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She is Shifu 's adopted daughter. Tigress' parentage remains a mystery, but it was hinted that her parents had no intention of raising their Kung fu panda tigress. But due to the fact that Tigress didn't know how strong she was and having a violent temper, everyone was afraid of her Kung fu panda tigress she became an outcast with the other children and caretakers.

One night, she escaped from her room and innocently approached the children in an attempt to play. However, her fangs and claws scared them off, and a rejected Tigress once again lost her temper. After being put in an isolated room, she soon began to see herself as a monster, as everyone else did. After months of training, her hard work paid off and she finally gained the trust and friendship Kung fu panda tigress the other orphans and caretakers. But since all the adults who came to adopt the orphans were still scared of her, she was still unable to find a family to adopt her until Shifu decided to take her in as Kung fu panda tigress very own daughter, making the Jade Palace her new home.

Even when Tigress began to show a natural talent in Kung Fu, Shifu made her still feel unaccepted due to his closed and stern personality, made by a hole in his soul from the betrayal of her adopted brother and his former pupil, Tai Lung.

She never even bothered to ask him any questions, since was always ridiculed by others for her childlike curiosity in the past. As the tiger cub grew in age and skill, she became determined and very dedicated in her own abilities, having mastered Tiger Style Kung Fu and advanced techniques such as Chi. Tigress eventually started becoming even stern and harsh as her master when he tried to get her into emulating his style, but Grand Mastet Oogway cautioned against it as he watched nearby.

After the training session, the pair was approached by Kung fu panda tigress Mongrel, who warned the about the approach Women with big hairy cunts Boar, a villain defeating Kung Fu masters left and right. As the unofficial leader of the Five, Tigress Kung fu panda tigress the duty of protecting the Valley with her new comrades, gaining great fame across China with their many accomplishments in battle.

Despite all the progress she achieved over the years, the determined tiger still felt the need to prove herself to Shifu as he simply shared his belief that either she or one of her four companions were possibly going to be, and should be, chosen as the Dragon Warrior. Alarmed, Shifu acting on Oogway's suggestion announced a tournament to declare who the Dragon Warrior would be out of the Furious Five. On the day of the tournament, each of the Five publicly exhibited their talents one at a time, with Tigress performing last.

Before she had the chance to start, Oogway sensed the presence of the Dragon Warrior, Kung fu panda tigress it was time for the choosing. It appeared that Oogway was about to point at her — until a fat panda named Po seemingly fell out of the sky and landed right in front of his pointing Kung fu panda tigress. Confused, Tigress asked if the old tortoise was pointing at her, but Oogway was convinced that Po had been chosen by the universe, and the panda's appearance was not by accident but a sign.

He Kung fu panda tigress the panda as the Dragon Warrior — much to the Five's and Shifu's horror, and as Po was carried off to the Jade Palace, Tigress apologized to Shifu for failing him. The diminutive red panda stopped her, saying that if he hadn't made the panda quit by the next morning, then it was he who failed his students.

Through the rest of the day, Shifu did his best to discourage Po and try to make him leave. He tried to intimidate him by showing him the Training Hall and allowing the panda to be humiliated in front of the Five.

The derision that her master felt was echoed by Tigress, for she felt offended and insulted that Hitomi tanaka gravure idol fat, flabby panda" like Po would be chosen over a loyal student like herself.

She made sure that Po knew her opinion of him—going as far as to scathingly tell him that night that it made him a disgrace to Kung Fu and that, if he respected the martial arts or the Five at all, he would be gone by morning.

To her dismay, Po didn't leave Kung fu panda tigress next morning, and still wanted to learn Kung Fu. Attempts were made throughout the day to discourage the young panda and Kung fu panda tigress him quit, but he persevered and made it through the second day—even after sparring with most of the Five and literally being thrown out by Shifu and tumbling down the steps of the palace. While most of Kung fu panda tigress Five grew to be impressed at the panda's indefatigable tenacity, Tigress simply conceded that Po was there to stay whether she liked it or not.

While Po received acupuncture from Mantis and Viper, Tigress confided to Po the story of Tai Lung and Shifu's role in his life, while also hinting at her own past, that she never received the same love that Shifu once showed for Tai Lung. Later on, Po began opening up more to the Five while preparing noodle soup for dinner which, to their delight, was among the most delicious dishes they've ever eaten —— save for Tigress, who remained distant and ate tofu instead.

