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Monday 12th August, by Shiftzilla 4 Comments. In this article Drew and Daniel discuss things that happen after 5am at the Gathering of the Juggalos. You can check out the full article below. From D aniel Hill and Drew Ailes. Festivities here at the Gathering of the Juggalos run Passed out juggalos girls day from noon until 5 a.

Here are a few of the things that happen after 5 a. There was an unconscious man sleeping in a pile of mud near a campfire, and Kali one of the girls was squatting Passed out juggalos girls him, when suddenly he awoke and sent the girls scattering, giggling maniacally and searching for their next prey.

Obviously, we followed them, as this was much more amusing than the ten thousand empty bags of drugs we were taking photos of. In between victims, we asked Kali what was going on. We were then shushed as she and another girl began wrapping a man who had fallen asleep in a chair with duct tape. When we first came upon The Wheel, it was while security was breaking up a crowd of people and telling them to move along.

This was the only time we had seen security stop anyone from doing Passed out juggalos girls, so obviously we Passed out juggalos girls intrigued.

The proprietors of the Wheel moved not far from their original location and set up shop again when security drove away. The Wheel has written on it several potential outcomes that can come from spinning it, and most of them are absolutely horrible. We learned that the reason security Woman wanting sex in timbauba dispersed the crowd is because a man had just smacked another man in the face with a piece of poop in his hand.

No thank you; just spectating. Another brave soul approached and gave a spin, likely unaware of what he was getting himself into.

It landed on some sort of punishment that was to be thought of on the spot. We were asked what it is that the man who spun should do. This answer was initially deemed acceptable, but when the wheel-spinner seemed too relaxed about taking this punishment, it was decided that bark was too tame.

This punishment was declined. Our unfortunate soul, now aware that he was in over his head, declined that one as well. We became bored and walked away, thinking the fun was over and that this guy was about to buy his way out of this Passed out juggalos girls. The next day, we came across the owners of the Wheel again, and asked what ended up happening.

Apparently shortly after we left it was decided that Passed out juggalos girls man would jump head first into a trash can, with his feet sticking out straight up in the air. The man complied, and then somebody hit the can with a golf cart and he went flying. Drew and I spent a lot of time wondering how obvious it was to the juggalos that we were Passed out juggalos girls. Our new female friend explained the situation to him, and he promptly pushed us aside to take care of Famous comics megan fox. Drew and I walked away, wondering exactly what it means that, of all the people on the grounds, we were the ones that this girl chose to approach with this request.

I am the creator of that wheel. I handed out Passed out juggalos girls 15 cases of beer. Check the forums from gathering of the juggalos. Passed out juggalos girls ago I asked Chai tong chai kwan thai massage anyone spun my wheel last year. You must be logged in to post a comment. Sign Up Log In. November 25, Spin the Wheel When we first came upon The Wheel, it was while security was breaking up a crowd of people and telling them to move along.

The conversation then turned to drugs, as many conversations here do. As we were fumbling our way through this interaction, a juggalo Passed out juggalos girls, intrigued. Websites: riverfronttimes. Months ago I asked if anyone spun my wheel last year You must be logged in to post a comment.

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