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Fleur Delacour. She's one of many characters introduced into the world of Harry Potter. And she's perhaps one of the most overlooked characters in the series. It doesn't help that the Triwizard Tournament didn't do a great job of showing off her best traits. Like many characters in the world Harry potter fleur delacour Harry Potterthere is a lot for us to learn about Fleur Delacour. As it turns out, she's a surprisingly loyal and complex character, earning her right to become a fan favorite, and proving her worth in the Battle of Hogwarts.

Harry potter fleur delacour help everyone learn a bit more about her, we've compiled a list of ten things everyone should know about Fleur. Some of these facts will be known to the fans that read the novels, as a lot of her story didn't make it into the movies. And that's a shame. One of the many Harry potter fleur delacour that the movies failed to mention about Fleur Delacour is that she is not wholly human.

While three-quarters of her blood can make that claim, she is also one-quarter something else. You see, she's part Veela. Veela are a beautiful species, known for their ability to enchant men. Being only part Veela, Fleur's abilities are significantly watered down Every character in the world of Harry Potter Slut load big cocks jerking off to have a wand that is unique to them.

So it's no surprise that Fleur had a wand special to her. In her case, her wand also had a direct, familial tie. Veela hair makes it slightly harder to control, according to Ollivander.

But it seems to do well by Fleur. We also know that Fleur's wand is considered to be of the 'inflexible' variety, again according to Ollivander. Fleur and her fellow classmates ended Harry potter fleur delacour spending their final year at Hogwarts, thanks to the Triwizard Tournament. That is a fact we all know. But did you know that Fleur made a lot of friends during this time? Fleur and Cedric became quite close during the Tournament, as she well with Krum though we believe to a lesser extent.

She initially wanted to go to the Yule Ball with Cedric, but he was taken. Instead, she easily courted Roger Davies, and had him take her instead. She Harry potter fleur delacour happy with him and was even seen sneaking Harry potter fleur delacour in the gardens with him. We know that Fleur could have easily enchanted all the boys she wanted, but instead, she did seem to be more interested in making actual friends at the school.

Though Harry's interactions with her might not have given that impression. But remember, he was her direct competition. Fleur Delacour is a native French speaker — that much is obvious right from the start. But she was also fairly fluent in English as well. Sometime after the Triwizard Tournament, she decided to take a job in London to help her Harry potter fleur delacour. She began her work at Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

She only worked there part-time, and as mentioned, her main goal was to better Harry potter fleur delacour grasp on the English language. We don't get the impression that her need was money. While working at Gringotts, she had plenty of time to get to know Bill Weasley, who also worked there. The rest, as they say, is history. People have a tendency of making up nicknames for others. Sometimes these nicknames are nice and friendly. Other times not so much. Fleur Delacour was a beautiful and fascinating character, but that didn't make her exempt from this.

During her stay at the Weasley house, Fleur didn't do the best job of ingratiating herself with the family. Well, with the women of the family, that is. So Ginny came Harry potter fleur delacour with a little nickname for the young woman; 'Phlegm.

And this fact didn't change, despite the events that transpired during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower as the fight at the end of the novel Harry potter fleur delacour to be known. During this fight, Bill was grievously wounded by Fenrir, the werewolf. There was Harry potter fleur delacour concern that he too, would become a werewolf he didn't — though he did grow rather fond of raw meat.

Weasley assumed that Fleur would leave Bill as a result. And she was wrong. Fleur proved that she was willing to stay by Bill no matter what — and that she loved him for more than his looks. This is not the first or the last time that Fleur has proven how extremely loyal she is to those she deems worthy. Fleur's earlier appearances in the novels make it seem like Fleur's beauty is a standout feature — making her a flower among thorns.

But later, it becomes more and more clear that when she is happy — well and Real amateur wedding night sex happy — her beauty is shared amongst all those she treasures. During her wedding, Harry noticed that everyone around her looked better. Even Bill, with his scarred up face, suddenly began to look amazing.

And we have no doubt that this had to do with Fleur's emotional state. It would seem that the Veela trait has the ability to put that beauty outward more than one would expect. It seemed like time and time again, Fleur stepped up to be the caretaker to the injured and scared. First, we saw her step up to care for her fiance, Bill. She didn't hesitate to help clean his wounds and seemed invested in finding the best care for him. Later, she took in Harry, Hermione, Ron, and their rescued friends.

Again, without hesitation. Even when this meant taking care of a weakened Ollivander, and an injured and angry Griphook. She didn't Harry potter fleur delacour to mind at all and did what was needed.

No, that's not quite right. She went above and beyond here — even when those she was caring for didn't seem grateful for it. The end of the Second Wizard War brought with it a few changes to Fleur's life. First, she was awarded medals of Honor from both the French and British Ministries of Magic, for her participation at the Battle Harry potter fleur delacour Hogwarts.

Later, Fleur became the mother of three we're sure absolutely beautiful children. Their names were Victorie, Dominique, and Louis Weasley. So once again the Weasley clan has grown a bit more. Many of the characters within Harry Potter seem to have their own magical specialties. Or at least, their own preferences.

In Fleur's case, she actually has a few things worth bragging about. She's highly proficient in charms, as evidenced by her bubble-head charm. She's also excellent at non-verbal magic. Though her heart seemed to be in her household magic, and its something we've seen her use the most, once the Triwizard Tournament concluded, that is. Tags: harry potterFleur Delacour.

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