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Last year I did a big trip around Australia with my family and I became very aware of just how clueless most of us city folk are of the diversity and sheer quantity of distinct indigenous cultures that spread across this great land. Discovering the 'Aboriginal Australia map' was an Australia map aboriginal tribes for me. The app intends to be a fun educational way for people to become more aware of our local indigenous cultures and I hope we can be supported with data so we may build Australia map aboriginal tribes app I wished I had Australia map aboriginal tribes I was working to better understand local culture when I travelled Australia last year.

Please note we understand borders may not be definitive and as such we intend to notify users of their arrival once they are a certain distance into a new zone. Im the case where no relevant shapefile is available what I would be seeking is permission to use the Australia map aboriginal tribes copywrited image of the map for the purposes of generating a shapefile from the map image myself.

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