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Gorgeous man. Did he ever have any children? It would have been a shame for that DNA to not get passed on! I found Steve reeves naked nude record or reference to any children I would have been happy to have some Steve reeves naked nude his DNA, though. I can't get enough of his scenes Anita blonde porn star Sylvia Lopez in "Hercules Unchained": two extraordinary human specimens if there ever was.

Thanks for the portrait. Poseidon, do you get a little notice or anything when people post a comment on older topics? I've been slowly working my Steve reeves naked nude through all of your posts and it continues to crack me up how you and I have similar tastes. I love your attention to detail and your research. Thanks for all your work. Thanks much, Topaz, as always.

Yes, I do get e-mails at work M-F whenever anyone comments on a post, no matter how old it is, so it's never too late! I read in an interview that before Steve became a famous he was riding a bus to muscle beach and a child on the bus asked her mother if he was a movie star.

In an Sexy naked girls anime bodybuilding magazine they did an article about a garage in Oakland California that had chalk markings of bodybuilding progress by a teen, Steve was contacted and he said that yes indeed he used to live in the Castlemont neighborhood and lived in the home where the garage had the markings.

Thanks, Lawrence, for posting these Steve reeves naked nude tidbits about Mr. As a man, he was very handsome. No wonder the kid thought he was a star. Congrats for the work on this Splendid Man. Have you ever seen pictures of Steve Reeves naked and full frontal? Daffo30, I don't think Reeves did much if any? Maybe a tad. If I ever saw it, it was a long time ago and I can't recall anything. Somewhere in cyberspace is a grainy shot of him supposedly sunbathing nude at Cannes.

There are also side-view photos of him nude in which Sri lankan porn pics waistline is, literally, like a wasp. Almost uncomfortable to see!! Post a Comment. Tuesday, December 28, Bringing in the Reeves. Here in The Underworld, we love our beefcake. We like our men handsome and fit, but, best of all, naturally attractive.

So, if we were to select a bodybuilder to admire and adore, the choice is more than clear. The divinely beautiful Mister Steve Reeves is the winner by a mile. There is a campy aspect to most old-time body builders. You know… the posing straps, questionable locations for the photos such as a dingy apartment, a seedy studio or a secluded beachscapeoddball accoutrements like sailor hats, six-shooter holsters, togas and the rest… Also, due to the era in which most of these classic photos were taken, there is often big-time Brylcreem hair, a lack of attention to certain grooming and skincare areas and, sometimes, amusing tan lines.

To overcome this test of time and truly stand out even now, one needed to have good old timeless handsomeness and Mr. Reeves had it in spades! Reeves was born Stephen Reeves to a farming family in Glasgow, Montana. His preteen years were spent doing his fair share of the work, which, on a farm, never seems to end.

Bodybuilding was not a very common activity inbut the high school student took an interest in weightlifting and by the age of sixteen and seventeen he was demonstrably larger and more developed than anyone else around. Already, this young man was stopping traffic with his clean good looks, a thick head of wavy hair and an amazing body, a body that looked terrific even in his uniform. Reeves also continued to work on his muscles and developed into a major contender for the titles in local contests.

Pacific Coast. Inhe became Mr. World and placed second in the Mr. Universe competition. In the midst of this, though, a talent scout approached him, telling him that he could probably find work in show business with a look like his. He was invited to New York to train as an actor, using the G.

Bill to pay for it. DeMille, however, felt that with the camera adding fifteen pounds, Reeves was too developed and bulky to appear appealingly onscreen. Audiences were not used to seeing leading men shaped like that, no matter how handsome the face. He ordered Reeves to lose weight, something that was at odds with his routine and lifestyle. Reeves tried, and did lose half Wie schaue ich auf psp pornos weight, but felt bad about it, thinking twice this was inbefore he had achieved all of his goals in the bodybuilding world.

In time, DeMille opted to cast paunchy and decidedly less beautiful Victor Mature instead, leaving Reeves out of a major opportunity. Reeves made a smattering of appearances on TV in unbilled bits or as a novelty item. He also was one of the shipboard Olympians in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. A few years later, he wound up working as a supporting actor in a film directed by the notoriously rotten Ed Wood! Jail Bait had him playing a Steve reeves naked nude detective, not even the main one, but an assistant to Lyle Talbot.

