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The last Male Women wanking the stripper Cfnm post that I made here focused on the new school vs. And this post recently explored the site Party Hardcore. Be sure to watch each video, taking note of every cock grab, dick suck, and expression of joy and disgust by these girls in attendance of the shows.

Then leave your comments in the comment section. Party Hardcore — mix of paid and amateur girls. Clips 1 and 4 are real amatuers and my word I would absolutely love to see more. More new clips. Man I would love to see more new Women wanking the stripper. It is my dream to see these sexy women especially a married Women wanking the stripper or group on their hen night to get fucked right in front of everyone. Fuck me that Women wanking the stripper be incredible.

However, Women wanking the stripper could have been just by chance. I am convinced Loverboys DO use one or two hired helpers sometimes, but this could be just girls they know. Someone on another forum pointed out a porn star of sorts at one of their shows from a dogging site in the uk that was very EAGER to be seen to suck cock in front of the crowd.

But hey, perhaps their partners are fine with it if they found out. And there are other instances like in the vid here where the cameraman moves the girls hair out of the way. It makes it look more staged I think. The hottest clips without a doubt are the ones where the girl is so into it she is oblivious to the camera……oh and a wedding or engagement ring…… that just makes me explode lol.

Cruelty Party — completely staged. Dancing Bear — mixed pros and amateurs like Party Hardcore but DB seems Women wanking the stripper have a higher percentage of paid women, and PH seems to get more amateur interaction, or at least better acting. The fact that you can sometimes hear the cameraman giving directions to the women sorta kills the illusion. Extreme CFNM — seems mostly real to me.

So of course, everything they present looks great. The hardcore interactions between the paid girls and Women wanking the stripper male strippers then are that sort of satisfaction payoff, where you see the guys finally getting some of the attention you secretly wish that all of the girls would give them.

Anyhow I would still love to hear more about what you guys and especially you girls out there think about these sites. I am still working out how I could incorporate a forum to this site, or perhaps just make a separate forum entirely on another site.

Perhaps we could put that to a vote? All the girls who are not with the guy just sorta fake cheer and watch the girl with the guy and wait their turn before he comes to them. At Loverboy, the girls not with the guy are busy chatting, drinking, smoking and having fun. At Women wanking the stripper Hardcore, they are all dancing and drinking and what not and having fun. At DB, whatever energy is there does seem staged. Even though the strippers never take off their bottoms, it was amazing to see the girls reactions to them!

Notice, btw, how ever table at DB has an ashtray, but in the two clips I watched, not one girl was smoking. Was wondering if anyone subscribed or knows where to find his vids. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Dancing Bear and Party Women wanking the stripper are plainly set up. Great vids 1 and 4, though…. Prefer medical cfnm in traditional setting like real life prostate exam or penis Women wanking the stripper. Bernard Z. Thank you for these excellent clips.

Not to into the really staged stuff, much prefer the REALish stuff. Just my 2 cents. And great work on this blog! Name required Mail will not be published required Website.

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