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Harry is horny, and the missus found a lemon that looks like a butt. Harry is bored, the missus is at work, and has saved up jokes. The missus needs pie ingredients, and Harry gets cheeky, and misplaces a condom.

The missus is meeting his family for the first time and Harry is uncertain about his mustache. The missus gets baby fever while Harry forgoes his love for the Nutcracker candle and Will Ferrell. Harry is horny, daddy comes out to play Harry styles imagine texts someone needs punished. In which Harry wants to squeeze a boob, nail the missus, and maybe propose to Niall.

In which Harry is clingy and Harry styles imagine texts over-dramatic ho and the missus makes a joke about his penis. In which Harry has resting bitch face and the missus has a daddy kink. In which Harry is pregnant and aloft in the air, and Harry styles imagine texts missus Girls bending over showing their pussy single for 20 minutes.

The missus thinks there is a ghost in the house and Harry is about done with her shit. Harry gets a boner at the dining table, Anne makes great pie, and the missus loves The Hills Have Eyes and bananas. Where Harry mistakes poo for sweet dreams, and Niall uses a baby to swoon girls. Texting scenarios between Harry, the missus, and whomever you choose.

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