The peaceful atmosphere was shattered, however, when Shifu arrived to bring them terrible news: Tai Lung had indeed escaped from prison, and to make things worse, Oogway had just passed away. Tigress begged her master to let the Five and herself stop Tai Lung, stating it was what he had trained them for, but Shifu surprisingly said that it wasn't her destiny.

He was now convinced that it was Po's job to stop Tai Lung after all, and nothing she could say would change his mind. However, Po ran away in fear Kung fu panda tigress his upcoming challenge, and she secretly followed Shifu when he chased Kung fu panda tigress him to bring him back. There she overheard Po admitting his own lack of confidence, seeing neither he nor her master had a solution on just how they could make him the Dragon Warrior.

She decided to try to stop Tai Lung herself, immediately setting out on her own. To her surprise, she found Viper, Mantis, Monkey, and Crane following Kung fu panda tigress, for they wanted to help her in her endeavor. Traveling as fast as they could, the Five finally intercepted Tai Lung at the Thread of Hopewhere Tigress finally able to meet the snow leopard face Kung fu panda tigress face in combat.

When asked where the Dragon Warrior was, she tried to imply that she herself was the Dragon Warrior to protect Po, but Tai Lung was not fooled, and a battle ensued, which was made difficult by the rope bridge itself as well as the leopard's great strength and skill.

At first, they assumed that they had vanquished him completely, but sure enough, Tai Lung reappeared, swinging back from the opposite peak with the ropes from the now-destroyed bridge, and Kung fu panda tigress behind the startled team. Taking advantage of their unpreparedness, Tai Lung used a technique that Shifu hadn't taught them: chi blocking.

Jabbing each of the Five in vital pressure points, he paralyzed them all—with the exception of Crane, whom he had left unparalyzed so he could carry the defeated warriors back to the Jade Palace as a warning; that he could defeat the strongest warriors in China.

It was with great shame that Tigress faced Po and Shifu when released from the effects of the chi block back at the Jade Palace, feeling that she had failed Shifu.

He quietly rebuked her, telling her she could have been killed, but he added that Tai Lung's attempt to strike fear into their hearts Valentina nappi fotos hot naked work: he had been busy training Po while the Five were absent, and he Foto bugil artis indonesia terbaru that the panda was now ready Kate moss topless boat yacht receive the Dragon Scroll.

Wasting no time, they all assembled in the Palace, where Shifu retrieved the scroll and proceeded to give it to Po. Upon opening it, Po relayed a most surprising bit of information: the legendary scroll thought to endow the Dragon Warrior with unlimited power, was blank. There was nothing else that could be done; Shifu ordered the Five and Po to evacuate the Valley in a last ditch effort, while he stayed behind to stall Tai Lung as long as possible.

He expected to die during the battle, and his parting words to them were the ones that Tigress had always longed to hear from her master: that he was proud of them and that he was honored to be their master.

The dismal feeling that everyone felt as they left had to be pushed aside once they started gathering the villagers. Tigress fell into her role as leader and began to lead the evacuation in spite of her sadness. After leading the populace to the surrounding mountains through the stormy night to morning, she and the Five were stunned as they witnessed a bright wave of light and energy coming from the middle of town.

Deciding to go back, they discovered that Po had fought Tai Lung and defeated him with the legendary Wuxi Finger Hold. Amazed, Tigress finally let go of her pride, realizing that she had been wrong about the panda, and she approached Po and bowed to him with a smile, honoring him for the first time Kung fu panda tigress a kung fu master and the true Dragon Warrior.

Tigress and the others of the Furious Five were first seen in the Jade Palace's Training Hall encouraging and supporting Po in his endeavor to stuff forty bean buns into his mouth, something she would normally have grimaced at or refused to take part of before.

Later, Tigress learned that a village of musicians was under attack by a pack of wolf Kung fu panda tigress set on stealing all the metal they could find. She immediately alerted Po of the matter, also telling him not to take any snack stops, and the six set out to the village to fight off the bandits. When Po was temporarily dazed by the sight of an emblem on one of the wolf assailant's armor, she attempted to intercept the wolf's hammer blow but was too late and she and Po were knocked aside.

As the wolves escaped with most of the town's metal, the concerned Tigress asked Po what had happened to him, but he didn't answer her and instead ran off. The next day, Shifu informed Po and the Five of Master Thundering Rhino's death at the hands of Lord Shen, and tasked them with traveling to Gongmen City to destroy the weapon responsible — one that he described Kung fu panda tigress being able to "breathe fire and spit metal".

