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For some submissive guys being spanked or otherwise punished by an older woman is reconnecting with the maternal discipline of childhood.

Somehow being spanked was invisibly eroticized. That connection lay dormant for years, finally reemerging in adulthood. Surely, there are men who without any erotic nostalgia Wowen who spank men mature women as powerful. The older woman is wise in the ways of men. She is not fooled by apologies. She has the insight to know that only punishment will reform the behavior of the errant male. Korean hot photos nude clarity makes her stern and strict.

All men are boys. Mercy would be misplaced. Only pain makes a man truly repent his misbehavior. Meet a Mistress. Richard is a retired used bookseller. Atheist, materialist, skeptic, humanist, progressive. Pansexual, polyfetishist, switch: sexuality is nuanced and individual. And so I is! Our relationship is strong because of a simular agreement we made a few years ago. We both have our jobs and carreers.

But once at home she is the boss. We both do our part of the household. I may give my oppinion about al sort of things. But she has the final word. After that I must accept without Wowen who spank men complains. Otherwise I get a slap to the face or smacked pants and some time to cool down, kneeling in the corner to think about what i did or said.

And I Wowen who spank men no problems with that because of the making up after my apologies. Punished By an Older Woman Franco So many submissive men wish for discipline at the hands of a mature woman. Rules and regulations of Wowen who spank men Femdom Total Power Exchange contract.

Submissive man treated as a humble, worshipful human puppy or dog. Masochists, be proud of your need for pain and submission. Male submission is not an abstract virtue or law.

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