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Anytime bodily fluids are coming out of someone, it's uncomfortable. Blood coming out from the mysterious nether regions is particularly unsettling, and to many, men and women, a little gross.

For most women periods take up three to five days each month for around four decades. That adds up, so women and their partners are Girl on her period while having sex guaranteed to want to have sex at some point during that time. There is nothing wrong with having sex while a woman is on her period, but there are some details about this situation you and she might want to know first. Tami Serene Rowen, assistant professor at UCSF's department of obstetrics, in the division of gynecology helped us Girl on her period while having sex over everything you wanted to know — but were too embarrassed to ask — about having sex during that time of the month.

The Basic Biology Sex ed. A period marks the end of the body's monthly attempt to get pregnant. Awaiting a fertilized egg, the uterus developed a thickened lining to keep this potential occupant happy. If an egg doesn't get fertilized, the body can't sustain this special womb, so hormone levels drop and the lining is shed.

What it Feels Like Women may already be in a considerable amount of pain during their period, so sex may seem like it would add to that. The short answer is: it shouldn't. In other words, if she does experience pain, it's not likely from the combination of sex and her period, but pain that would have resulted from either of those two situations anyway. But they should be cautious about those anyway during sex because exchange of potentially infectious fluid, including blood, is always a possibility.

Things like gonorrhea or Girl on her period while having sex are not going to be more likely to be transmitted during the period. Sex and Cramping There is some debate over whether sex increases or decreases cramping.

Rowen says the answer is Girl on her period while having sex. Oral sex is a different story. The Blood Women can vary widely in how much blood comes out of them during their period, but it's generally not that much. What the Blood Should and Shouldn't Look Like If you want to be a stellar partner, take note of any blood you do see because there is a difference between period blood and other bleeding that could be problematic.

Period blood, because it's been in the uterus a while and includes other tissue cells, is generally dark and thick and may be clotted. Period blood doesn't generally look like the blood you'd see from a cut. You can absolutely get a woman pregnant if you have sex with her on her period.

While the period is the least likely time for a woman to get pregnant because the egg is gonesperm could wait for the next egg to be released. Sperm can stay in a woman's body for seven days. So if a woman has a short cycle and you have sex with her near the end of it, she can become pregnant. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube! More Videos. Molecular Hydrogen: Fad or Phenomenon?

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