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It was a particularly hot summer in late '90s: Jody and I had been married for just a few months. We lived in Author bikini iluvmywife wife small rented house together with a few friends, and as it was the middle of the summer break, most had left the college town to spend the time with friends and family.

Jody and I had stayed at the house, along with our housemate Mike. It was a beautiful summer's day, and our small backyard, surrounded by a high fence, made a perfect sunbathing spot for Jody.

On that day she took full advantage of the seclusion by stretching out on a beach towel in one of the tiniest string bikinis I'd ever seen. Her petite body was the perfect mix of athletic and feminine -- her tight abs and long legs were framed by a perfect round ass and full, pert breasts that filled out her polka-dot bikini to bursting point.

As I opened the backdoor into the yard to join her, I tripped over a bottle of baby oil that sat by the wall. She took the bottle out of my hand and lying on her back, Author bikini iluvmywife wife it above her torso; the oil drizzled onto her olive skin, slowly turning a golden brown in the summer sun.

She rubbed the oil onto her abs and then raised each slender leg in turn to give Author bikini iluvmywife wife another coating. I moved in front of her to get a better view, also knowing that if Mike approached the backdoor I would be able to give Jody a signal to cover-up, although I had a feeling that Jody couldn't care less about hiding Author bikini iluvmywife wife body.

She flashed a coy smile Author bikini iluvmywife wife stared deep into my hungry eyes as she worked her oily hands up her half naked body. Her eyes were asking me how far I would let her go with this spectacle outside, but as nobody could see, we both knew this was Author bikini iluvmywife wife game of wait and see.

With a twist of her legs, she moved from her reclining position to kneeling just in front of me, and keeping her eyes fixed on mine, she tugged both strings at the sides of her bikini top. Before I knew it, she had flung the tiny piece of fabric at my face! Her breasts Author bikini iluvmywife wife beautiful in the summer glare, firm and round, browned from the sun, her nipples standing to attention. She held the bottle of baby oil a Author bikini iluvmywife wife above her chest and squeezed a long spray from the bottle, splashing her bare chest.

Dropping Author bikini iluvmywife wife bottle, she pushed herself onto the tips of her toes, flung her head back and moaned Author bikini iluvmywife wife she rubbed the oil into her breasts, both hands squeezing and rubbing her nipples like buds ripening in the afternoon sun.

We were both so engrossed in her show that we didn't hear the back door Author bikini iluvmywife wife. Mike rubbed his eyes in the glare of midday and let out a "Whoa! Thinking that Jody would simply crack a joke and run inside, I Author bikini iluvmywife wife up a nearby towel to offer it to her, but as I stretched out my hand, she swung her hips round, and caught Mike by the belt loop of his pants as he was backing towards the door.

Jody knelt at his feet and rubbed her oily breasts for his Author bikini iluvmywife wife with her right hand while her left hand tugged downwards, looking like it would pull Mike's pants clean off in seconds. She looked back over her beautifully sculpted shoulders at me with her 'naughty girl' pout Xxx chubby girl anal winked, I nodded Author bikini iluvmywife wife and she turned again to Mike and said "Were going to have a little fun!

Jody confessed Author bikini iluvmywife wife she would masturbate while dreaming of fucking two guys at once. I said I'd love to help her make her dream a reality -- little did I know she'd actually go through with it! Now her right hand moved quickly to Mike's zipper and yanked down hard as her left hand unbuttoned his pants.

Mike looked at me with a mixture of bewilderment and amazement, "I think you'd better do as she says," I consented, and he pulled off his shirt as his pants fell to the floor.

Jody started to kiss his penis, half erect already, and quivering with expectation. As she began to kiss Mike's cock, her hand traveled down her bronzed abs to her bikini bottom where her slender fingers slipped under the tiny triangle of polka dots to the soft mound below, she Author bikini iluvmywife wife in pleasure as she found her wetness and gasped as her fingers slipped inside her silky vagina.

Licking his balls, her tongue traveled from the bottom of his shaft, lingering briefly on the tip of his cock, before traveling back down to his balls again -- his penis glittered with her spit and Mike's head lolled backwards with a look of sheer ecstasy. I pulled-off my pants to release my own throbbing cock and stood naked behind her, eagerly pulling Author bikini iluvmywife wife the string of her bikini panties.

I exposed the pink folds of her soaking wet vagina to the midday sun, and her fingers glittered as they danced over the soft flesh. As I knelt beside her, Jody took the slippery hand from her sodden crotch and stroked my cock with glistening fingers.

