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To let you know, this story will be with woman in Naruto's family, very close to his family, or someone he finds attractive and has a connection with. The raven haired MIFL beauty with the body, curves, and tits that rivaled her best-friends, Kushina Uzumaki, stood in front of the sink washing dishes. She was not really concentrating at the moment thought.

Right now her mind was recounting the memory of her best-friend and said best-friends son fucking in Kushina's office. A fully week had passed and the mother could not get over the fact of Naruto's size going in and out of Kushina in such a brutal manner Mikoto and kushina hot sex it did.

She never knew a man could fuck as hard as Naruto and if Kushina's expression was anything to go by, he was an excellent lover. She had masturbated all this week, imagining herself in Kushina's position.

Oh how she wished that young blonde stud would fuck her with such passion. Plastering a smile, she turned to look at her beautiful daughter. She was growing into a fine woman that resembled her. Satsuki had raven hair that was tied in a low ponytail, with bangs framing her heart-shaped face. The girl had a E-cup chest that was very impressive seeing as Mikoto and kushina hot sex was only seventeen.

Her body had Mikoto and kushina hot sex curves of a woman in her prime and toned legs from years of physical things she has done through her life.

Seeing her daughter made her shake off the lust of Naruto. Satsuki also had a crush on Naruto since the day she meet Mikoto and kushina hot sex and she couldn't think of her daughter's crush like this. Even if he was fucking Kushina, she wouldn't discourage the growing woman and her ideas of Naruto.

Mikoto could Mikoto and kushina hot sex tell her eldest daughter, Izumi, liked the little blonde as well. Even Naruto's sister, Naruko, has sent the boy hints that she liked him more than a sister.

Mikoto and kushina hot sex was a common thing among their family to fuck one another so no one really cared. What is it? Coughing into her fist, she regained her posture. Mikoto was in distress at the moment. The object of her many fantasies was coming over to see her daughter and she was unsure if she could control her building lust.

I'll set a plate for him at dinner. The teenager smiled at her mother. He'll be over in an hour. She had to make sure she looked good for her crush.

Naruto was walking home from school with a small smile on his face. His mother was not Sex and hot sleeping xxx school Mikoto and kushina hot sex he was kind of sad that he couldn't have sex with her in the office.

They had been fucking like animals since last week and he was hoping to get some during school. No place in their house went unused in their animalistic sessions. Now walking home, he couldn't wait to release this massive erection that was trying to break out of his pants. The boy smiled a little when he passed the picture of his sister and him a few months ago, before she went to college.

She stood at 5'6, just an inch above their Kaa-chan, with long blonde hair tied in twin-tails that reached her plump soft rump and bright blue eyes. Naruko was wearing a pink blouse that strained against her F-cup chest. She was holding onto him with a smile and blush, something Naruto reciprocated in the picture. Naruto loved his sister just like he loved his mom. After he and his mother had Redhead pussy close up, he thought Mikoto and kushina hot sex doing that with Naruko would not be taboo since fucking his mother would be seen as wrong.

A blush formed on his face when he thought of his busty mother and busty sister using their tits to get him off. Mikoto and kushina hot sex would have continued his perverted thoughts if his Sexy alien girls porn didn't pick up the distinct humming Mikoto and kushina hot sex Kushina coming from the kitchen.

Curious, setting the picture down, the blonde walked in the clean kitchen to see a sight that made his arousal and blush skyrocket. The red-head was currently bent over the kitchen table with a washcloth, humming a tune to herself. She was wearing tight yoga pants that showed off her bountiful rear end and a shirt that was Busty mature evening gown size too small, showing off her giant jugs that swayed back and forth when she moved.

Her hips shook almost hypnotically. Kushina smiled happily to herself. This was one of her plans to get her son ready and willing for a good fucking. She made sure that she scheduled an appointment so she would not be in school today just so she could tease her loving son. If the erection he was sporting told her anything, her plan succeeded.

With a Mikoto and kushina hot sex smile, she turned glanced to her son. The sound of her voice alone caused him to growl lightly. Seeing his mother in such attire got him really hot under the collar and he was just barely holding in his lust at the moment. Legs now spread, she showed her son that her pants were soaked with her arousal. Not a second later, Naruto had pounced his mother with the ferocity of an animal.

Pinning her to the table, he forced his tongue down her throat. Giving into his lover, he lined himself up before plunging all the way in with one thrust. He grunted as her tight walls instantly clamped down on his ramming member. The woman could only ride along with Naruto's dominating thrusts that continued to send shocks up and down her spine. She will never get over how good he made her feel. Fuck me you dirty mother fucker! Cover this table and me in white! Her dirty talk made him want to hear even more of her Mikoto and kushina hot sex demands.

The two continued to fuck for hours. At one point in their endless rutting, Naruto had taken his mother up to her room and banged her so hard her face was set in a perfect 'fucked stupid' expression. Kushina could barely breathe at the moment her son finished shooting his tenth load deep into her snatch.

She had lost count on how much she came after the fifth earth-shattering orgasm. Drool rolled down her lovely lips as she felt her son's body press against hers. Huffing in exhaustion, he sat next to his naked mother with a soft smile. Mother and son's bodies were caked in sweat and must with their combined scent flowing in the air. You fucked me so good. Naruto had to bite the inside of his lips to not give into the desire to take her again.

We have a project to finish up. I think it might take all night. Sorry about this. Pouting once more, Kushina was sad at the fact her son had to leave and not give her another ride. Mikoto and kushina hot sex, knowing that school came before pleasure, she nodded reluctantly. But I expect you to fuck me extra good tomorrow, dattebayo. Chuckling, thinking his mother was so cute, he gave her a lingering kiss. A devious smirk then graced her lips when she remembered something very interesting.

Kushina was not blind, she had seen the way her best-friend eyed her son like a piece of meat. She couldn't blame her as Mikoto and kushina hot sex has done the same thing. An even more devious and erotic smirk graced her lips when she remembered the blooming woman that was Mikoto's daughter and her own love for her son.

Satsuki was looking herself over in the mirror of her bedroom. She had to make sure she looked sexy enough to finally make that stupid blonde notice her. Satsuki loved him from the moment she laid eyes on him.

Her love grew over time and as she hit puberty, she began to have wet dreams of her getting fucked by her blonde love. Mikoto and kushina hot sex was bent over a school table, getting fucked in her tight cunt by Naruto.

Shaking the steamy thought away, she looked at herself. A smirk soon appeared. She wore a black tank-top that hugged her large chest, giving him a view of her cleavage. The tight jeans she wore made her already juicy ass more appealing. If she knew Naruto, though, it was that he liked looking at tits. Satsuki gained a little tick-mark as she remembered him looking at her mother one time. Shaking it off, she talked her confidence up. This time I'll make the blonde idiot notice me!

He'll see how much I love him. Just across the hall, Mikoto was sitting in her room with a thoughtful look. She was getting hotter with every thought that Naruto was coming over. My daughter loves him! I can't think of him anymore!

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