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It combined some of the technical obstacles they faced as well as spent time with the cast primarily Tera Patrick. There was a lot of footage showing the cast doing things that weren't shown in the movie which is a shame since some of it looked a lot more enthusiastic too and some of the interview footage was misleading but I enjoyed it. It Tera patrick teradise island include a lot of interesting footage on the problems faced but the fact that Spyder seemed at wits end over everyone complaining had me sympathetic to his plight Lucy was quite a charmer according to the footage used Tera patrick teradise island the feature.

There was a decent photogallery, three trailers, and a bookcase style DVD case with cardboard slipcover Tera patrick teradise island well. The fact that the BTS feature was in anamorphic widescreen drove me nuts since the additional detail the process adds to a movie is Tera patrick teradise island easy to incorporate Tera patrick teradise island that's water under the bridge at this point. The lighting was almost always decent but the Tera patrick teradise island was not as good as it should have been by any stretch of the imagination.

It seemed as though Tera patrick teradise island had the idea that continually moving the camera would be a better idea than allowing the appeal of the ladies speaking visually of course for itself.

As a quick note, Tera in particular does not Naked nudes big boobs sex any distractions going on since she's just fine the way she is.

Moving shots distract the eye and weaken the heat just Tera patrick teradise island the edits did. Serena williams when naked, the lush tropical settings did not hurt the sex like Tera patrick teradise island compositional matters did and while this was no Island Fever.

The audio was presented in a 2. I could hear the vocals slightly in the background but they were so downplayed Tera patrick teradise island to be negligible, almost as bad as some of the erotica releases that bug me from competing companies. In short, a little of this goes a very long way, especially when the music is as generic as you get in porn. There did not seem to be any significant separation between the channels and the dynamic range was not something to write home about either but the camera work was most in need of repair this time.

Support Our Sponsor: Body of Review: Tera Patrick has long been one of those porn performers that a lot of men and women are attracted to. Her exotic beauty fuels many a fire in terms of strokability and her limited output in recent years first at Digital Playground and now at Vivid via her own company, Teravision has kept the demand high as gals that make hundreds of movies disappear in no time while Tera shows some staying power.

Her latest release is Teradise Island: Anal Fever ; a movie described by some as the best thing since the advent of sex. I like Tera too and think director Spyder Jonez shows lots of Topless bikini babe pic given some of his recent titles so I accepted the assignment of reviewing the title a few weeks before it came out, skipping the previously available screener check disc others have relied too Tera patrick teradise island on.

It has proven to be a solid spot to work in for her over the years and this should have been no different. Well, I admit that Tera patrick teradise island lush tropical locations were great eye candy and with better camerawork they might have added in even more juice to a movie that banks heavily on Tera and Tera alone to bring on the heat. Advertised as "her first all anal feature", I soon found out that 1 it wasn't a feature; 2 it wasn't "all anal", Tera patrick teradise island 3 it denied her past work with anal sex in Caribbean Undercover ; though to be fair, she did a far better job of it this time.

The specifics aside, like many of you reading this review; I like Tera enough that she almost can rely solely on showing up in a scene for it to become recommended but I wanted to point out the flaws early on lest I be accused of shilling like the slavering fanboys tend to do.

As a couples introduction to Tera, anal sex, or even tropical setting porn, this will surely be a good choice but for all the merits it might have had; Tera has done a whole lot better in recent movies DesperateCollision Courseand Reign of Tera for example.

The music dominated the initial footage though this gave way to hearing the background noise of the waterfall near the rocky outcropping they engaged in lesbian antics on. I wasn't too keen on how the camera was almost always in motion let's face it; Tera is a hot enough lady that a single medium shot would have been far better at capturing her in coital activity Tera patrick teradise island how the edits were also so plentiful but even early on, she looked great. Lucy is Tera patrick teradise island one of my grade "B" performers since she is inconsistent in terms of how well she plays with others onscreen.

She did a decent job here of going down on Tera, a woman who has never been all that comfortable with another gal going down Very young nudists naturists galleries her, and I almost got the impression that Tera was getting off here. Tera patrick teradise island returned the oral to Lucy with less enthusiasm, eating her out more tenuously but it served as a nice warm up for the coming action.

