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Eddie Valiant spots Betty and gives her name a shout. Betty then calls out to Eddie Valiant and says "Long time no see? Work's been kinda slow since cartoons went to color, but I've still got it Eddie!

Acme never misses a night when Jessica performs on stage. Betty tells Betty boop and jessica rabbit that Jessica Rabbit is a lucky gurl and walks away. Betty also appears at the end of the film where she can be seen running into a crowd of toons, She can then be seen standing in between Betty boop and jessica rabbit Bunny and Donald Duck. Koni demiko twistys pics Boop was written into the scene before the writers knew whether or Betty boop and jessica rabbit they could get permission to use the her.

The film was produced at Disney, the writers had access to a library of characters. Thanks to an arrangement with Warner Bros. But the rights to Betty Boop had passed through multiple hands over the years, requiring a separate deal. It was hard to think of leaving Roger Rabbit and you know, we would make the trip over to Vegas to do a little gambling - I'm a loser, usually but this was a really good time we were having. When I was doing my act. These days, every job I get is like a big gift.

Now from behind Valiant, we hear a familiar high-pitched voice. Valiant turns to see Betty Boop standing with a box of tobacco wares strapped around her neck. In contrast to all the other Toons, Betty's in black and white.

Betty Boop: "Gee, it's swell to see you, Eddie. We miss you in Toontown. Betty Boop: Betty boop and jessica rabbit been slow for me since the cartoons went to color.

Now the lights dim and Betty moves on. On Stage the door Droopy walks out Betty boop and jessica rabbit the spotlight following him. He's the evening's emcee. There is another adult pun near to the end of the film where Bugs Bunny and Betty come running out aside one another alongside many other cartoon characters. Bugs Bunny moves his carrot close to Betty's groin area, another scene that might have also been removed Betty boop and jessica rabbit prints.

While all the cartoons are celebrating over the death of Judge Doom, the camera has a quick close-up to Betty and Bugs. Reason given for these scenes was as tribute to the original Animators who had worked on Betty boop and jessica rabbit original Betty Boop animated features.

In an out-of-order men's restroom in Toontown wall, there is a message on the wall that reads "For a good time call Allyson 'Wonderland' The best is yet to be. Before walking off set Baby Herman looks up the skirt of his nanny he is then seen extending his middle finger looking up into her skirt, this was edited out of the DVD release.

The patty cake scene is the most overtly sexual suggestive scene in the entire film. When Eddie and Jessica's cab hits a lamp post, the two are ejected from the vehicle, while being thrown through the air Jessica quickly flashes her crotch. Jessica also flashes her Xxx sex in talas earlier on in the film in an earlier scene with Eddie Valiant.

Disney later removed most of the offensive scenes. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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