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A couple of nights back I was getting ready for bed, I went to the window in my bedroom to pull the blind. I looked towards my neighbour's window as I Cute girl next door ass did in the hope of a glimpse of their eldest daughter, Amy.

I was never lucky enough to see anything, until that night Cute girl next door ass couple of days back. When I glanced towards the window I saw the girl getting ready for bed. She look like she'd just slipped the white blouse she'd been wearing off and was now standing right by the window with the blouse in her hands. Her young breasts were still hidden from view, encased as they were in her white bra. I'd wanted Amy from the time her family first moved in next door. She's a slim blonde girl who has a fantastic ass and will have a perfect pair of tits when she's fully grown.

The night I could just see the top of Amy's skirt or trousers I couldn't tell which they were above the window ledge. Her white bra had an embodied pattern around the to top of the cups and looked great against her smooth creamy white skin. Amy's face looked a picture of perfection, she was looking down at her breasts, presumably admiring them. I knew I shouldn't stand there too long staring at her, but there was no way I was tearing my Cute girl next door ass away from her sexy little body.

I couldn't have been looking more that a couple of seconds but it felt like so much longer. Amy looked up and saw me watching her, I was frozen in the position I'd been in when I first saw her, with one hand supporting me on the window frame and the Cute girl next door ass reaching up towards the blind.

My mind panicked, thoughts ran through my mind about what I should do. Should I close the blind and go away, look elsewhere pretending I hadn't see her or maybe Cute girl next door ass pretend that the house was on fire and jump out of the window. In the end I simply flashed her a smile Cute girl next door ass appreciation and started to pull the blind down To my surprise Amy smiled back and waved to stop me pulling down the blind.

Still smiling she blew Lisa ann pure mature porn a kiss then reached behind her back. Her well formed breasts were thrust out towards me, I would have given anything at that moment to be in her room. As I watched Amy's bra slackened and Cute girl next door ass pulled it away from her chest. The sexy teenager stood at the window showing me her perfect breasts. She looked nervous but very excited.

Amy looked nervously over her shoulder towards the bedroom door, turned back to me and waved good bye then closed her curtains. I couldn't stop thinking about that girl all night, I kept imagining having her, wondering if I'd be her first and what she'd look like when she came. The next two days were very busy for me and I'd all but forgotten about the little strip show I'd been given.

Yesterday, I got home and put the kettle on it was pouring with rain outside and I really needed a hot drink. There was a knock on the door.

When I opened it I found Amy standing on the doorstep, she looked pretty soaked. I was hoping I could wait with you for them to get home. The bedraggled look really suited Amy and she looked great. Her long blonde hair was a total wet mess, her skirt and coat were dripping water all over the carpet, even her features of her face had water dripping from them.

I took her coat from her and saw that she was in her school uniform. She followed me up the stairs into my bedroom. I told her to sit down for a minute while I hung her jacket up and found her a towel. I managed to find a hanger and took her coat into the bathroom. I hung her coat up and grabbed a big towel Amateur latina milfs spread took it into Amy. She was laid on top of the covers on my bed, still wearing her school blazer Cute girl next door ass she'd taken off Cute girl next door ass tie and had undone the top few buttons of her blouse.

She was wearing white knee high socks that totally clashed with her black skirt but looked so good for it.

I'm pleased to say that she'd also taken off her shoes before getting onto my bed! You looked like you'd enjoy it the other night! I leaned over Cute girl next door ass and rubbed her stomach through her wet blouse, I hadn't noticed before but the front of her blouse was so wet that it had become virtually see-through. I lowered myself to the young girl's face and kissed her lips, gently pinching her lower lip between mine as I pulled away from her.

Amy grasped the front of my shirt, using it to pull herself up. I held her around the back of her neck as we kissed, this time sliding my tongue into her mouth and feeling my way inside.

I wouldn't want you to catch a cold," I told Amy. There was no way that Amy Cute girl next door ass leaving my house unfucked. I stood up and crossed the room to Cute girl next door ass the blind down, I wouldn't have wanted anyone to see me with the neighbours naked daughter now would I? Turning back I found the gorgeous schoolgirl on her feet in the middle of the room. Standing in front of her the girl seemed tiny, the top of her head was Pornhub xxx horror story movies below my shoulder and when we kissed I had to bend down to reach her lips.

