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Sexual Health. Do you girls Girls who like to be naked being totally naked when you are home alone or do you put on something like bra or panties?

Share Facebook. Girls do you like to be naked? Add Opinion. Xper 5. I like cute underwear and seeing myself in cute underwear and bras. I also like the freeness of being naked. I could have picked up my robe like a girl with common sense but my stupid ass decided to risk it. I was like are you kidding. I'm walking around naked in my dorm. I was all like "jesus why don't you cover your eyes jerk?!

I don't mind being naked in front of guys I mean I'm like really comfortable with my body but it just was not the right time or place for that lol. If I am alone or with my hubby, yes love to be completely nude. Also, prefer hubby to be naked with me when we are alone, just makes me feel close to him. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Yes haha,especially when I Girls who like to be naked out of the shower.

But seeing as how I'm a 36D,I need at least a bra. Yeah, I like it. But I prefer underwear. The best is to sleep like this. Sugashawtie Xper 2. I love da nakedness! Especially laying flat out air drying after a shower! I love it. I feel so free and hot. I HAVE to have underwear on at least. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I just want to be naked and free lol. Related myTakes. Show All. A more mature Take on men's fitness.

My opinion on why love and romance is unfair. The Hot Girl Face. Most Helpful Opinion Girls who like to be naked Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

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