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Many iPhone users need to know how to restore iPhone without updating. Although iPhones are generally considered to be stable and reliable, there is still a chance for glitches. Some of the issues associated with iPhones can be solved simply by restoring the iPhone. However, upon restoring the device, the device tends to update. Well, does that mean that you cannot restore iPhone without updating? Of course not! Those who wonder how to restore iPhone without updating should read this article thoroughly.

In this article, we intend to expose more than one way to restore your iPhone without an update. You would see that this article comprises of default methods as well as a professional method. In most of the cases, Apple is a stable and reliable operating system. Their latest versions of operating systems can let you enjoy better performance in general. However, in certain cases, upgrading to a newer iOS version tends to give some problems. Some people say that their older iPhone devices become annoying after updates.

For instance, those who use iPhones that are older than iPhone 6 find updates to Restore in itunes without updating annoying. Restore in itunes without updating experience less battery life Restore in itunes without updating extensive heat on the device too. Other than that, there are several other reasons for iPhone users to stay away from updates.

Well, here are the essential steps on how to proceed with this specific method. To initiate the process, you should connect the iPhone device to the computer. However, you should make sure that there is a backup created in iTunes. At the completion of the process, you should connect the iPhone into the computer and launch iTunes. Now, you can restore the backup you have created with iTunes. As soon as the restoration process is completed, you can disconnect the device from the computer.

This respective method requires the assistance of iTunes just like the first method we mentioned. However, these two are entirely different methods you can use. You can decide which option matches your requirement by going through the details. Get your iPhone connected to the computer using a USB cable.

Be sure that you use the original USB cable to prevent potential interruptions. Now, launch iTunes in the same computer and wait until the iTunes recognizes your device within a couple of moments.

Now, you should click on the iPhone icon located at the top left corner of the iTunes interface. Now, you will be able to see the summery after clicking on the iPhone icon. You will then be directed to a new window. Be sure that you select the backup you need to restore on your iPhone.

The list of backups will be displayed in a drop-down list. In certain cases, even iTunes may not work as expected. In this case, you will need to restore your iPhone using a different method. Instead of iTunes, you will have to use the recovery mode of the iPhone to restore it. Get your device connected to a computer using the original USB cable provided with the device. Now, open iTunes and wait for the program to recognize your device.

Then, click on the device icon located at the upper-left corner Restore in itunes without updating the main screen.

You can now backup the iPhone before restoring it. Turn your iPhone device off. To do this, you can press and hold the lock button. Then, use the slider to switch it off. Press it and release it quickly.

Then, press and release Volume Down button as well. After that, you should press and hold the Side button to see the recovery mode screen. For iPhone 7 and 7 Restore in itunes without updatingyou should press and hold Side and Volume buttons simultaneously. You should not release those buttons until you see the screen of the recovery mode. You should now wait for a couple of minutes for the process to be completed.

The phone will restore, and you can now use the device without any issue. As we realize, many individuals who want to restore iPhones tend to stay away from Restore in itunes without updating. Apart from trying the methods mentioned above, there are professional solutions to this issue.

In this section, we are going to reveal the best way to restore iPhone Restore in itunes without updating updating. This special tool is designed to address a large range of issues of iPhones. If none of the previous methods work, this tool should address your requirement perfectly. Get iMyfone Fixppo. The advanced mode of this tool can solve any issue related to your iOS device.

This mode is capable of reinstalling the iOS completely from your device and erase all the data. When the device is restored using this tool, the device will function as a new device. That can be found under the option Advanced Mode. Now, downloading the firmware should be done according to Restore in itunes without updating onscreen instructions of the software. Provide the required information on the screen and hit download.

In general, the device and other information will be automatically detected by the software itself. If not, you can correct it manually as well. Now, the software will start to install the iOS version. Wait until the process is completed. Well, that is how to restore iPhone without updating. Be sure Restore in itunes without updating you go through all the methods once again and pick the most reliable option.

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