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Making friends with intelligent people or with humorous people. Zoe As the old saying-a friend in need is a friend in indeed. In the modern age, friendship plays an initial role of social communication. Recently, a prevalent statement we often hear is that making friends with intelligent people is better than with those who have a good sense of humor.

However, a considerable number of opponents propose the different idea since humorous is one of the shiny personalities. As far as I am concerned, the Seeking an intelligent friend in osorno view aligns more with my perspective.

Two reason would suffice here to support my point of view. Specifically, if you are stuck in a tricky problem, only the smart friend could figure out the solution for you.

For example, last year when I failed in my chemistry experiment for almost ten times Seeking an intelligent friend in osorno scarcely had a clue of the weakness, it was my intelligent fiend that indicated the probable formula which helped me to accomplish my experiment. Conversely, if Seeking an intelligent friend in osorno asked a humor friend for help, I may get a good mood but not a particular solution which was the most significant to me after all.

To illustrate, once our community was gathering together for coming up a slogan of an activity, several of the vigorous students told us funny stories from time to time. It appeared like we had a relaxing moment at that time, but on the contrary, however, it just interrupted our discussion of slogan and made our meeting inefficiently. Thus, an intelligent friend is truly in need than a humorous one.

Moreover, admittedly, a clever friend has a positive impact on us both academically and ordinarily. The word-learn from the best-is indicate the power of having an excellent teacher.

And of cause, an intelligent friend could be our teacher. In this regard, we could tell the strengths of making friend with intelligent people. In summary, we are able to safely draw a conclusion that it is better to make friends with intelligent people than with people who have a good sense of humor.

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