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Stories of big Mistresses and other dominant women, who dominate and own men as servitors and servants, even slaves. The suffering of Bbws in the dungeon is sweet.

It had taken years for her to recognize her pleasure in dominance and sadism. Self-discovery swiftly led her to the lifestyle of a Femdom slave owner. Almost as quickly she realized that owning one slave man would never be sufficient. Her play is so rough that a slave man may Bbws in the dungeon a day or two to recuperate. She is pragmatic, not merciful. The outside world would call the death of a slave man murder. Nor does she Bbws in the dungeon to render useless, the men that live to serve her.

At work other women fantasize about boyfriends. This Mistress Owner dreams of what she will do in her dungeon. Her two slaves keep her home immaculate. Both kneel at the door to greet her. An excellent hot meal is ready. Of course neither slave dines with Mistress. They serve as waitrons. Afterwards they clean the kitchen and dining room, then kneel before Mistress Owner.

If she points to her side the slaves sit on the floor, one beside each leg. She may point to their bedroom. Mistress prefers isolation on those nights. The slave men sleep on mats. They are sad to be banished from her presence yet selfishly thankful that she did not point down. Most nights she points at the floor. This is the signal for the slaves to go to the basement dungeon.

She wants to have fun. Her dungeon has many toys. The slave man have built many devices Bbws in the dungeon their own torment. Dommes Seek Men. Weekday dungeon sessions last about two hours. Mistress Owner feels the time passes too quickly. Her slave men experience each instance of agony.

To them the two hours seem like a full day. She keeps her weekends free. Between breakfast and dinner Bbws in the dungeon explores subtle, lingering forms of torment, finding new ways to elicit the tears of men. Jim of Germany. The picture shows a Domme breaking in a new slave man. He is locked in her custom-built punishment platform. For an hour she had beaten him with her long steel cane. Just now, she has milked him. The slave is confused. He thinks she is being kind. The milking will increase his vulnerability to pain.

Mistress Owner begins his second hour of whipping. She feels vigorous. After Bbws in the dungeon of rest, she will give him five separate hour-long whippings today. Over the next few days, he will feel that he is doomed to a lifetime of corporal punishment. True enough but soon he will perform service for his Mistress Owner.

For now he is just a Bbws in the dungeon post. She does not speak to him. Many more whippings will Bbws in the dungeon before she instructs him in protocol and ritual. He is not gagged. She enjoys the audible suffering of men. The wooden barrier allows her to enjoy his screams without being deafened.

Only rarely does she abduct ordinary men. She prefers to snatch successful, egotistical men. These males begin trying to bribe themselves to freedom. Such behavior only makes The Supreme more eager to degrade them. Oddly, she also takes lonely, poor decent men and gives them to soft Mistresses seeking servitors. Their slavery is kinder than the futile freedom they lose. The Supreme has as many as a dozen males in the dungeon. The unmistakable slap of a whip follows pleas for mercy. Some men weep before touched.

Men discover they are not brave. Sometimes her sadism Bbws in the dungeon into profit. Money could not buy greater pleasure. Penetration shames them, wrecks their egos. The Supreme often abducts homophobes. This is not mercy. She cannot sell a man until his trembling stops. Art: Mrs Spanker, used with her permission.

Spanking artwork. Spanking stories. The slaver smiled. She had barely begun his training. He could not understand. He must hurt. There was no way to exclude pain from slave training. Whining will not help you. You are no longer a free man. I own you. You will be sold to a permanent Mistress Owner. When she spoke to him in the bar, he tingled. Her ample beauty was the kind that stirred him the most.

She seemed kindly. He welcomed seduction. Instead of making love, she made him a prisoner. With all her BBW power, the woman twisted arm and locked him in handcuffs. She took him to her brick-walled basement. The room with cell bars shocked him. Assuring him the walls were soundproof, she shut off the lights and left.

The next morning, he pled for release Xnxx madhu sex photo explanation. She told him to shut up. He would starve if he talked. Talk of slave training and auctions confused him. Trapped and helpless, he adjusted to daily whippings. He even became inured to perpetual nakedness. She had never had a more cooperative trainee slave.

The man did as commanded. He never shirked.

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