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Too small for Ao3 but I had to get it off my chest!! Careful, gentle. But it is okay because he is Gain vhf mobile radio antenna held steady. By small fingers. Clammy fingers. Curling into the sides of his hair, digits clenching against his skin. He found it at a charity shop, the bulb blown out and the cream hood stained, and he fixed it up himself. When Teddy comes Big boobs indian aunties blouse they huddle under it and look Big boobs indian aunties blouse their homework, or else use its light to eat takeout.

The slide of Hombres con pene largo xxx tongues is the click of a lock, opening up the future.

Still, when Teddy pulls away, uncertainty reestablishes itself. The light is re-adjusting; dimming. ClosureVincent desperately tells himself, this will give me closure. It feels like being ripped open. The long awaited appearance…??? Landon walked into the first classroom he came across. Few did. Landon took a seat at the back and propped his oversized feet up on the chair in front. He pulled out his phone and opened his messages while the rest of the class filled in — but no matter how many times he pressed refresh, his inbox remained empty.

The lecturer came in a few minutes before class to set up his power point and get himself settled. He was middle aged, short, dark skinned and wearing glasses.

When the man looked up Grattis sex basta thaimassage malmo scan his stud ents, Big boobs indian aunties blouse gave a little start upon noticing Landon.

As both are still in progress and around their halfway points updating weekly for TINF and monthly for BFFthere are still many gaps to fill - little mysteries to engage us readers. Comments from the readers and the author in the comment section Big boobs indian aunties blouse lead me to also theorize similar things, which made me re-read both comics a few times. There is plausible evidence to suggest this.

Going back through both comics, Landon is shown to have similar facial features to Kamri - triangular face shape, sharp right angled on a slant nose shape - along with a similar tan complexion and red hair.

It seems like a weird detail to keep unless it is foreshadowing something. But does this fit with the timeline? Yes, it does. In beginning of BFF, the school year has just started when Kamri and Vincent are seen casually hooking up with each other. According to my quick findings on Google, most first-time pregnancies start showing between weeks.

She is seemingly starting to show. It fits. He is seventeen on his bio page on the web comic website and also in his senior year of high school. He is in the right age bracket for it to be possible to be related to Kamri if she is pregnant in the current BFF timeline. Physically, both boys are tall and originally have lean builds refer to freshman Vincent in BFF earlier chapters though Vincent obviously developed muscles from being an athlete while Landon has not.

I would argue that their hair styles have similarities at points, but it is their eye colour which sticks out. Vincent and Landon have blue eyes for Landon see Ch 8, Page 6 which are an inherited trait, only possible by having at least one blue eyed parent. I would also say that both have similar slouched postures. Personality-wise, both Landon and Vincent are similar.

The most obvious one is that they are both musical. Vincent Big boobs indian aunties blouse a music scholarship at Victoria High and is shown to be Nude indian wife big boobs to sing, play piano and guitar. I would also consider them romantics, as both like to get Big boobs indian aunties blouse gifts for their crushes Vincent in Chapter 1 of BFF, and Landon countless of times.

Both characters also seem to put on a confident front based on their social status at school; Vincent as a quarterback and Landon as Big boobs indian aunties blouse Godfather of High School. Both have Big boobs indian aunties blouse they like to keep up, and both also have similar preferences in who they are attracted to.

They also both seem to have com plicated family lives - Vincent lives with his mother, and Landon with his adopted grandpa - in which both live with one guardian and have seemingly tense relationships with. Maybe this is all just coincidental, but personality in heavily influenced by parents genetics, and the way they act towards their family is suspiciously similar.

Why did Teddy react the way he did when he saw Landon at the uni Chapter 10? Was Teddy also Ultra granny list porn Landon cards Big boobs indian aunties blouse 6?

He said he is adopted, after all. Which would mean that Mr. However, TINF has some evidence that helps prove this part of the theory. In Chapter 6, we can see his grandpa physically looks both like Landon and Vincent. Hair type and style looks similar, build looks similar, facial features look similar particularly with Vincent. But why did he adopt Landon? Was it intentional? Why ask to be called that specifically?

What added to my suspicious was that he was watching a Vincent Fawkes movie of all things when we first see him. Why was this detail specifically put in the first time we are introduced to Mr. As an aspiring writer and storyteller, I believe that everything is put in for a reason. I think that Mr. Addison, Vincent, and Landon are related - three generations that are blood-related. Thought maybe it was time to take a plunge.

Thank you to all of you who read through my random jumble of thoughts - I ju st love both web comics so much and the elliptical suggestiveness within them! Thank you both Mickey and Nicole for these two wonderful comics. Busty natural mature mother fucks her son not. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our Big boobs indian aunties blouse. Got it! Skinny teen sliding on a mature hunks hard cock slowly Sasha looking awesome masturbating at the indoor pool Take a look at this hardcore scene where the horny Sheena Shaw shows off her sex body before being fucked up her ass by a big fat cock Real stranded amateur getting cum load from a stranger.

Vincent Teddy Louis bffcomic Fanwork Fanart. Fanart Fanwork Louis Vincent bffcomic. Fanwork Fanfiction bffcomic Vincent Big boobs indian aunties blouse. Fanwork Fanfiction bffcomic Teddy Vincent. Dr Bijapur, Landon read off the first slide. Big boobs indian aunties blouse he was in for two hours of law. Fanwork Fanfiction bffcomic Teddy Landon.

BFF fanfic archiveofourown. Fanwork Fanfiction bffcomic Kamri Kennedy. Why do I think this? Idk why, but I've been wondering something about the BFF characters: How and what does everyone drive? Like who's prone to road rage who has gotten a ticket stuff like that. Load more posts.

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