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Pedophilia, Swinging, Pornography and Sexual Exploitation. Early in my involvement in the upper echelons of the naturist Nudist jeunes et naturels nudism it became apparent I was running into a large number of pedophiles, child molesters, child pornographers and their apologists; disturbingly disproportionate for such a small, fringe group. I had never run into such a consortium of men, in various ways, abusing children; and never have since, either.

There are many who are swingers, who go by aliases or first name only so criminals move freely in the midst. Many have no problems with nude photographs of children, therefor they have a hard time distinguishing when the children become objectified commodities. Many just want to have a nice day at the beach and frankly they don't give a damn about much else. Overall I found them utterly naive and pathetically apathetic about what to do with the men stalking and photographing children in their midst.

These pages document some, but not all, of the cases that alarm me. Stripped of Personal Freedom : Collette Marie tells her story of being molested by a pedophile at a nudist camp. David Glenn defends the trading of nude photos of children. Who would be so bold as to defend the trading of pictures of naked kids on the net for sexual purposes? Well, David Glenn for one.

Jonathan M. Tampico: Nudist and convicted child molester. Tampico frequented nudist camps preaching "family nudism" and "whole body acceptance" to victimize male children.

Nudist groups refuse to put him on their "Caution List". Now Tampico has been arrested again. Busting Mr. Joseph Wanner, long-time and vocal member of the Naturist Society, was arrested and charged with counts of sexual crimes, most involving children. Nudist Pedophile Ring. How many pedophiles does it take to ruin a child's day at a nudist camp? A whole slew of nudist men roamed nudist Nudist jeunes et naturels nudism molesting Big muscular women nudes with impunity while the national Nudist jeunes et naturels nudism organization bragged about how safe nudist camps were for kids.

Nudist jeunes et naturels nudism a father's love? Hannah Bennett tells the story of her father forcing nudity on her. Thomas Kelley convicted of child pornography. Yet another naturist is caught taking advantage of children. This one was the official photographer at Naturist Society events.

Dale Geno Baker Fraternity Snoqualmie. Alan Paul Barlow Fraternity Snoqualmie. Darwin Don Burns Burns, Darwin convicted. Robert Noel Clemens Arrested September, It is like putting a match next to a gasoline can.

You'll have disasters sooner or later. In September, Foley was forced Naked sri lankan models resign as a result of his sexually explicit and predatory emails to male teen congressional pages. Foley had attempted to pass protective legislation aimed at children's nudist camps sponsorred by the American Association for Nude Recreation. Because you know that they're at home no matter where they are here, 'cause we are one big family.

It's comforting, it's relaxing, and we feel that they're safe. He was a regular at Sauvie Island and a visitor at Fraternity Snoqualmiea camp where numerous child molesters have resided. Silsbee even "recommend[s] a visit to FS any time" and also has stated on rec. Kids May be at Risk at Nudist Camps. Nudist Children's Day in Russia.

Nudist Top Sites. Swedish Nudists. The front page looks innocent enough but, the further you click into itthe more unsettling it becomes. When you get to their page and look at all the pictures then click to their link for the nudist camp and see what a wholesome picture they paint with their photo of nudists playing volleyball.

Horst KrausShangri-la Nudist Camp owner. Jonathan D. Lynn Rec. All rights reserved. Write to Nikki Craft. Visit one of our sponsors. We appreciate your support of this work. William D. Roy and Shirley Settles Fraternity Snoqualmie. Attorney Jack R. Wood disbarred by the Indiana Supreme Court because of exploitation of nudist children at Naked City.

Walt Zadanoff []. Ex-pageant protester quits Cape Cod nudity fight by Allison Blake. Topless bathers snapped for porn site Business Day December, Voyeurism on the Beaches BeachHunters. Nudist jeunes et naturels nudism Bubbles. Ralph Underwager "Expert" Testimoy. Richard A.

Morgan C. National Sex Offender Public Registry. Source: Institute for Global Communications. Last update: Sept 29, Nudist jeunes et naturels nudism October 1, Do you live around a nudist camp, club or resort Nudist jeunes et naturels nudism nude beach? Are you a woman sexually harassed on a beach, or coerced to take part in partner swapping? Are you a child raised as a nudist with information to share?

Are you the victim of one of those listed on this page? Can you document cases of predatory sexual behavior from newspaper articles or reliable and verifiable legal documents? Are you a whistleblower, disgruntled Board, club or organization member? Are you tired of pedophiles, sex predators, nudist apathy and the practices and policies that cause it all to proliferate?

Fed up? Keep copies of all newsarticles, arrest warrants, related letters and exchanges as they happen. Keep notes as an incident escalates. If you know of a related, informative url email it to us. Document these cases Nudist jeunes et naturels nudism contact us at.

Nikki Craft. Take it from a Sex Predator Who Knows "You put 11 and year-olds together in a camp where they're nude, I think it is a recipe for disaster. National Sex Offender Public Registry "You Rosetta stone customer service sucks have to worry so much about where your kids are and what they're doing.

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