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I am a south Indian and have a hell lot of north Indian friends since my childhood and also I lived in North Indian cities for about South indian mature woman years. The main thing which differentiates North and South Indian South indian mature woman is the way they dress up and their exhibition of confidence.

You heard it right. Now the important parameter is the economic status. For example;Let us take a typical SI girl say,18 years old and a typical NI girl say,18 years old who are both from upper middle class. Now,definitely the South indian mature woman girl would most of the times be wearing shorts,pants,jeans with t shirts…… South indian mature woman like an american te Now,definitely the NI girl would most of the times be wearing shorts,pants,jeans with t shirts…… just like an american teen if you got me.

Now SI girl would not look like that always. When she is at home she may wear a kurti. She sticks to the culture most of the times. So basically what my point was to compare two girls from same economic background but different outlook. And in general NI girls speak more actively and loudly than SI girls. This question is just for informational purposes"!!!

Out of crore people you want to divide women in only 2 categories. Sorry, next to impossible. Boys staying in northern part of india are called north indian boys, boys who stay in southern part of india are called south indian boys. North indian girls are mostly South india.

South indian mature woman all girls are girls!! All Indians Girls are bestbut since it's the differences between them I would like to say. South Indian girls are good at cooking compared to north Indians. South Girls follow more religious customs and cultures compared to North.

South Girls generally have more helping nature compared to north girls. North girls have best friendly nature and mingle with everyone easily. North girls are basically free to move to any place and respect everyone and every language.

North girls are basically brave and dare and can cope up with any situation. North Indian girls are into high materialism, outward looks, highly prone to peer pressure, low in morals wrt dating culture these days. Fake Feminism, low aptitude and not to forget low intellect Instagram show off takes precedence over career development and academics. I think they should South indian mature woman a pause and think about life for a second about what they're doing with themselves.

Girls are girls regardless of any part of India or the world. It varies and very much depends on how you grew up. I have friends from the south and north parts of India, and I found them modern and conservative. Agnes carlsson fake nudes some cases, SI's are little more conservative where NI's are just comfortable with whatever they are.

NI's could be over the top sometimes, but they are quite lively and vibrant. On a different note, what about east and West Indian girls? Isn't anyone curious about that? There is no difference.

I don't care what culture they follow because it's all borrowed. People represent culture not culture represent people that's why you will find diiferent kind of people in every culture. One thing which is considered good can be a taboo in different culture and of course you are not what your ancestors or parents taught you.

You don't have your own brains and you are following up culturel things like people do in army. South Indian do what they think is good and same for north Indian. South Indian girls are more conservative, sensual and make better wives. As I am not a traveller,not even have experience of life's maturity however I used to travel for my studies to Bhopal as I like south indian culture,their welcoming specially so, I always tried for a south indian zone train,nd luckily I every time caught the same.

What I found during journey this all my experience for south indian people. I got friends boy and girls but most of the friend were girl,because I realized after 1st met girl,from Chennai. I like it very much till yet I met all girls South indian mature woman were really simple in a nature. South indian mature woman indian girls are very passionate towards their goals… its something about independence.

South Indian girl has to come out with their comfortable zone. My perspective was bit lengthy to define but this is something I realized. I will respect their thoughts…. Sign In. What's the difference between North Indian girls and South Indian girls? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Quora UserDesigner,Techie. Updated Oct 20, Now,definitely the NI girl would most of the times be wearing shorts,pants,jeans with t shirts…… just like an american teen if you got me Now SI girl would not look like that always.

When she is at home she may wear a kurti, or a casual south Indian dress. What are South Indian girls like? What is the typical face of Indian girls?

What do North Indian guys think about South indian mature woman Indian girls? Why is South India much more developed than North India? Answered Aug 13, I am a south Indian guy who has spent his fair share in North India. My comments below are based on my interactions with a few About 6 North Indian and South Indian girls 1. North South indian mature woman girls have very specific opinion right from their taste in food, dresses to Occhi di gatto hentai. They stick to it religiously.

South Indian girls on the other hand are quite flexible and try and fit into a place. South Indian girls are more hard working and are wooed mostly by Substance and less by style.

South Indian girls are highly opinionated and are influenced by ideas of social taboo. They like to res They like to restrict them just so as to look good in the eyes of the society. North Indian girls on the other hand are very comfortable about their personalities. The languages spoken in these 2 parts of India are quite distinct and in India, culture and language are very inter-related.

Simply put, the difference arises from the fact that the culture is very different in north and south India. To add further, its not just South indian mature woman vs south. Answered Nov 24, Is there any difference between a north Indian girl and a south Indian girl?

There could be. But, All girls are different. There isn't any difference between girls particularly between these 2 South indian mature woman. It just depends on the upbringing of an individual. The region they reside in doesn't matter. Its like keeping company. Our parents advice us to keep good company. And there's always this one friend our parents love and this one friend our parents are a little doubtful about. Speaking of culture and language. So a girl from north and a girl from south can get together for their love for shopping, or the love for idli for South indian mature woman matter or the love for roti only!

Girls are just completely different everywhere. The only difference is education choices, careers, jobs et cetera. You can't specifically say that girls from north and south are different because it completely depends on how you've been brought up, what kind of education you have been given, what kind of company you keep.

A friend of mine, shifted to vellore for studies. After a few months I spoke to her, she had actually picked up a bit of the south Indian accent! She was a Maharashtrian she told me how much she was loving it there.

It depends on how adjusting and flexible you are to change. So there is no difference between girls from these 2 regions particularly. What South indian mature woman the North Indians think about South Indians? Can a North Indian girl and a South Indian guy make a dating relationship work?

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