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The first rule of anal play is lube, lube, and more lube. Rectums do not produce their own lubricant the Train my butt tgp vaginas do, so if you're going to be sticking anything up your bum you need to grease it up first. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to lube. For anal play many folks myself included prefer lubes which are thicker and have more 'staying power.

Silicone lubricants can Train my butt tgp bond to and ruin your beautiful silicone dildos. The second thing you need to have in abundance when embarking on a journey down the "Hershey Highway" is patience. No matter how thrilling it sounds you probably won't be happy taking large objects in your bum on your first time out or rather, in. Start off small, with things like slimmer plugs, anal beads, and fingers.

But be aware that many people find fingers to be more irritating than larger objects. I don't know why this is; maybe because they're so wiggly? Step the size up gradually, as the external sphincter learns to relax. This is actually where the 'training' comes in, because the third thing you need for really great buttsex is practice.

Don't expect to be ready for vigorous thrusting right away. Heck, don't expect to be ready for anything right away. Start off by just making friends with your anus : touching it, letting your lover touch it, maybe even throwing in a little rimming.

Take things nice and slow; seduce your asshole. It will thank you later. It's quite common in BDSM play for dominants to order their submissives to wear butt plugs. This is actually a pretty good idea Train my butt tgp anybody interested in getting maximum enjoyment from being buggered. By Train my butt tgp using larger and larger toys, and Train my butt tgp them for longer and longer periods, you train the muscles of the external sphincter and anal canal to relax and enjoy!

Plus it's incredibly hot to be, for example, running to the store for a gallon of milk, all the while knowing you have something in your ass.

Start off with 10 or 15 minutes of plugging and of course be prepared to take it out sooner if it hurts. When I talk about taking things slowly I mean taking days, weeks, months, or even years to develop your butt-bangin' potential.

You could experience loads of ass happiness without ever taking a penis in your poop-chute! But if and when you get to the point of anal intercourse it still helps to go Train my butt tgp and use smaller objects like fingers to open up the anus first. One trick I've learned is to slide only the first couple of inches of the top's cock or strap-on, or whatever into the bottom's bottom, then take it out, rest, and repeat.

Completely removing the penetrating object and giving the anus a couple of seconds to chill before sliding back in often seems to convince your bum that whoever's knocking on the backdoor is a friend and it's okay to let them in. I know it sounds silly, but trust me, it works. Tantus, Inc. One thing you don't need to be overly worried about when embarking on an anal adventure is poop. Your body holds feces higher up in the intestines until you're actually ready to "go," so chances are you won't encounter much.

But you should still be cautious about cleaning your toys and fingers, and whatever else you're using, between play sessions. You should also avoid putting anything that's just come from someone's butt into a mouth or vagina, lest you transfer any nasty infection causing bacteria along with it.

If the thought of accidentally touching shit really freaks you out you can always try using enemas as preparation. But that's a subject Train my butt tgp another time. Oh yeah, and one last thing - anything you stick in your butt needs to be easily retrievable. Good anal toys have a flared base or handle for this purpose. A flared base also helps keep toys like butt plugs from going completely inside the body.

You really don't want to have to fish around in there, trying to find a lost objectnow do you? In case it's not obvious, I love Train my butt tgp Hot busty blonde facials hot porn pictures buttfucking!

If you've got questions about Black british girls nude play or other sexy subjects Train my butt tgp free write to me at mistress goddesscherie. How to train your anus. Mistress Erisiana Cherie. May 18, 9 AM. Savage Love: When Train my butt tgp boyfriend gets ignored at a kink party, what to do about foreskin that's too tight, and more.

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