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Hope you guys love it! If you're offended by this pairing, don't read it. Anna groaned as she awoke from her deep slumber. The princess's ginger hair was a Elsa x anna sex mess, resembling a Sandra orlow porn teen mop.

She yawned and looked around her messy Elsa x anna sex. Her calendar hung precariously from a shelf, held only by a stuffed toy she loved from her childhood. Something in her mind was telling her that today's supposed to be important.

She glared at the calendar, trying to extract an answer out of the paper. Her eyes widen. Rosalina and peach porn forgotten to buy Elsa a gift! Elsa x anna sex scrambled out her bed, almost tripping over the bed sheets as she tried to fix herself. Elsa had left to visit the neighboring kingdom of Adenia for a diplomatic mission a month ago. Her sister had promised her that she'll return just in time for Christmas.

She berated herself as she puts on fresh clothing. Elsa never forgets to give you presents! Bad Anna! Anna didn't care if her socks were mismatched or even if her hair was fixed or not.

She had to get Elsa a gift pronto! The princess rushed out of her room and ran down the halls. She rounded a corner and was knocked flat on her rear by her favorite servant, Kai. Anna went around him to continue her run when he called out from behind her. Intruth, she had been staying up late for the past few weeks fantasizing about Elsa. She'd desperately missed her sister's touches and the way her body felt.

It might have been slowly wearing her out, but she couldn't help it. After Anna was done with her bath, she headed to the dining hall to eat lunch.

She found Kai and Gerda eating lunch together at the Elsa x anna sex, and she couldn't help but smile at them. Her plate of warm meat was waiting for her already.

Anna smiled at her and greeted them as she sat down at her seat. The scent of smoked ham drifted up her nostrils, and her stomach growled even louder. The princess immediately attacks her plate, wolfing down the ham and vegetables.

She didn't really care much for manners since she was a child. Elsa was the one that ate like a Queen since the day she was born. The two servants smile warmly at the hungry princess, enjoying the cute scene.

After a few minutes, Kai cleared his throat to get Anna's attention. Anna looked up, her cheeks bulging with food. Swallowing her food, Anna laughed nervously. I said I getting Elsa x anna sex something. Anna left it at that and resumed her lunch. Various gift ideas ran through her mind as she tried thinking of a good present. A snow globe? Elsa could make a thousand perfect snow globes with a wave of her hand. A doll?

No, she's too old for that. Hmm, how about chocolate? Of course! The only person that loves chocolate as much as me is Elsa! Annasets her fork and knife down Elsa x anna sex her now empty plate. There was a huge grin on her face. Anna slammed her fist down at the counter, her nostrils flaring in anger. The French chocolate master wasn't impressed however.

He stilled a quaking jar of coins with his fat index finger. But another shipment of my fine ingredients won't arrive until next Saturday. All my glorious chocolates are sold out until I make Elsa x anna sex more! The redhead groaned and rested her head against the counter. All the other chocolates are also off the shelves. Elsa's going to kill me for forgetting to get her a Christmas gift. But there's got to be one store that still sells chocolates Anna's eyes widen when she remembered there is a store that could still have chocolates, no matter how ridiculous it seems.

Wandering Oaken's. Anna dismounted her horse and walked up to the lone store. She bursts into the Sexy naked busty hentai, the lantern in the shop shaking from the force. The portly Swedish trader grinned happily at her and waved at her.

Oaken beamed at her and took out a tin Elsa x anna sex from underneath the counter. There was a reindeer that looked suspiciously like Sven cheerfully eating chocolates.

However, Anna nearly hurled when she saw that the box was titled Reindeer Droppings. The mustached man looked hurt, pouting a bit. That makes bad business! This is home-made Reindeer Droppings! To prove his point, Oaken took a piece out of the box and plopped one in his mouth.

Delicious, yah? Anna walked up and cautiously took a piece. It looked very much like a actual reindeer dropping long story and a part of her told her it might even taste like reindeer droppings an even longer story. Oaken grabbed another piece from the box and ate it again to show it was safe.

She Elsa x anna sex him a bag of coins, not caring whether she overpaid him or not. Japanese girl showing her panties was the only way she can thank him for saving her Christmas.

By the time Anna arrived back at Arendelle, Elsa's ship was already on port. However, there were no celebrations on the streets, just evidence it had already occured. The Princess felt bad she had missed her sister's homecoming, but she knew it would be made up by the look on Elsa's face as she gives her the chocolates. She patted the tin box, which feels surprisingly lighter. The guards of the castle opened up the gates for her.

One of the them helped her off the horse. Elsa x anna sex missed your sister's arrival! She gave him a kiss on his cheek before she ran off to find her sister. The first room Anna naturally checked out was the Throne room. No trace of her was to be found. Naturally, her second choice was Elsa's bedroom. The elaborate, snowflake designed door was untouched however. Still, Anna opened it and poked her head in for a look. Hey Elsa! Are you there?

Anna sighed and paced the hallway. Where could her sister be? They don't really hang out in her room, so that's out the choice. And she doubted Elsa likes raiding the kitchen for food like she sometimes does. She twirled one of her braids, listing off places Elsa could possibly be. Nah, not at this hour. Maybe, but not without me.

Definitely not without me! Gerda walked around the corner and Anna closed her mouth.

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