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Here you can find new or reproduction parts for your old telephone. New parts are. If you are looking for a part that you. This is just a small sample of the telephone parts we have on hand.

We will get back with you as soon as we can. We have a large assortment of both old and new parts. We can also repair. We have a machine shop to handle all of your. After collecting telephones for almost 20 years. I do seem to end up with some extra parts. Here Hhow to vintage phone adapter a few other pages with telephone parts.

The Following links are to pages with old parts! Wood Wall Telephone Parts Candle Stick desk phone Parts Black desk phone parts 20's - 50's Collector phone parts of the 50's's Payphone parts Phone booth parts Switchboard parts Miscellaneous parts and stuff Free Dial centers for your old dial phones! Hhow to vintage phone adapter here! Old ones! Country Junction Telephone parts!

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions Hhow to vintage phone adapter I might answer. Old receivers or Mouthpieces. Don't throw them away! Hhow to vintage phone adapter will Hhow to vintage phone adapter you credit or will pay you for these pieces. If you have any spare Hhow to vintage phone adapter I would like to buy them too!

I will email you back a bill and you may pay with a postal money order. Hhow to vintage phone adapter Charge for shipping. Anything over 10 lbs. No refunds or returns on any old or new telephone parts! No refunds on miss ordered telephone parts. Send a picture and I will make sure! For old Mouthpieces click on the type phone you have above! For new mouthpieces order HERE! If you do not see the make that you need please email! They were wrapped up in tissue paper when I opened the boxes.

Take a look for yourself. Courtesy Coin box for your candlestick telephone. These were added in offices and places where the public might have access to a candle stick phone. This was trying to encourage people to help pay for the calls. There are no keys!

I can trace around the one I have and you cut one out yourself. Here is a picture of the key. Print Hhow to vintage phone adapter picture as a 3. Late model crank telephone magneto. These put. Great for. These will generate. Email me and I will add it to your bill. The same Mag above With a crank! Order Here! Crank can not be ordered separately! Order off the Mag page here! For more old magnetos and information about them! If you think you want a larger Mag I have 3,4 and 5 bar Mags for sale.

Email the make of phone you need one for and I will make sure I have one for your phone. If you are interested in old telephone magnetos look here! Old Telephone Magnetos. This is a reproduction phony Receiver shell. Use this to replace your old cracked or broken receiver. Have a phone with out a magneto but still want the look of having a crank?

Here is a dummy crank holder. Just add your crank and a screw to hold it in and you are set to go. Stromberg Carlson Brass bottom receiver handles. Order both below and save! Leich Electric receiver shell. These are replacement shells. When I received these they were wrapped up in old looking tissue paper but I think they are new.

Anyway they look good and work great. Add the cap to the left and order below the cap! Replacement Receiver! No magnet is needed to give this receiver weight. This is the flat Hhow to vintage phone adapter disk that goes under the cap on a old bi polar receiver. These were still wrapped up when I got them. Some are wrapped and some are not, now. All are Fall asleep with penis inside girl wire and will work on most Hhow to vintage phone adapter hard wired handsets.

These cords are 12' long with modular ends. To be used from the phone to the handset. New still in the original package. These are old and Used and maybe a little dirty but are still useable. Very hard to find this nice the thick! Black cloth over plastic modular cord for your converted old telephones. Modular plug on one end and spades on the other end. This is just like the original and was made by one of the largest cord makers.

Original Old Western Electric Receiver cords. Unused with NO paper tag! All I have left have loops on the ends of the cords and the paper tags are gone.

Or have a smeller tag. Still Original old cords that were never used. Use this adapter to plug your old phone in the wall. I only have a few left! Radio shack no longer carries these. New just in the last of the line cord adapters to modular. Amp retainers. Use these to fix your old cords. New Unused! Email your order here! Old Stromberg Carlson Receiver. Marked on the top and the cap complete with magnets and diaphragm.

Universal You make it fit! Western Electric switch hook for the receiver. Order Old telephone replacement shelves. These are make of quarter sawn white oak. They are prefect copies of the originals.

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