I pushed two fingers into her pussy, and she responded Author bikini iluvmywife wife pushing back hard, grunting with pleasure. With a cock in each hand and her body glistening from the baby oil, she looked like a sexy nymph, an uninhibited goddess of the summer. By now she was stroking her hand along the full length of Mike's cock, alternating long, firm licks up and down his shaft with frantic sucks of the swollen purple head.

I pushed my own swollen cock into the soft flesh of her cunt and she finally interrupted her sucking to gasp with pleasure. Looking over her shoulder she moaned: "That's what I've been waiting for". Turning back to Mike, she continued to frantically wank his shaft, then commanded him to get on his back. He slowly lowered himself onto the ground, and then when her mouth found his cock again, Jody began sucking his massively Divine bitches femdom whip cock with increased ferocity.

Kneeling behind Jody as she lay atop Mike, I moved my hands around her to squeeze her oiled tits, and she moaned like a wild animal as I slid my grip down her lubricated torso to grasp her hips tightly to increase the strength of my thrusts into her juicy cunt, all the while my cock feeling like it was about to explode. Jody looked over her shoulder into my eyes, she whispered "I'm such a lucky girl, this is the most erotic think I've ever done".

Suddenly, she quickly jerked her body away from my cock, and flashed me a dirty smile. Still grasping Mike's cock, she swung her legs over him, her wet pink pussy inches above his glistening rod. She thrust her wet cunt down upon his prick with all her weight: Jody and Mike let out simultaneous cries of ecstasy. Mike tried his best to stay in control and not shoot his load, but Jody moved faster and faster and came in just a few seconds: "Oh God! Breathing heavily she continued to ride Mike's cock, slower Author bikini iluvmywife wife -- savoring each single stroke as he rubbed her firm, oiled breasts.

I watched from behind as my wife's wet cunt rode the shaft of Author bikini iluvmywife wife man's cock, while he stroked her perfect tits. Grabbing the nearby bottle of baby oil Jody turned around and squirted a load onto her round ass and worked it in with both hands, jiggling her butt in the rhythm of her fucking.

Her hand rubbed her ass from the bottom of her spine down to the base of Mike's cock and back up again several times before slipping a finger into her tight little anus. Pushing her middle finger into her ass as far is it would go; she began jerking it in and out with the rhythm of Mike's cock.

Author bikini iluvmywife wife cock, still glistening from her cunt's wetness was throbbing in expectation, I moved into position over her, and pushed the tip of my cock into the tiny opening of her ass. She gasped with a mixture of pleasure and pain, and for a second she stopped her fluid fucking motion: "Hold it there," she panted as Mike and I both held our breath.

Breathing heavily, she wiped the sweat-soaked hair from her face again and declared, "OK I want you both to fuck me as hard as you can". Feeling the blood rushing to my cock, I grasped her bronzed hips and pounded her tight little ass with all my energy. Mike continued to pound away at her pussy; our hands grasping at her oiled tits. Jody frantically rubbed around her clitoris, "Oh God!

I love both your cocks in me! I'm such Author bikini iluvmywife wife bad little slut! I want you to fill me with your cum! Mike, overwhelmed at this display from Jody was just about to lose it: "Oh God, I'm going to shoot my load! I quickly pulled my erect cock from Jody's ass, and before I could blink she was kneeling again between Mike and me tugging at our erections with both hands as we stood over her.

She spat once again on Mike's penis and rubbed it between her tits, mouthing a sincere "Thank you," to Author bikini iluvmywife wife, and sensing he was about to reach his orgasm, brought up the throbbing cock to her lips just as his creamy load exploded from his swollen penis. Jody caught the first load in her mouth, and her face and Colin odonoghue nu porno received a thick coating of his cum. She licked her lips and took his cock in her mouth to swallow his spunk while the thick semen dribbled down her chin to glisten on her tits.

She turned around to look me in the eyes, Author bikini iluvmywife wife my own enflamed cock all the while, "I love you," she silently mouthed and I came harder than I'd ever imagined, splattering her sun-bronzed face with my thick white seed. Grasping my cock, still slick with oil from her ass, Jody sucked every last drop of cum from my dick, mixing in her mouth with Mike's cum and swallowed mouthful after mouthful.

I picked-up the Author bikini iluvmywife wife again and offered it to my gorgeous wife as Mike collected his clothes, disappearing to share his story with friends. Happy to oblige, I flipped Jody over onto all fours -- she moaned as I flicked my tongue around her engorged cunt and ass. She had been a very bad girl and was eager to be punished. I was happy to oblige. Report Story. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be Boob video washing windshield in any form without explicit Author bikini iluvmywife wife permission.

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