Reeves got on well with Wood, though, not that an association with him was going to lead anywhere significant. Fortunately, something better was on the Steve reeves naked nude When the MGM movie musical Athena was being put together for Esther Williams, the storyline involved a character training bodybuilders to compete in the Mr. Who better to cast in one of the parts than a former Mr.

When Williams Steve reeves naked nude pregnant, the character of Athena went from being a swimmer to a singer and Jane Powell was brought in to do the part, something that disappointed Williams greatly since she had helped conceive of the project and retained a co-writing credit on it.

Debbie Reynolds was also in the film and shared scenes with Steve and another muscleman. Though his character was hardly central to the plot, it was a good showcase for him and his physique. Steve reeves naked nude was certainly a world away from the low-rent filmmaking of Ed Wood and would eventually lead to some significant success in his life, but not right away. This was the Steve reeves naked nude time moviegoers would ever hear Steve Reeves real voice on film.

The remainder of his screen output would come from Italian-made films in which his voice Steve reeves naked nude always dubbed by someone else. He then worked in public relations, opening fitness clubs while showing off his physique. Also, he was married for a year and a half during this period. The marriage was kaput before he went to Italy to begin filming.

As the hero, he partook in many daring deeds and showed off that astonishing figure in some abbreviated costumes. Finally, after two years, p roducer Joseph E. It was a rip-snorting success, making forty Steve reeves naked nude dollars. In spite of the fact that it had rotten sound and Steve reeves naked nude vocal dubbing, fans flocked to see scantily clad Reeves beating down countless enemies.

In the days before home video, the Hercules films would be re-released to theaters periodically, allowing Levine to continue to make money off his meager initial investment.

It kicked off a major trend in Italian filmmaking, the sword and sandal epic. Between andone hundred seventy films of this type were made there!

Reeves would always be associated with the part of Steve reeves naked nude though he only made two Steve reeves naked nude as the character. A third was offered to him, but he declined, wishing to pursue different ideas and roles. Not all that different, however, since most roles for a muscleman fit neatly into a certain range without the leeway that later stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone enjoyed.

Due to the lag time between filming Hercules and its U. God knows he would have made a stunning Superman! In it, he Steve reeves naked nude an ancient Olympic champion who leads a horde of men into battle. No costar, Steve reeves naked nude, was ever as good-looking or as fit as Steve, himself. His thick mop of dark, wavy hair, his chiseled features and his crystalline blue eyes gave him the appearance of an ancient god come to life on Earth.

Helen might have been the woman who launched a thousand ships, but Steve was the man who launched a hundred thousand fantasies! The Giant of Marathon is, intentionally or not, loaded down with homoeroticism. These films had sun, sand, sweat and sinew in abundance and, like Tarzan, gave little boys of a certain persuasion the right to gaze and gawk away at the screen without arousing suspicion.

Now steadily working on a treadmill of gladiator and hero type movies, Reeves worked for director Sergio Leone in The Last Days of Pompeii. This time, he costarred with noted Spanish actor Fernando Rey and German Steve reeves naked nude Christine Kaufmann, who would later become pregnant by and eventually marry Tony Curtis.

During PompeiiReeves Steve reeves naked nude involved in a debilitating chariot accident when the vehicle Steve reeves naked nude a tree. His shoulder was horribly affected and, though he thought it was on the mend, it was severely re-injured later in a swimming scene. This ailment would plague him for the rest of his movie career. Years afterwards, he had successful surgery to repair it. Fully aware of the marquee value, Joseph E.

This time as Steve reeves naked nude swashbuckler, Reeves had more clothing on than usual, but remained gloriously handsome and breathtakingly fit. He had to sue to Steve reeves naked nude the money owed him and there was bickering over whose name should be the largest in the advertising with Steve winning out on that score. Do note in the shot below that he is depicting one of my favorite classic action costuming issues, the shirt torn open at Steve reeves naked nude nipple!

After only Steve reeves naked nude success in America, Barrymore had moved to Europe where his name would be a draw and where money was being paid for actors who might only be moderately successful at home.

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