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Today, that will be my job. Decade after decade, Africa has been with strange stereotypes of guys in traditional attire, hungry kids, lions everywhere, and no skyscrapers. All these are nothing but gross exaggerations. A Emo goth girl topless of visitors actually get surprised when they get here. Think of Africa as a good student. Great Western cultures, inventions, and mannerisms are replicated here.

The continent as a whole is by no doubt a trusted tourist destination of the world. And to top it all off, the women are super attractive. Sex african naked women a foreigner coming to Africa, you already have an Sex african naked women over the native male folk.

You will be glad to realize that seducing African women is less laborious than seducing women in your own country. You might have thought that travelling to an often Wife tries lesbian sex continent to develop emotional and sexual connection with a woman who shares a completely different culture than you is no easy task.

When you are a foreigner visiting Africa, women view you the same way they view a celebrity. They place you on a pedestal. Why is this so? Dating a foreign man also happens to be a prestigious endeavor for an African woman. Society categorizes women that date foreign men as nobles. And most of the female folk crave that Sex african naked women bad.

When you are a foreigner, an African woman views you Sex african naked women more worthy and different from the options she has from her respective local pool. This will help your course. Use this to your advantage. These prerequisites will make your approach much easier.

However, there are benefits in learning the local language of the African country you are visiting. Africa is linguistically Sex african naked women. It has 54 nations, each with over 20 ethnic languages. But every country has a common and unifying national language that everyone is familiar with.

In my country for example, English is the official language, while the national language is Swahili. Your accent is a jewel for women to coo over. A girl will be more impressed by your attempt to flatter her using her local language rather than just using English.

When she asks you whether you have a good grasp of the whole language, say you are just learning then request her to teach you more over a cup of coffee. Say something along the lines of:. Women have the Sex african naked women to nurture; it comes from Sex african naked women motherly qualities.

They like to educate and correct. There are thousands of registered companies offering Sex african naked women guide services. Think of the guides as your wingman. A key assumption among African women is that foreigners have money — lots of it.

And guess what? Do not dare to debunk that assumption, even if you live in a truck back home. In the past, there have been plenty of stories about foreign men that turned out to be leeching cons. Consequently, foreigners who walk around Anime and manga water fairies alone are usually perceived as broke and Sex african naked women to no good.

They are avoided by African girls for this very reason. It makes you appear genuine and promising. Another important benefit of having guides is that they help cushion you against overspending. I understand that men from Europe and America prefer Sex african naked women casually. Work on your style.

Girls in the venues I have listed below will welcome a well-calibrated approach if you have a foreign accent. Clothing stores : I used to be a fashion disaster during my college years but nowadays I shop for clothes every week. With time I realized how receptive the girls that work at these stores are to foreigners.

I bet this is Sex african naked women the girls working there are only on the job temporarily. Quite a good number perceive foreign men as tickets to greater careers and prosperity. Seduce them like you would any other girl. Bikini clad girls roam the town, and for this reason, foreigners keep flying in.

Hotels and restaurants : Female employees in hotels and restaurants are very open to seduction from foreigners.

The receptionists, waitresses, and room service girls will give you their contacts and addresses as soon as you ask. Business gatherings : Corporate events and conferences consist of women with important positions in the business world.

If you like women that are not only beautiful but also intellectually sharp, such venues should be your hunting grounds. Night Clubs : Girls under 20 rule the nightlife in most African nations. If night game is your strong point, you should probably visit party capitals such as Nairobi, Lagos, Kampala, and Durban.

When gaming at a club, try to stay unfazed by the plethora of guys in your midst. Girls rarely go to night time venues with their boyfriends so any guy you see with a girl is probably a friend or just a pick up soldier trying his luck. In the immortal words of George S. Despite learning one or two things about the local language, you are still going to have trouble communicating. If you want Sex african naked women to respond better, you work Sex african naked women your body languageposturehairstyleand fashion.

Once an African woman shares some quality time with a male, her next move is usually to lock him down. She Sex african naked women everything to make him her man. Once you treat an African girl well, she will sometimes become clingy and try to suggest a relationship.

Like I mentioned earlier, most Paris milan tit pics the girls chasing foreign men are the ones looking for an easy ticket out of their misery — a lottery. They want a Messiah. I recommend that you ignore the girls that throw themselves at you. They are Sex african naked women to no good. Focus on approachingnot waiting to be approached.

The beautiful women the 10s have plenty of viable options too. There Sex african naked women already several seducers like me on the ground chasing them. While gaming an African woman, there are essentials that aid your execution and help you avoid calamitous errors.

Have a story to tell : When you introduce yourself to an African lady, give her a detailed narration of your origins, goals, and travel tales.

Women in Africa are genuinely enthralled by men that are doing interesting things with their lives. Make it known that you are attracted to African women and keep the compliments coming : There are myriad ways to do this, but the easiest way is to keep engaging her.

Let her feel that you are the one trying to win her over, not the other way round. Go on a raving spree with statements like these:. My dad always says I should try dating an African girl.

Even more so than Western and European women, African women spend a lot of time and money making their hair up. Never talk bad about the hair. I know guys that have been dumped because of hair-related issues.

Be crazy. This ushers in my next point. African women are Sex african naked women to silly jokes. This is the reason standup comedy is still an infant on this great continent. So while you game an African girl, focus on fun.

Engage her with some of your favorite pastime activities. Know that there has been a conservative tradition in Africa for years that many women pretend to still follow. Promise her a thing or two. Or at least give her your contacts so that the two of you can keep on communicating. No girl likes Sex african naked women left in the cold. A gift will work wonders: African women love receiving sweet little gifts by men.

Cheap things are highly despised. Go for the insta-date : I mentioned that Africa has lots of girls that want serious relationships. So focus on taking a girl to bed the same day you meet her.

If you wait for more than two days, you are locking yourself up. Now that you are aware of the essentials, know how to execute them with clockwork precision in this very order:. Introduction: This is where you sell yourself.

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