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I remember the year was the war was raging in Vietnam and in my small north east town there Old woman young boy taboo many women living alone and some were even recent widows. I was just out of school and had turned eighteen. My father was off in the Army but he was not over seas as he was not fit or healthy enough to fight but he was a good aircraft mechanic so Old woman young boy taboo an instructor teaching young men how to repair Old woman young boy taboo. He was down south in Mississippi some place along the coast.

Mom got a check every month and we seemed to get by but I wanted Old woman young boy taboo used car and there was not enough money for this so I went to work mowing lawns to earn the money for my car. We lived down the hill from the more expensive homes the ones that could afford to pay for a lawn boy.

So I went up the hill past Main Street then started going from door to door looking for work. It did not take long before I had seven people that wanted my services. Four were women with husbands in the service and two older ladies with elderly husbands and one recent widow.

The widow was only forty five yeas old or so I heard from the gossip trail. One of the older ladies was a tall hawk nosed not too good looking lady that loved to talk about her neighbors. She would be my first customer. I had it worked out so I would mow three lawns one week and four the next. I also said I would work cleaning out basements and garages as well as making minor repairs. My first lawn was on Monday morning for Mrs.

The hawk nosed lady that loved to talk about her neighbors. She was a wife of the town's oldest druggist. He was in his seventies had been an invalid for about two years. Old woman young boy taboo was sixty four and got around very well for an older lady.

I think she worked Old woman young boy taboo and stayed very active. I was about to fine out just how well this older lady did a lot of things. I showed up about eight o'clock and there was dew on the grass so while I waited for the grass to dry up some I got the mower out of the garage and moved the lawn chairs out of the way.

King came out and asked if I had eaten breakfast yet. I said "no; as my Mom was still in bed when I left. Or why else would a body be in bed this late. I knew right away I had said the wrong thing or had just said too much.

It was more than this old busy buddy needed to know. But I told her Mom was Old woman young boy taboo sick but had been up late writing to Dad. But that was a pretty lame excuse. But Old woman young boy taboo would have to do for now. She motioned me to come in and sat me at the kitchen table.

Now I was just eighteen but I knew a little bit about sex and girls but nothing Old woman young boy taboo older women. I sat there while Mrs.

King cooked up some eggs and bacon along with toast. She had her back to me but I watched her move around as she chattered on about hard times and the war. I watched her hips dance around under this thin cotton dress. I thought she might be naked under that dark blue dress with little white dots on it. When she turned to push the toast down I noticed her breast swinging making the material of her dress show the nipples very plainly. It was funny at first me watching this tall old lady and feeling myself getting a hard-on because of it.

I had never felt this way before Marcy d arcy nude I did not know how to react. Sure I had gotten hard-ons before thousands of times when I watched young girls down at the swimming hole. But this was different I was thinking I wanted to see his old lady naked.

I wanted to see her breasts and even her ass. My cock was getting so hard it was beginning to hurt. Wow; this Old woman young boy taboo really something new and very strange. She told me to go down the hall and wash up as breakfast was about ready.

I found the bathroom and had to take a leak first. I stood there pissing and playing with the hardest hard-on I had ever had. It felt good to slowly jerk off, but not really jerking off as I was not trying Old woman young boy taboo cum. But I was stroking my young hard cock and thinking of that skinny old lady out in the kitchen. I was getting hot and thought I better stop before I do cum all over the bathroom. I turned to the sink to wash my hands when I saw I had not closed the door all the way.

I also saw a bit of dark blue dress with white dots between the door casing and the hinged edge of the door. The old lady was watching me.

I almost laughed out load but thought I may as well give her something to talk about with her lady friends. I dropped my pants and went about fixing my hard-on in my underwear. I Candydol piona p nude my shorts to around my knees and started to play with myself again.

I took my time and slowly worked the foreskin out over the head of my cock covering it and then Ben and gwen porn it back allowing the head to pop out again.

I said out load "Darn I wish Mrs. King could see me now. I pulled up my shorts tucking my cock away and then my jeans. I opened the door and she was just turning the corner back into the kitchen. I am not a shay guy and I have never been one to hold back if I could have a little fun. But I was not prepared for what Mora spa salong sex escort next.

King sat a plate in front Old woman young boy taboo me and then accidentally spilled a glass of mile in my lap. I jumped up knocking the kitchen chair back as the milk ran down the front of my jeans.

King grabbed a dish towel and bending down in front of me she started wiping the crotch of my jeans. First with the towel and then with both hands she felt, caressed and massaged my rock hard cock. I watched in wide eye amazement as she deliberately open my zipper, undid my belt and pulled my jeans down around my ankles. She never looked up at me she just grabbed my hard-on and freed if from my shorts.

Holding my cock in both hands she said "My God Jake you're longer, stronger and bigger around than my husband. This tall skinny older lady was giving me my first blow job.

I was startled and Old woman young boy taboo excited but some how managed to hold Old woman young boy taboo from exploding in her mouth for about five minutes. She worked her mouth back and forth on my cock sucking nearly all of it back into Old woman young boy taboo throat.

She knew I was about to cum and when I started she held my cock with her mouth sucking every drop of cum from me. Not a single drop escaped from her tightly closed mouth.

She sucked me dry. I cum for a full minute and then it slowed to a dribble. King let my cock skip from her mouth. I was not soft like after I jerk off. No: not at all I was still hard as a rock.

She rocked back on her heels and looked up at me for the first time. She asked "Jake have you ever had sex with a women? Old woman young boy taboo you ever put this wonderful cock into a girl? Have you ever made love? But this was a lie. I had pushed it in Mary Richards tight little hole once in Sunday school. We were alone in the back of the church after services Old woman young boy taboo we got to fooling around and she asked me to shove it up inside her.

She said she had seen her older sister get it that way and she thought it looked like fun. I got it about half way in when she said it hurt so I stopped. King tugged at Old woman young boy taboo and telling me to follow her to her bedroom. She did not sleep with her husband. I followed and she pulled her dress over her head as we entered the bedroom. I saw her ass and thought what a great ass. What a beautiful ass. What a marvelous ass for an old lady. I was fascinated by it.

I guess I was an ass man after all. Her ass was firm for an old lady.

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