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Nassau is a small, well-developed, Caribbean town. Bahamian girls are upgraded Jamaicans. They have cuter accents and are very approachable. While a lot of them are still overweight, you find a lot more cuties and mixed raced stunners. Bahamian girls also like foreigners… a lot! Local guys are players who lust after tourists, and Over time, the girls have become the exact same. I literally had to street spam women to get my flag.

At one stage, I invited 5 girls out on the same date, and only one came through. The lesson here is always try and go for the bang the first Hot woman pickup in the bahamas. Another piece of advice: local girls are very reluctant to make out with you early in the approach.

Everybody knows everybody, so discretion is important. Bouncing to Hot woman pickup in the bahamas spot is a good option. It depends on the night. This is actually where I picked up my flag. Fridays are shit, but Saturdays attract the biggest crowd in all of Nassau. Just pre-drink beforehand. In the center, the best to party on weekends was Club Bambu.

Hit up the Fish Fry for some good grub. You might also want to take a water taxi and explore Paradise Island. There is also plenty of weed around. They will rip you off, however. The Bahamas thread. Jamaica is even a bit more diverse and as a result has some exotic mix of girls with interesting features.

However, while the two countries may par on looks, I say Bahamian girls are upgraded because they are far friendlier and sweet. Anonymous Caymanian, he was giving an opinion! I would never go back to Jamaica either; total waste of time. I would rather go visit family in Colombia or panama instead. The Bahamas is, in my experience, like the Nomad said; hotter women but still flaky. I would rather do the DR for the Caribbean because there is more variety and less tourists.

Overall, the Caribbean is not my bag, but it can be fun with the right people. Atlanta, GA this is the up Hot woman pickup in the bahamas coming black man in Americas city- Buckhead Midtown are the white night life areas but dude I went to school in ATL and there are some cock hardening mega tit black chicks there. I gotta mention Los Angeles southern California is my favorite place in America- East Side and inland Empire are hot Mexican central, Pasadena Burbank and Glendale has variety, Malibu is rich bitch central for your sugar momma game, and Orange County is blonde suburbia- lot of talent there too- the beaches in OC are awesome-lots of hipster girls and ethnicities in Huntington Beach.

What is the easiest country in the english caribbean to pick up? I was just in barbados and I had a similar experience NN had. I got lots of numbers, never got so many numbers in my life and never met women so approachable but Hot woman pickup in the bahamas was only able to close one girl and she lived most of her life in the US, she is a special case.

The local guys were telling me that bajan girls are the toughest in the caribbean to crack. I was on a cruise and they stopped there for a Tuesday. Took a sea tour when I arrived saw all the nice houses on paradise Island and then Hot woman pickup in the bahamas we got back went and took a visit to paradise Island. However the best part of paradise island was the mall. You could buy designer stuff for slighter cheaper than in US and tax free.

After that made it back to the main area and had about 5 hours left before had to be back on cruise. Not that many on the streets. Went to the beach, it left something to be desired. Mainly Hot woman pickup in the bahamas running around. I did get the chance to make it to the fish fry. First bought drinks and made friends with these two older local guys they even ended up giving me a ride back to the ship After drinking for a while we went into this restaurant first I Hot woman pickup in the bahamas the name of it and the food was great.

I even got the phone number of the hostess and a hug from her as I left. Overall I enjoyed my day, wish I could of spent the night or came on a weekend to see how it really is, but there is always next time.

Also I agree you can find some pretty girls and they are very approachable. Name required. Email will not be published required. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. A main street in downtown. Anastagia Pierre. Hot woman pickup in the bahamas Fry.

City Guide: Havana, Cuba. Travel Story Contest! JJ Roberts December 16, at pm. Hot woman pickup in the bahamas, I remember Waterloo club. Picked up a seriously cute american girl there when I was Otherwise though, the report reminds me of why I did not want Hot woman pickup in the bahamas go back there. Grand Bahama island is worth checking out if you have time.

Naughty Nomad December 29, at pm. Are you Jamaican? Naughty Nomad December 30, at pm. I agree that the top tier Jamaican girls are world class. Pepe August 18, at am. Joe December 29, at pm. Ps- how old are you? I am looking to hit up Jamaica next, sure the girls there must be easier than barbados, no? Any info on this will be appreciated. Naughty Nomad. Sam the Man June 17, at am. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website.

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