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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Chapter 1 2. Chapter two: A messy way to make money 3. Surrounded by A bunch of Bananas 5. Chapter 5 6. Girls Only. Just Link getting fucked by whatever is in my head at the moment.

As simple as that. A bunch of disconnected short stories about Link getting butt fucked by anything and everything my mind can think of. Waking up half naked on an unmarked plateau in the middle of nowhere without your memories is already a sign your about to have a bad day.

Being forced to fight monster in nothing but rather tight-fitting pants, a low cropped shirt that showed his slim mid-drift and a wooden club only made things worse. Link sighed as that practically summed up his whole situation. His girlish face, soft and nearly devoid of any masculinity, scrunched up in aggravation at why he is dragging himself through some un-marked woods because so odd old man told him Legend of zelda link getting fucked find some shrine of some sort.

He had just gotten out of some creepy dusty chamber, with some girl telling him to wake up. All he can do is fallow the advice of the old man and push forward. Bushing a branch out his view Link saw his destination in the distances. An old strange looking shrine. The young boy quickly kneeled into the shadows of the bushes.

Observing the monsters as sat around heir camp. With one looking out for any intruders, I. E Link, while the others just sat around the campfire. Some sleeping, while others just picked their noses. He was oddly good at swinging sticks around. Although he is weary of his cracked club that he picked up.

Yet Bokoblins are rather stupid which make them easy to handle. It growled as it pushed Link back, but Link parried the beast. He slammed his weapon down hard to deal a devastating blow.

But the monster brought his weapon up to block it. The bokoblin and Link stare at each other for a moment. Until Link threw the butt end of his weapon at the monster and turned to run. Needing to find another weapon to fight, the young Hylian took the chance to retreat. Yet monster was quicker and tripped Link on his face. Monster wasted no time to pounce on Link. But he suddenly froze when he felt something fleshy and hard slap against his butt and his shorts is torn off.

Rubbing its filthy cock against his twitching anus while licked its snout in lust. The young boy gave off a girly squeal as his guts were stuffed with monster dick Legend of zelda link getting fucked one single push. The red monster sighed at the Legend of zelda link getting fucked tight feeling that squeezed his member.

His tongue rolling out his mouth as he started to thrust his Legend of zelda link getting fucked. Link on the other Alia bhatt nude xvideos tired his beast to ignore the bless running up his back.

The monster kept hitting his sweet spot relentlessly. Making him bit his lip to hold back the girlish moans that rumbled through him as his cock throbbed and bounced in his unwanted lust. Squealing and squawking at the pleasure he got from fucking the young hylian. The monster threw his own head back. The lust that shot through him made Link rolled his blue eyes into African sex fat besty head as he came hard form the red demon slapping his rear end.

His cock vigorously spasming as he deposited his load, a gooey thick blast of white, on the ground. Link sill held back his moans, less to restraint himself form enjoying the lust and more in hopes to not alert the Bokoblin camp a mile ahead of him.

Link started groaning with a smile as his reluctance waned. His tongue rolled out, like the beast rutting in his anus, in sexual distorted bless. The red demon released a deluge of lumpy gooey jizz once it reached is peak. Link himself joined him. Cumming hard and fast with just as much intensity as his red partner with his healthy cock bouncing as it discharged it milky white load.

The Hylian moaning under the demon as it groaned and deposited its load. Sneering down at him with great desire. Picking up Link by his hair, the second Bokoblin pulled his loincloth aside to show off his own filthy cock.

Resigning to his situation as he sucked back on the dick plowing his mouth. Whipping his tongue around the bumpy cock, like a hungry slut. Trying his best to lick every wort and clean the scum covered cock. Arching his back a little to get the monster behind him more access to his anus, Link grinded his hips into the bokoblin owning his ass. Getting more joyful sounds form it and even eager fucking. Although weaken form the constant berating of his holes, Link tired his best to bounce his own butt along with the monsters rutting.

In return he got the demons hands to Legend of zelda link getting fucked and hit his butt harder. Spurting his seed on the ground while the monsters cackled at his submission and groaned at their pleasure. Giving him a direct scent of the beast lust and musk. The smell alone brought him back to hardness while the monster pounding his ass brought him to another climax.

The Legend of zelda link getting fucked behind him gave no quarter to his bouncy butt. Slapping the now red, jiggly flesh, with glee as it Legend of zelda link getting fucked at Link. Their practiced years of fucking and raping Hylians Legend of zelda link getting fucked into the play as they pounded orgasm after orgasming out Link.

The ground below him a sea of his semen as his cock sputtered and fired his jizz at a near constant rate. Pleasure and torture is their goal.

A sexually broken one yes, but not a defeated one. While the monster behind Link jerked his cock to try and get more sperm to stain Link butt. It was lumpy and tasted foul. Raw man seed chocked and gagged the blonde as it blasted from his nose and the edges of his mouth.

Nearly knocking him out as his eyes rolled to the sky and he was forced to swallow the monsters seed. The bokoblin smiled as he watched the blonde slowly pass out as lined his insides with his cock snot. He pulled out, his member still hard, and started hitting Link in the face. Trying to bring the cum beaten Hylian back awake with demeaning cock slaps to his face. He licked and suck on the veins, spongy orbs.

Still he gingerly sucked each hairy nut. Curly odorous hair sprung and twirled on each vine sack. The blonde, on his hands and knees, greedy gobbled the monsters sack.

Leaving loving kisses and pulling each one back with his lips and letting each one bounce and wobble. He let his mouth open wide and took both orbs in his mouth. Swirling around his cheeks like sweet candy. He looked up at the monster with pleading eyes. Gobbling on it nut sack while it almost painfully jerked its member. With a sinister sneer both monster cummed their last. Hitting the blonde in the eye. Slapping him in the face. And feeding him even more cum as some landed in his mouth.

He just laid there, with a cum fucked face and let the semen cover his girly face. When the monster was done, he dropped Link to the ground. His ass raised in the air with cum pooling out of his ass hole. His dick still twitched as it kept cumming while his panted with his face in the ground. His tongue hanging out as he coughed up cum. The pleasure still running through. Picking up their clubs the two bokoblins stretched out their backs and headed back to camp.

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