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Do you find it funny or embarrassing when your make someone orgasm and they do a weird face? You seem to have a really negative attitude toward men. It's not healthy to be so judgmental.

No, we aren't all ego freaks. No, it's not about "sexual power" or control. Her expressions give us feedback as to whether what we are doing is pleasurable to her. I don't understand it. What is it about her expression when she's about to cum, or her face while you're pounding her that's so sexy?

I bet we look ridiculous and disheveled and sweaty so what's the catch? That's not even talking about our expression when we cum. So what's the appeal in staring down at her face? I'm Woman face during sex ranting or being rude, I'm just trying to understand cause I feel so self conscious. Share Facebook. Guys, what's the appeal in a girl's face during sex?

Add Opinion. When a person has an orgasm, they will partially lose muscle control. There are jerks and twitches of the legs, arms, and torso. Also, their face goes through some contortions and twisting. These are all signs of the orgasm. The more intense the pleasure, the more severe the muscle twitching.

Knowing that the woman is approaching orgasm is a turn on for a man. Seeing the woman reach climax sends a man's sexual sensations Woman face during sex the roof.

If the man is already well stimulated, seeing her reach a tremendous orgasm may even send the man into climax. Not by itself, White girls big hips and pussy in combination with the stimulation. Disheveled and sweaty? And that is Sexy! Not in the least. We love watching a woman reach climax! Your partner will probably love the way you look if you let yourself go and enjoy it all. He may find it not so sexy if you are worried and are trying to avoid the natural looks.

MrMysteryMan Guru. Unless you find women attractive as well, then you can't possible understand the attraction we have when we see that we are making Woman face during sex woman feel Elena rae cuties galore much pleasure that it almost looks like it hurts that it feels so good.

Also, it's not just the expression on the face. Because if Woman face during sex woman made the same expressions on her face from farting or laughing at something you did that wasn't funny, or when they are sick, we wouldn't get turned on at all, or at least I wouldn't.

It's the whole situation, that fact that we are sexually trying our best to give you as much pleasure as we can, and then to see that we are doing a good job that your facial expressions are uncontrollably changing, and then hearing it in your voice at the same time.

That's such a turn on, because we are making you feel so good. So it's a little more involved than just facial expressions. Ego trip What is it about her expression when she's about to cum, or her face while you're pounding her that's so sexy?

The fact that they are the ones pleasuring her feed their ego and makes it sexy so what's the catch? Male sexual power thing what's the appeal in staring down at her face?

Knowing they are the ones to make her face look like that I feel so self conscious. You should work on that. Woman face during sex yourself go and enjoy it most likely he could care less what you actually look like unless your expressions are really wonky as he's getting sex and your expressions feed his ego.

Never happened but I'd most likely laugh at him. Show All Show Less. Heh Heh! Pixie's ornery this morning! Sign Up Now! Related Questions.

Show All. Have you ever had a girl ride you while kissing your neck? How to be Woman face during sex "bad boy" or "Alpha" and not end up in jail? Girls, what happens after the orgasms? If a wife did all sorts of kinky sex with all her exes and enjoyed it with everyone, but Woman face during sex tries nothing with her husband, then what does it mean?

Sort Girls First Guys First. Looking at her face lets you know how your actions are impacting her. Her face is an indicator. Woman face during sex you pleasuring her, hurting Woman face during sex, or both, are you boring her. When you are giving Woman face during sex pleasure that makes you feel good, if you are hurting her that may make you feel powerful, and that yields sexual pleasure for many men.

I love watching a woman's face during sex because it make me feel like I'm doing something significant. Life kind of stops and you get into the moment. I have a question for you Do you find it funny, a guy's expression during an orgasm, or do you get turned on when a guy is aroused by you? What about it is a turn on to you? Asailum Xper 4. Her moans and cute faces just make me want to pound her harder. MarkMyWords Xper 1. At that moment a woman Mom porn with captions looks more beautiful to a man.

Just enjoy it. Take it as Woman face during sex compliment. Look in his eyes and talk a little dirty to help you through it. I see it as this. Yeah, that right there I did that Wanna do it again? NMMan Yoda. Taster is on the money.

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