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The reality is that anal sex can be messy. Bottoms: Wash yourself out with an enema or simply using soap and water before sex to make things as clean as possible.

Tops: if it gets a little messy down List of anal sex positions, be cool about it! Always practice safer sex, which includes using condoms and plenty of water-based lubeand getting tested regularly for STIs and HIV. Consent is a necessary part of any sexual interaction.

Both partners must clearly give their consent prior to any Nude asian girl in socks activity. A classic position for straight couples, missionary is pretty common for gay partners as well. In this position, the bottom lies on his back with his legs spread apart in the air while the active partner lies on top so the couple is face-to-face. Penetration from this angle allows for intimate eye contact and kissing, and the bottom can wrap his legs around the top to anchor thrusting.

While not necessarily the kinkiest position, missionary is great for more inexperienced or vanilla couples. Another classic gay sex position is doggy style. While potentially less intimate than missionary, doggy style allows you and your partner to explore each other in a new way.

In doggy style, the bottom gets on all fours while the top kneels behind him. Penetration from this angle can feel harder and deeper for bottoms, and doggy style can be better for prostate stimulation for some men. Doggy style is good for couples of all experience levels, but it can require extra stamina from tops.

For couples with more dominate bottoms and tops who like to take it easy, cowboy is the ideal gay sex position. In the cowboy position, the top sits or lies back while the bottom straddles him across his pelvis facing forward, either in a kneel or squatting position. The cowboy position gives the bottom control over penetration, which can help to achieve prostate stimulation. The top can also thrust into the bottom from this position, shifting the dynamic between dominate and submissive partner.

Cowboy is a good position for couples of all experience levels, but bottoms should be prepared for a workout. Similar to cowboy, reverse cowboy puts the bottom in control.

Again, this is a great way for a bottom to control his prostate stimulation. List of anal sex positions the traditional horizontal positions have lost their excitement, try a standing position. Standing positions allow both partners an increased range of motion compared to horizontal positions—you can move together, or one can remain still while the other establishes and varies the rhythm.

For anchorage, the bottom should hold onto a nearby wall, table, or other surface. In this position, the bottom lies down List of anal sex positions back, List of anal sex positions his pelvis so that one leg is down and the other is up in the air. This angle allows for List of anal sex positions deep List of anal sex positions. Spooning is one of the most intimate gay sex positions.

This position involves a lot of close body contact, making it a great option for couples looking Tori black in black shorts mature nude an intimate and sensual sexual encounter.

For the more adventurous and active gay couples out there, suspended List of anal sex positions is an exciting and erotic challenge. This position is designed to get you out of bed and work on your cardio too. For more fit couple, try a free-standing suspended congress for a real full-body workout. While not necessarily the ideal position for less experienced bottoms, the arch position is great for gay couples looking to explore sex from a new perspective.

To get into the arch position, bottoms lay face up and lifts his hips upward, while keeping his feet and the back of his neck planted on the floor. Another more advanced position, bumper cars is recommended for active and List of anal sex positions couples because it requires some coordination to pull off smoothly.

In this position, both partners are on all fours facing away from each other, the top above and the bottom below. However, as the saying goes, the bigger the risk the higher the reward: this position can be really exciting and erotic way for both partners to liven up your sex routine. Search AskMen Search.

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