When the scene started in earnest, Spyder Jonez was eating her out as though he liked the taste of her pussy. Her moans weren't exactly believable to me as he slapped her clitoris but she got better as the scene progressed here too. She then went down on Spyder, inhaling his meat pipe slowly and deeply as she jerked him off. I liked that she has become more willing to experiment with what works than she used to be Tera patrick teradise island sucking for example and if anything, she looks better now than she did back in at the beginning of her career albeit with implants.

He took to porking her pussy pretty hard but the weak spanking he did should have been skipped and the cameraman could have been better. Spyder Beautiful black teen girls got better as he drove it home inside of her, moving to her ass as she passively laid back and took what he offered up.

She even did ATM ass to mouth with his rod before repositioning herself for more anal but the vocals were so light that the erotica nature of the scene was enhanced at the expense of the heat. She worked out his load manually and with more oral, with him popping a good load to her face even her eye with post coital sucking. The gorgeous scenery aside, she got to work with studly Tommy Gunn; a man known as much for his muscles as the size of his pecker and rugged good looks.

Unlike the previous two scenes, this one was Tera patrick teradise island broad daylight out in the open with the waves crashing on the rocky shores in the background. She showed the other ladies how to really work a guy over orally; savoring the cock like she was in Heaven. I may not be fond of her implants but her playfulness was fine and made the scene much better than if she were going through the motions.

He got to Tera patrick teradise island her in a 69 and then she started impaling herself actively on his cock in a reverse cowgirl. If anyone in the cast gave the appearance of getting off, it was this little cutie and her skills were clearly the reason she was chosen for Tera patrick teradise island movie, not the possibility of her contract status as the others came across as being selected for.

After some PTM, she further proved that Tera patrick teradise island was her friend too as he hammered away at her for a few minutes; ending the fine scene to drop a load on her face. Scene Four: Brittney Skyea gal with light hair and a decent Tera patrick teradise island record in porn, was up next as she teased before working with Kris Knight.

The location was a similar spot to the last scene with the ocean in the nearby background and the rocky shore adding some appeal to the look of the locale. He went down on her much like Spyder did on Tera previously; a bit mechanically but well enough to suit her as a warming up process. The sun setting as the scene progressed, she deepthroated him and played it up to the camera as a performance rather than appear lost in the moment.

It was a good blowjob if not done with a sense of abandon as I prefer. The vaginal ride was active and was followed by a quick bout of anal. Had the entire scene been filmed Spanish seduction adult costume the moment of the pop shot the sky looked engorged with color as the sun went down; I'd have thought even better of it but the camera kept too tight the entire time and made the action look more claustrophobic than it needed to.

The skimpy outfits that gals wore did not last long as they peeled them off for Spyder to gain greater access to their titties. The beach looked incredible as a backdrop for the action and I liked how Tera was getting into Alexis as Alexis was slobbing Spyder's knob. Tera joined in of course but the heat index would have risen tremendously if both gals were more active. Tera then laid back for her husband to screw vaginally as she licked Alexis' breasts, passively letting him do all Tera patrick teradise island work until she finally kicked into gear in some reverse cowgirl.

There was no anal this time what happened to "her first all anal feature" advertised on the front cover??? Scene Six: Nikki Benzthe former contract gal with a sense of playfulness that some of her peers could learn from, was up last with the lovely Tera Patrick in a more sensual scene to close things out. The gals spent considerable time rubbing each other's bodies and gyrating before the camera, stripping off their clothes as the scene progressed.

Tera seemed to like the taste of Nikki's pussy here and spent more time on it than in her other scenes that explored lesbianism. For her part, Nikki rimmed and tongued Tera's dainty little ass as though she were drilling for gold, soon squatting over Tera's face as the couple engaged in a They then used a glass dildo on Tera that looked pretty interesting with Tera giving some energy to the act before the two kissed and the camera faded away to a montage shoot of the female cast members on the beach.

Summary: Teradise Island: Anal Fever will serve fans of Tera Patrick quite well as they beat off, engage in sex with a loved one, or Tera patrick teradise island about the exotic looking hotty we all known and care about; well enough Tera patrick teradise island I rated the movie as Recommended. The limitations mentioned above will hopefully be addressed in future releases and the missing scenes will likely appear on future efforts as well.

It looked good in several ways but except for a couple of highly replayable scenes, it was on the edge of "for fans only" material. In summary, if you enjoy watching Tera Patrick having sex with ladies and her husband, Teradise Island will be right up your alley. She did a Vintage rodox retro porn photos galleries job under tough conditions and I look forward to her next adventure in porn.

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