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It has caused quite a stir, with many people, including Mcdonald s sample budget finances experts, calling it unrealistic. Some states set their own minimum wages, which can be seen in this chart. Increasing the minimum wage has seen some political support recently. Their bill also proposes automatic annual raises linked to changes in the cost of living. An aide to Senator Harkin said that the wage escalations will be made in three steps to give businesses time to work the higher wages into their planning.

She also said that businesses have actually told Senator Harkin that indexing the minimum wage to the cost of living would help them, because the hikes would be consistent and small instead of large and irregular. For instance, the current minimum wage was instituted four years ago and has not changed since then. The aide also said that Senator Harkin proposed this legislation because the minimum wage has not kept pace with its historical peak value, reached in An analysis by EPI also shows that though the minimum wage was once enough to lift a single parent out of poverty, that is no longer the case, as seen in this chart.

The minimum wage has failed to keep up with the economy in another way since "Since then, the economy has doubled its productivity, so each worker is now producing twice as much per hour of work, and low-wage workers now have far more education than they did Mcdonald s sample budget years ago," Mishel says.

The Harkin-Miller bill has had two committee hearings, but its next step could take several directions and remains to be seen. While one of the common stereotypes of a fast-food worker is that of a high school student, the number of workers making at or below minimum wage is almost equally split Mcdonald s sample budget those aged 16 to 24 EPI says that EPI says the wider economy would benefit from a minimum-wage raise and create jobs Mcdonald s sample budget it would put more spending money in the pockets of low- and middle-income workers.

Check out this EPI calculator to see the general cost of living in various geographic areas Mcdonald s sample budget the country. The video below shows demonstrations from April and May in which thousands of fast-food workers in seven cities went on strike to protest the fact that they have to depend on public assistance while their employers make record profits. Their conclusion? Laura Mcdonald s sample budget. Read More.

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