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I knew I was different the very first time I had a dick up my ass. It wasn't just because it felt incredible. It wasn't because that huge cock ramming in and out of my tight asshole pushed me to the biggest orgasm I ever had in my life.

No, it was because in that one moment when Uncle Carl's 9-inch dick penetrated my tiny little backside, I felt like a dirty, little whore. And I loved it. Of course, my uncle didn't know he was unleashing a blonde, sex-crazed, ass-slut into the world. In fact, if I remember correctly, he was actually trying to teach me a lesson about how Sluts taken it in the butt be a good little girl. But, silly me, I guess I missed the point.

What can I say? I don't listen well. So, punish me. Now I remember. That's exactly how it all began I had just turned 18, and like most teenagers in High School, I thought I knew everything. School was stupid. Parents were stupid. Brothers and sisters were stupid. Teachers were stupid. In my mind, in fact, just about everything that was not Bobby McKinley was stupid. You see, as far as I was concerned, I was all growned up, and nothing and nobody could convince me otherwise.

Well, anyone had to admit, I certainly had the tits for it. I was small and curvy. Standing just under 5 feet, I weighed just about pounds soaking wet, and most of that was boobs and butt. My boobs were full and ripe, but not like a cheap stripper with fake titties. No, my tits were firm Desi xxx open vagina round, but they were soft and mushy to the touch, and they bounced quite nicely when they had a cock between them.

And my long blond hair gave a guy something Sluts taken it in the butt grab onto when he was pulling my mouth up and down on his joint. I was blessed.

He was always sweet like that, saying nice things about my tits and my ass. One time as he was sliding his cock between my breasts, Bobby even said my tits made him cum better than Sandra Kindale's cunt.

I hated Sandra. She was a slut, Sluts taken it in the butt I would say the same to her face no matter who was listening. I don't care if she is my older sister. At the time, she was two years out of high school, worked full-time at the Route 87 Truck Stop, and she had no problems letting any Tom, Dick or Harry fuck her in her cunny. As long as he had a Sluts taken it in the butt truck and a pair of shit-kicker cowboy boots, her gaping cunt hole was a revolving door.

So, to make a long story short, I let Bobby fuck my tits any time he wanted. After all, it made him happy, and it wasn't like he was deflowering me or anything. No sirree, I had morals. I wasn't letting anyone go that far, and before I went out with anyone, I made sure they knew I was keeping my sweet little fuck hole special just for the man who would marry me, my soul mate. To be honest, I hoped with all my heart and soul that the man who finally plowed his rock hard, 7-inch meat stick into my virginity would be Bobby McKinley.

He was such a gentleman. He said he didn't mind waiting for me, as long as I didn't mind him shooting off a load every now and then in Sandra's pussy. But lately, it seemed he was getting tired of jerking off with my boobs. At least that's what he told me that one fateful night Sluts taken it in the butt in south Alabama.

And as God as my witness, there is nothing I love more than shooting my man juice all over your rock hard nipples. His dark blue dickies were down at his ankles, and he was sitting back on my parent's couch drinking a can of beer.

I have to admit, I was confused. It sounded like he was complimenting me again, but his face looked unhappy. I knew what he Curvy blonde teen lingerie. Are you saying I can fuck your sister's slut Sluts taken it in the butt any time I want.

But there are other things we can do that would keep your womanly flower in tact. To me, this promise to wait to fuck my snatch was almost as good as a promise to get engaged sometime in the future, sometime when he got full-time work at the local swine slaughterhouse.

And as long as I had that promise, I was willing to do anything Looking down, I admired the smooth skin, the purple head, and the engorged tip glistening with pre-cum. His head went back, and he moaned a little. But after a few seconds he took a gulp of beer and looked me in the eyes.

How do I say this? I knew a wifely woman should encourage and strengthen her man. Shy even. Sluts taken it in the butt was so cute. I never imagined he would want Sluts taken it in the butt dirty mouth on his perfect cock. I never thought sucking cock was a thing people in love did.

I thought you would think it was cheap and dirty. I'm still not sure what it meant. God, he tasted good. Without hesitation, he pushed the head of his meat pole against the back of my mouth. After a second of resistance, he worked it into my throat. I couldn't breath, but I loved it. I had never had Coco ice nude picture t cock like Bobby's in my mouth before.

I had had bigger Bobby's cock was clean and smooth, and I wanted to lick and suck every inch of it. With each stroke, I felt his balls rub up against my chin. I remember it clearly, because he had actually put his beer down on the end table and stood up from the couch to get better leverage. His cock was pounding my throat like a jackhammer, and I lifted my eyes to see if he was enjoying it. The look of abandoned bliss was all I needed to see. As our eyes met, I knew he knew we had transformed a filthy throat job into an Sluts taken it in the butt of pure love.

Do you want me to shoot my hot jizz down your throat? My mouth was full of dick. Sluts taken it in the butt could see it in his eyes. His pace quickened. The muscles in his legs went tight. I wanted him to cum so bad. I wanted to swallow his cum and lick every drip off his wet cock.

I wanted to hold his cock in my warm mouth as it slowly went limp. I Homemade couples anal sex his ass cheeks and pulled him into my mouth as hard as I could. But it was not to happen. I heard the screen door slam shut. My uncle Carl was in our living room, and he was madder than a hog in a hornets nest. He had stopped by in the middle of the afternoon to borrow my daddy's Craftsman torque wrench. He knew the answer.

This is the last thing I expected to see today. Or just stupid? Get your damn cock out of my niece's mouth. You see, he fought Sluts taken it in the butt the war Sluts taken it in the butt my daddy, and my daddy said they were like brothers.

So, he was just like family. Bobby didn't need to be told twice, but I could see he was painfully disappointed. He backed out of my mouth and bent over to pull his pants up. And you know I will. Uncle Carl was a big, big man, and everybody knew he had killed before.

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