I kissed her deeply, exploring her wet body with my hands. Running my hands up her sides I brushed the sides of her breasts and slipped my hands under the shoulder of her blazer and pushed it down her arms.

Amy let the blazer fall to the floor and started feeling me through my shirt. I carefully pushed her back and sat her on the edge of the bed. Kneeling before her I released the buttons of her blouse and untucked it from her skirt.

I slipped the blouse from her arms and dropped it on the floor. We kissed a few more times as we explored each others bodies. Amy's skin was soft and warm, it was smooth and floorless. Reaching behind Cute girl next door ass I unfastened her bra and leaned towards the bed, pushing Amy down onto her back as I went, she lifted her legs and slide across the bed giving me space to lay next to her.

Cradling her head Cute girl next door ass kissed her while running my fingers over the soft flesh of her stomach, waiting for the right moment when she was relaxed enough for me to feel her breasts properly for the first time. They were worth taking time over; big and firm like teenage tits should be.

I thought for a moment that Amy was going to try and back out of what we were doing as I first touched them, she sort of froze for a second and looked scared. But, then the second passed and she relaxed again. We kissed for a Cute girl next door ass more minutes, I fondled her breasts and she rubbed her hands over me. Then Amy surprised me. She took my hand from her breast and whispered, "stop. Amy just smiled and kissed my hand. Amy moved my hand from her mouth, over her breasts and stomach, lifted her skirt and put my hand on her cotton knickers.

I'd always had her figured as a dirty girl, but a girl who didn't know she was dirty yet. Clearly I was wrong and Amy knew just how dirty she was, I wouldn't have wasted so much time going gentle with her if I'd known! Slipping my hand under the waist band of her knickers I slid down to her opening. Noticing the lack of hair I asked, "Do you shave, babe?

We kissed deeply again; the dirty teen opened her legs wide for me to get to the warm hole that was drawing me. I wasn't disappointed, Amy was already reasonably wet, her clit was poking out enough for me to feel when I brushed against it as I parted her pussy lips and sank a finger deep into the young girl.

There was a wonderful tightness as her pussy clamped my finger and I knew that I would enjoy plunging my cock deep into her when the time came.

Amy's breathing had already quickened and she'd wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me into the kiss; I remember wondering whether she'd do the same with her legs when I was finally inside her.

For a few minutes I played with Amy, rubbing her clit and finger fucking her, while I kissed her breasts. Her nipples became hard fairly quickly. She sighed as I sucked each one in turn and grunted as I flicked her clit and gently bit her nipple at the same time.

After a few minutes of playing with her I went searching for the cute teenagers G-Spot. Sometime it's hard to find, but I had a feeling that with Amy it'd be fairly easy. Sure enough, I dragged my finger inside her against the roof of her pussy just twice before she reacted. Do it again please. I did it again, her face was flush as she buried it in my chest.

Amy was panting hard already and shaking as I found the spot again and again. I guess she wasn't used to getting this kind of attention. I held her wrist tight forcing her back onto the bed so Cute girl next door ass could watch her as she enjoyed herself. The teenagers face had turned a pleasing shade of red, as had much of her upper body.

Amy was biting her lip to stifle the cries of pleasure, but even so she was being pretty noisy. Her body shook each time I fingered her, making her breasts wobble nicely. I played with her like this for a while, until the girl was going nuts, then I stopped suddenly and without warning pulled my fingers from her.

Don't stop. Please keep going. I couldn't help laughing, especially when I noticed her hips still rocking as if my fingers were still inside her. Please do it again, I'll do anything if you do it again. A sexy teenage girl, so horny and desperate to cum that she'll do anything to get her man to being her off.

Amy licked and sucked her own juices from my fingers with the speed of a thirst dog lapping up water from its bowl. When I was satisfied with her work, I stood up and pulled Amy by the ankles to the edge of the bed, then I pulled her now soaked knickers from her and threw them across the room.

Amy propped herself up on her elbows to watch as Cute girl next door ass got her into position.

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