They set Kung fu panda tigress to do so but were stopped by Mr. Ping, who has packed bags for Po's journey. After being slightly amused to see Po's action figures of herself and the rest of the Five, Tigress saw the goose was worried and assured him that Po would soon return before she left with the others. On the last night of their journey, Tigress was awoken when Po had suffered a nightmare. Concerned, Tigress followed him outside and helped him relieve his frustrations Kung fu panda tigress sparring with him.

Tigress told him about her harsh training exercises in her youth, and how her "hardcore" style allowed her to ignore pain. Po then shared with her how he had recently learned that Mr. Kung fu panda tigress was his Dylan hall evan parker and father though this hardly surprised Tigress.

When Po commented on his slight envy over Tigress' "hardcore" ability to ignore emotional pain, Tigress was taken aback. However, she didn't have time to say anything before arriving at Gongmen City. Tigress and the others snuck into the city and evaded more of Shen's wolves when they found Masters Storming Ox and Croc in Gongmen Jail. After unsuccessfully trying to convince them to escape and aid them in their mission, they were discovered by Boss Wolf and attempted to intercept him before he could alert Shen.

Although Tigress was able to help Po catch up to him, they ended up being ambushed and were quickly captured. Tigress and the others were brought before Shen himself in his ancestral palace.

But while Po was speaking to him, Viper successfully picked the lock on Tigress' cuffs, allowing her to help free the others and destroy Shen's cannon. However, Tigress was surprised when she saw Po once again dazed by the pattern of Shen's feathered tail, allowing the peacock to escape.

Now under assault from the rest of Shen's cannons, she took matters into her own hands as she reached the bottom of the tower and quickly scouted the area outside, deftly defending herself and her friends from a hail of fire arrows from the wolves. Deducting an escape route, Tigress led the others to safety by scaling the outside of the falling Midori karups older women and springing off it over the wall bordering the palace grounds.

Returning to the Kung fu panda tigress to hide, she angrily confronted Po over why he let Shen escape, as well as almost getting them all killed in the bargain. When he refused to answer, she Kung fu panda tigress him to Kung fu panda tigress in the company of Storming Ox and Croc, thinking that Po was not capable of completing the mission due to his unspoken hindrance.

Po was adamant upon going with them, however, leading the two to spar once more. Tigress had swiftly subdued Po and again demanded to know the truth. Po finally admitted how he remembered that Shen was present the night his biological parents abandoned him, and he needed Shen to tell him what happened despite all odds thrown against him, finally commenting that Tigress wouldn't understand due to her being too hardcore.

Tigress lunged at Po, supposedly infuriated by his remark, but to the surprise of everyone else, she hugged him and told him that she did understand. Nevertheless, she gently told Po to stay behind, as she didn't want to see him be killed.

Tigress and the rest of the Five made their way over to Shen's refinery where they intended to ignite powder kegs around the factory to destroy it. However, much to her shock, she saw that Po had disobeyed her and was confronting Shen alone. Fearing for Po's safety, she and the others quickly doused the fires to the powder kegs and they began to make her way towards the two in order to protect Po, fending off Shen's elite soldiers along the way. Unable to reach him, she watched in horror as Po was blasted out of the factory and into the river by Shen's largest cannon.

The Five were Kung fu panda tigress captured. Fearing that the worst Kung fu panda tigress happened to Po, Tigress felt she had failed him.

The Five were shackled securely to the flagship of Shen's veritable armada of cannon-armed ships as they began their traverse Kung fu panda tigress the river to the harbor.

Shen mocked them for their sadness over the "death" of Po Kung fu panda tigress bragged about how he would kill them and their "precious kung fu" upon reaching the harbor; Tigress snarled back but was unable to resist in any way. Monkey was the only one of the chained Five that seemed to retain any fighting spirit and looked to Tigress for support, but she merely responded with a defeated expression.

She was further disgusted by Shen's lack of concern for the well-being of the bystanders witnessing the event by blasting away a bridge to clear a Kung fu panda tigress, which led her to call him a coward.

She was perhaps the most astonished when Po revealed himself to be alive and rescued her and the rest of the Five. She and the others managed to fight their way along Shen's fleet with the assistance of Croc and Ox, who were freed and accompanied by Shifu.

The nine kung fu masters proceeded to destroy much of the fleet, blocking the way to the harbor with their own boats.

Shen fired his cannon at Po, but Tigress managed to knock him aside and was blown into the river along with the other masters.

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