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See More by photoscot. Featured in collections. Betcee May by JediLorraine. Betteece by ghostlyvisitor. BetceeMay by Noxifer. Visual Art Original Work Photography. This artwork can't be used without written consent from its author. Image size.

Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. As you should be! There's fat and there's curvy or voluptuous. The problem is too many people have been brainwashed into thinking th tany variation from the Fashion clothes hangar is fat. Hey clothes look better on tall thin models, well those designers probably couldn't design clothes that look good on a woman with a figure! Like most of the Betcee may play boy designers are typically gay males so they make clothes to fit the body type of a boyish figure and try to brainwash ppl to believe that thats what u should find attractive and then all of a sudden these days its like sooo trendy and "in" to be gay and bisexual.

I mean i definently dont have anything against anyone for their orientation but it seems to have gotten a lil outta hand with the kids these days i think seein as its more of a mindless trend than anything. Maybe George Bush came up with the idea to encourage girls Betcee may play boy barf up their burgers. I used to subscribe to the adolescent boy idea, Certainly George Ballanchine the choreographer was guilty of Betcee may play boy. Now I don't even give them that much credit.

Clothes hangers are all they can design for. The Bushes of this world want the USA to become a third world country so Betcee may play boy can become an Family nude camping pageant pics elite.

Problem is third world countries can't afford multi billion dollar militaries. Still the momentum is such that I think we're doomed. I agree that nude modeling is the most honest. One of my Muses once told me that the only the viewer sees the real her is when she's nude and without make-up. I feel your anguish about the US. It seems like we have lost our way in the last 64 years. Although: In the s U S Grant said of the Mexican War: "The occupation, separation and annexation of Texas were, from the inception of the movement to its final consummation, a conspiracy to acquire territory out of which slave states might be formed for Fbb nude tumblr cartoons bush American Union.

Nations, like individuals, are punished for their transgressions. We got our punishment in the most sanguinary and expensive war of modern times. There is nudity, including of children who were swimming nude when they come across Ariel for the first time.

Funny Betcee may play boy in the Victorian era this was Betcee may play boy natural Betcee may play boy normal, not perverse while nowadays it would be met Betcee may play boy howls of anguish and claims of child pornography.

What a silly people we have become. In Disney's defense, Walt is long dead. In the original version of Fantasia, the cherubs in the Beethoven 6th symphony section have little penises and the nymphs they play with have nipples. After all in Baroque paintings and sculpture which this segment was paying homage to they do also. The idiot censors objected and the cherubim became sexless and while the nymphs still have breasts, they have no nipples! It's amazing how we have become even more repressed and Betcee may play boy obsessed with sex as dirty in this country since the s.

View all replies. Beautiful window light and nicely done Nice capture, Great lighting. Thank you! RdB1 Hobbyist Photographer. Just as always when I think already your Here comes another beautiful and stunning Shot of your talent.

Thanks Ron! My regards to Lou and your sisters in law!

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