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After months of anticipation, planning and preparation Bay to Breakers had arrived. It was time for me to put my naked running hobby to the test in a completely different situation. By contrast, this would be my longest timed race previously 10kmy longest naked run previously 8k and my first naked run through a city with an assembled crowd watching. Bay to Breakers is different to other 12ks. It is the oldest so they claim continuously operating timed race in the world years and counting.

It is running through the city streets and Golden Gate Park. One of my biggest concessions was the fact that the UK Naturist Foundation would be holding their twice-annual 5k Bay to breakers nude girl naked run on the exact same day. First my feet went on the blink. Not quite as badly or as painful as Achilles tendonitis three years ago when I started running for the first time, but still incredibly sore and debilitating. Second was the Pics zodwa xxx upskirt porn forecast.

After a stretch of beautiful weather in April, May Bay to breakers nude girl naked been consistently cold in the City by the Bay, especially in the morning.

The race forecast was for 12c and fog. Third was the events of the prior day. I knew what I was doing. Being a Bay to Breakers virgin, Bay to breakers nude girl naked was keen to understand the risk I may be taking in running naked. I was prepared to bail out at anytime if I felt like the run was not providing me with the orgasm of the psyche. If I felt up to it, I would go. I woke hours before my alarm clock by the way: who decides to have races start at 8am?

This is the stupidest decision ever! And, lo and behold, the sky was blue, there was no fog and the temperature was already 15c and rising fast. The weather forecasts were completely wrong. I passed by the spot where the Bare2Breakers organised group of naked runners meet prior to the race. This friendly group put me at ease Bay to breakers nude girl naked and one of the runners was in my corral so I would have a veteran to accompany me, at least Bay to breakers nude girl naked the starting gun fired.

It was a zoo. Most in extravagant costumes. After a long wait we set off. As the crowd started to shuffle towards the start line I discarded my redundant t-shirt and slipped off my shorts balled up into my hand for the next hour.

It was quite a scrum, but well-managed so no one got crushed. The first thing I noticed as I negotiated — slalom-like — the surprising number of random walkers meandering down the race course were they drunk already at 8am?

Where was everyone? Amateur brunette nude selfie to my surprise the crowds were light for the entire length of the course.

Perhaps becuase I was starting early with the serious runners? The participants would continue to depart the starting gate for over an hour, so spectators had plenty of time to assemble. Within the first km I overtook another naked runner. We waved in appreciation. Like many of the naked crowd he was more of an exhibitionist than me and played up for any assembled crowds. At about km 3 I was over taken by the only other naked runner I encountered: a very young guy with dreadlocks who I later learned was the first naked runner across the finish line.

I know there were more, but as I had started near the front no one else caught up with me. But being this was my first Bay to Breakers, I had miscalculated. I had over exerted myself. If this all had transpired differently, I would have sailed speedily downhill for the remaining 7k. But I had tired myself out. As I ran, however, I was extremely conscious and cautious of the plethora of police officers everywhere… When was I going to be stopped and cited.

It was very difficult to relax with this potential threat hanging over me. At every street corner How many corners did I pass? A hundred? Every few blocks were officers on bikes, who I read chased a few runners in previous years. And near the end of the race was a group of officers on motorcycles with their engines running. But given the huge build-up about how the police had reacted in andI was still concerned. As I approached an area they were stationed I would reposition myself to the other side of the road.

I kept focused on the run, passing with speed and confidence. And not one of the many hundreds of police officers I passed gave me a second Bay to breakers nude girl naked or were at all interested in me. All of the concern was a waste of energy. Next year I will not worry about this and get on with feeling the run. Like my solitary runs, the first run through a new setting is always more about getting my bearings and adjusting to the new physical experience.

This run was no different. The second time I do it will feel completely different. I really wanted to stop and stand in front of Bay to breakers nude girl naked and have someone take a picture!

Instead, so as to not slow my progress or attract police attention, I diverted my track right past them and waved my hands in the air.

And suddenly it was the end. There was even no fog at Ocean Beach for the first time in weeks and arriving at this traditionally windy, foggy spot on a warm, sunny morning was a thrill. All of the fears I had built up over the preceding week weather, feet, police, etc. And I had overcome them all. Three years after running for the first time in my life I had completed my longest timed competitive run. And my longest naked run.

Through a beautiful city on a stunning day. And I had completed the 12k in under an hour. What has happened to me? We had a great chat. It was super to connect with someone who engages with the idea of naked running. I hope to run with P at a race in the future.

NB: a special word of thanks to the member of Bare2Breakers whose name I have forgotten who accompanied me to the starting gates; it is very possible that I would have abandoned ship without his support. Read about me. Return to Naked Running homepage. Naked Running is optimised for tablet and mobile in portrait orientation. Skip to content. Unbelievably ideal running conditions at sunrise The Race I woke hours before my alarm clock by the way: who decides to have races start at 8am?

Naked ass in row steep climb to 78m of Hayes Hill foreground where my speed dropped background If this all had transpired differently, I would have sailed speedily downhill for the remaining 7k. Approaching the Bay to Breakers finish line And suddenly it was the end. Bay to breakers nude girl naked it is, I love it. Maybe at Bay to Breakers ? Naked Running is optimised for tablet and mobile in portrait orientation Share this: Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window.

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