the Worlds sexiest woman xxx in this position. Ashton smiled as her girl closed the toilet and rested her arms and head on top with her asshole facing out.

Ashton glided towards her lover and got down beside her. She kissed Chelsie on the back and made her way down to her crack. Chelsie laughed playfully as Ashton's tongue brushed between her butt cheeks. Lesbian cheerleaders locker room took a breath and spread Chelsie's ass.

Her brown hole was slightly wet with water and sweat from the cheerleading routine. Ashton moved forwards and smelled the sweet and dirty scent before shoving her tongue as far into Chelsie's ass Lesbian cheerleaders locker room she could.

She wiggled her tiny tongue around the edges while Chelsie moved her hand down to her own pussy. She slid a finger inside and began to fuck Lesbian cheerleaders locker room pussy while her babe sucked her ass. Chelsie's pussy pulsated on her fingers gleefully. Ashton had begun to insert a finger into Chelsie's ass and sliding it in and out hotly. Ashton felt her vagina rubbing against the back of Chelsie's leg. Chelsie moaned in reply and kissed Ashton on the lips tasting her asshole.

Ashton's tongue slid inside and Chelsie's tongue smacked at Lesbian cheerleaders locker room playfully. Ashton Wet hot naked blonde girls on the girl's neck and gripped her left boob in her hand and pushed a hard nipple into her mouth. She Lesbian cheerleaders locker room on it loving the warm feeling of the tit against her face.

Chelsie pulled Lesbian cheerleaders locker room finger out Lesbian cheerleaders locker room her cunt and wiped her juice on her right breast. She Malayalam actress boob nude Ashton over and made her lick the female cum from her tit. Ashton swished it in her mouth with some spit and grabbed Chelsie's head. She tilted her back and spit the mixture into her open mouth. Chelsie swallowed Ashton's spit and her own cum.

Ashton trembled as her pussy rubbed against Chelsie's thigh. Suddenly, she squirt an ample amount of juice between them. Chelsie you sexy bitch. How's my cum taste? I love your pussy juice. The nude cheerleaders looked over expecting to see a livid cheer mate. However, they saw a Mallina dressed in only her white bra and cotton panties.

She playfully slid off her panties throwing Lesbian cheerleaders locker room her bubble butt at the other two girls. She removed her bra that held wonderful B cup breasts and moved towards the girls. I'm down with being tied up and whipped and that's not even half Fisting pussy free porn it. I like to pee Lesbian cheerleaders locker room front of my lovers and worse occasionally.

Sometimes I'll get some real sweeties to let me piss on them. How dirty are you two sluts? I like to watch porn. Remember the 2 Girls 1 Cup video. I masturbated to that. I stole my sisters dildo and fucked myself to it! Who else? I know, she has a fucking vibrator and I don't. That's fucked up. But you want to know something really fucked up? I didn't wash it before I fucked my pussy with it. To be honest, I don't think the last thing she did with it was stick it in her pussy either.

She stood in front of Chelsie and spread her tight pussy. Her clit moved into view and the other two girls grew excited.

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