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Top definition. Probably Sex pth c torrent for PreTeen HardCore ponography involving childrenoften found in p2p networks. Most normal people probably would like to see those asociated with it killed. Short for "preteen hardcore" or child porn. Used mostly on p2p programs such as Kazaa. Related words: " R ygold ," "lolita," " kiddy porn ". A file with Sex pth c torrent name r ygold pthc.

PTHC unknown. Pressure, Temperature, Humidity Control. Abbreviation used mainly in science fiction when describing the process of terraforming a planet i. Humidity refers to atmoshperic density, not concetration of vapor H2O gas. Short for Pre-Teen Hard-Core Most often used as part of filenames in File-Sharing programs Often linked to spam, but High porns pictures download actually child pornography and sex acts also known as kiddie pornwhich are, of course, illegal in most countries and also considered evil, immoral and perverted by most of Society as a whole Thankfully, most hardcare child pornography is actually very difficult to find by the common internet or file sharing user as it uses codenames created by paedophiles to share with their files with one another.

PTHC music. A Sex pth c torrent for " preteen hardcore", relating to little 12 year olds in mosh pits listening to Mike Hurleys band. Beercan WOTW Blumke Niggatwerk FGF Velvet hattrick Catamount Nittany Lion I'm baby Washing Machine No Bev Nico and the Niners Phonetically

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